Titanium Challenge Day 1: The Titanium Wheel of Life

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What if I told you I can massively impact your life in a little over two weeks? You’d call B.S, right? The first step is understanding the Titanium wheel of life.

The Titanium wheel of life is the main tool used in the Titanium 16-day challenge, and it is the real deal. This challenge has helped hundreds of my clients and seminar attendees achieve world-class balance in their lives using the Titanium Wheel of Life, and it can help you too.

Defining Your Wheel of Life

How would you define a successful, fulfilling life? The most-shared answer among the world’s most successful and fulfilled people is they have a balance between all areas of their lives. So what are these areas?

Different people call them by different names. I talked to hundreds of people to come up for the following ten areas, which when put together, form what I call the “Wheel of Life”. They are:

  1. Finances
  2. Intimate Relationships
  3. Physical Health / Fitness
  4. Spiritual Health
  5. Emotional Health
  6. Career / Mission
  7. Contribution
  8. Fun & Excitement
  9. Family & Friends
  10. Consistent Growth

I challenge you to go out and talk to your friends and family to confirm the importance of these ten basic areas in creating a fulfilled life. I have an exercise for you before we move on to the next section.

Take out a pen and paper and rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 for each of these areas of the Wheel of Life. Your scores are crucial for the next section.

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How Fulfilled are You?

The following statement is vital for correctly interpreting the score of your Wheel of Life: your overall fulfillment is not related to your total score.

Someone with a total score of 65 could very well be more fulfilled than someone with a total score of 80. How? Because fulfillment comes from a balance between all 10 areas.

Look at your wheel. If all of your scores are within one or two points of each other, then I bet you’re pretty fulfilled. Your goal is to increase all of those areas while maintaining this harmony.

If there are any areas with a score below five, then those are the areas where you’ll need to do the most work. If any of these scores are three or more points from each other, then you are out of balance.

The Titanium 16-day challenge dedicates one full day to developing each of the 10 areas on the Wheel of Life.

It also includes introduction and conclusion days, as well as four built-in review days designed to help you incorporate each day’s challenges into your daily routine. Today I have five primer challenges to get you ready for the challenges ahead.

Today’s Challenge: The Five Primer Challenges

Challenge 1: Write down a time you are committed to waking up at each morning for the next 15 days

Challenge 2: Write down a time you are committed to entering the “career zone” each day. The career zone is a mindset where you are completely focused on growing your career.

Challenge 3: Write down a time you are committed to going to the gym for 25 minutes each day.

Challenge 4: Commit to spending 30 minutes a day on your intimate relationships.

Challenge 5: Commit to how you’ll reward yourself for completing the Titanium Challenge.

This wraps up day one of the Titanium Challenge. Now that you have been exposed to the Titanium Wheel of Life, you’re ready to begin your transformational journey towards a life of world-class balance.

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