Titanium Wheel of Life

Wheel Of Life Image

The Titanium Wheel of Life allows you to define success in your own words and in your own terms. From the day we are born, most of us have had people all around us trying to define success for us. It started with your parents telling you that you had to be a doctor, lawyer or something like that. As you got older, your teachers joined in and later your friends. Now, you have your colleagues joining in on the discussion. It’s time to take control of success by creating your own meaning for success using the Titanium Wheel of Life.

Success Comes From Consistent Daily Habits

No matter how you define success, the key is to practice consistent daily habits that are going to allow you to thrive in all of the areas of your personal wheel of life. Take a moment to rate your CURRENT life on a scale of one to then using the wheel below. Make sure you mark where you ARE, not where you’d really like to be. The key is to assess yourself based on the realities of your life and where you are at currently, instead of being focused on where you would like to be.

Simply place a little arc corresponding to where you are in each area on a scale of one to ten below:

While Titanium never defines success for anyone, the only guidance we provide is a scientifically backed concept that happiness seems to stem from having a fairly well-balanced wheel. That means making sure that you are not focusing on a few areas while allowing all of the other areas to fall apart. In fact, if this truly is a “wheel,” wouldn’t it make sense that it would be more efficient and you could take it a lot faster if you had a nice, smooth wheel?

Personal Finances

In order to build true wealth, you must first learn how to use money. We all think we know how to use money but most of us do not!

Intimate Relationship

If you want to have an incredible intimate relationship, you must be willing to invest in your relationship every day and make massive sacrifices.

Physical Health & Body

You shape your body in the gym and you size your body in the kitchen. Going to the gym to lose weight never works and doesn’t make any sense.

Spiritual Health

Take time each day to get yourself centered. Regardless of your religious beliefs, focus on getting to be at peace with yourself and the world.

Emotional Health

All of the success in the world is worthless if it doesn’t make you happy. Focus on finding happiness in the simple beauties of life.

Career & Mission

Whatever you’re doing today, learn to love it! Don’t assume something new is going to give you everything you’ve wanted but focus on finding your passion.


A life without giving is not a life worth living. Take time to give to others and do things for them that will fill you up on the inside.

Fun & Excitement

Don’t think that success means being so focused that you forget to have a good time. Having fun is an essential part of life and success.

Family & Friends

Don’t confuse this with your intimate relationship. Your family is important to your happiness and must be treated separately from your relationship.

Consistent Growth

The key to true success and happiness is to grow consistently. Human beings do not sense velocity, only acceleration so make sure you’re growing daily.