The 4 Types of Customers in Your Target Audience

You can’t be everything to everyone in your business. Trying to do so leads to weak marketing, and you need marketing that makes you stand out from your competition. Start to get more specific by breaking down your target audience into these 4 types of customers:

  1. Ideal Clients
  2. Potentially Good Clients
  3. Possible Clients
  4. Not Targeted

1 – Ideal Clients

The perfect client that will get you high-margin business and is a great fit for your product or service. Say you owned a high-end restaurant. Your ideal client would be couples who can afford to eat at a restaurant like yours on a regular basis.

2 – Potentially Good Clients

Still a good client with good margins and a good fit, but not the perfect, ideal client. For the restaurant example, this would be businesses looking to host a corporate dinner. They can afford your restaurant but aren’t frequent enough to sustain your business.

3 – Possible Clients

This is a group that you can service and you like doing it, but you don’t want to target your advertisements around them. This type of customer would be families who only go to a high-end restaurant on a special occasion.

4 – Not Targeted

This is a group that you either cannot service or you don’t really care to. They may still be able to do business with you but you don’t want to think about them too much. For a high-end restaurant, this would be young college kids who are just looking for a cheap meal.

A Three-Step Approach to Identifying Your Ideal Client

Do you need help identifying your ideal client? Follow the three steps below.

1 – Identify the customers who would provide the highest margin

This type of customer is not the bargain shopper who only buys when there is a discount. Your high-margin customers are the ones who make you the most money with each purchase. They are buying the highest ticket items or service packages.

2 – Determine if there are enough of these customers to sustain your business

Once you finish step one, you have to do some market research and figure out if enough of these types of customers actually exist. You can’t market to everyone, but you do need a big enough pool of customers to make a profit. Past sales data can help with this step.

3 – Figure out if your product or service provides the best solution in the market for their needs

Analyze your competition and honestly assess how your product or service is of better quality than them. What is your unique selling proposition? Put all of your focus on making your products and services the highest quality possible. Then, make sure your marketing content educates your ideal client on why you are the best solution.

Once you zero in on your ideal client, the ROI from your marketing efforts will skyrocket. Do you have a question about the types of customers in your target audience or how to identify your ideal client? Drop it in a comment below.

If you want to be walked through the process to make sure you get the most value, schedule a business coaching session with Arman.

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