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Bring balance, focus and success to your life with the Titanium Success method. Focusing on your business, your health, and your relationships, you will master skills of time management, leadership, and build the body of your dreams. All while creating total financial abundance.

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Business coaching seminars for those looking to immediately take their business to the next level by doubling profits in under six months! Choose from a variety of cutting-edge business courses.



Create balance in every area of your life including health, wealth, relationships and career with the best personal development program available today to help you create the life of your dreams.



Leaders are certainly not born, they become leaders as a result of consistent learning, growth and a never-ending desire to succeed and the Titanium leadership program is designed to give just that.



For those who are unable to travel around the world to attend a Titanium event in person, we offer a variety of online coaching courses for fitness, health, relationships, leadership and business.

Results-Oriented Business Coaching

Titanium is a system designed to bring balance, focus and success through professional business coaching to the lives of business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, parents and anyone else who feels like there is not enough time to do everything they want.

Arman Sadeghi, Titanium’s head business coach, is known for helping business owners not only double the profits from their business in 6 months, but to also help them create incredible intimate relationships, six-pack abs, and energy levels like they haven’t seen since their teenage years!

Recognized as one of the top motivational speakers in the world and a serial entrepreneur with 25 years of real-world business experience, Arman developed the Titanium Success Method to change lives like yours, forever.

Titanium is more than a motivational practice, it’s a resilient lifestyle. Through a pragmatic approach using the basic elements of Neuro-Linguistic Programming—sight, sound, and emotions— we teach you how to use these skills to make positive transformations in your life.

Success Down to a Science

It’s not about motivation and it’s not about luck. Titanium teaches you the science behind success in business, relationships, health and finances. In our live seminar events, you will learn and apply the science and proven tools that make it all work with ease.

Then, when we go one-on-one, we use the world’s best business coach materials and scientifically sound systems for nutrition, business, fitness, leadership, relationships and time management, so you can take your life to levels you never thought possible.

Here’s how Titanium can level-up your life with one of our top coaching programs:

About Our Founder, Arman Sadeghi

Arman started his first unofficial business when he was in grade school. By the age of 16, he had created his first official business and has since started and grown over 12 companies including 6 he currently owns. He has a passion for helping individuals reach their maximum potential in life and in business.

Arman is committed to doing everything he can do be the best business coach, the best keynote speaker and the best executive coach he can be in order to help change as many lives as possible. If you have a chance to go to one of Arman’s events in person, do not miss the opportunity! His energy, love, and passion will blow you away.

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The Business Bible became and instant success shortly after it’s release, primarily because it is so incredibly easy to read and the tools are designed to be implemented directly into a business by a busy entrepreneur. Unlike many books that contain mostly fluff, this book is written for someone who wants to take a laser-like approach to revolutionizing their business in every way.



With a growing audience from all around the world, The Titanium Life Podcast has quickly become one of the most popular business podcasts on iTunes and other sources for internet radio. In this podcast, Arman consistently shares real-life information in a way that is quick and easy to digest. Arman is committed to helping entrepreneurs reach their maximum potential in every way.

EPISODE: 1 : Welcome to the Titanium Life Podcast.
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Seminar organizers from all around the world have asked Arman Sadeghi to be their keynote speaker because his keynote addresses not only lift the crowed by the set tone for an event with energy, power and focus! Event organizers commonly comment on the fact that Arman is so genuine and so real that people just connect with him and instantly feel like they know him. This helps him connect with the crowed and he is consistently able to influence them in multiple ways. Arman Sadeghi is much more than one of the best motivational speakers, he is an influential and inspirational leader who gets results!


Titanium Live is a revolutionary 3-day live event which will help you take your life to the next level.