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The Importance of Contribution

Welcome to Day 13 of the Titanium 16-Day Challenge. Thank you so much for joining me on this incredible journey. We now have today’s episode and just two more days left before this incredible challenge is over. But today we’re going to talk about something that I truly believe is the thing that lights our hearts up and makes this world a better place.

It’s the thing that differentiates human beings from every other living species on this planet, and probably anywhere in the universe, and that is contribution. Because my friends, what is the point of living if you’re not out there giving?

And so I’ll tell you, today my challenge to you is start giving so you can truly start living. If you think about it, throughout your life and you go back and think about the times in your life where you’ve been giving, where you’ve given to other people, I guarantee you during those stages of your life, you were in a place where you got more.

I don’t know how it works; I’m the science guy, right? I back up everything I say with science, chemistry, physics, this, that. But you know, this is the one thing I do not know the science behind it. I have no idea what the science is.

A Story of Giving in Action

But what I know is evidence has shown me in the real world that when I am giving to other people, the world just magically gives back to me. Somehow, the world seems to land things on my plate. In fact, I used to have a controller who worked for my company, and in fact, she may even be taking part in this challenge.

Her name was Linda, and Linda always used to talk about and say, “Arman, I don’t know what it is, but somehow this company is blessed,” and it’s true.

For whatever reason, my company has always been blessed – all of my companies have always been blessed, and part of that I believe is because every opportunity that I get to give, I give.

Now, sometimes our business goes through tough times where we can’t give, but I always figure out a way to give something.

And when you give, somehow the universe returns the favor, and it returns the favor in the oddest of ways in the oddest of times, and not the way that you think is going to happen.

So it’s not this tit-for-tat thing where you’re saying, “Oh, well you know, I’m going to give someone $5, and tomorrow I’m going to win the lottery.” No, that does not work.

In fact, that’s probably the opposite, because when you’re giving for the purpose of getting something back in return, what you’re doing is you’re setting yourself up for ultimate failure, because that giving, you won’t even get the joy from that. It’s because you’re expecting you’re going to get something back.

Instead, when you get the joy is when you are giving purely for the purpose of giving of yourself, giving to someone else.

When you give someone your time when you give someone money when you buy something for someone else who really needs it, especially people you don’t know where there are no strings attached.

But also, especially giving to the people you love because I know so many people who are kind and giving and contribute all kinds of dollars to all sorts of charities.

They volunteer their time doing all of these amazing things, helping the homeless, helping people who are in need, helping disabled veterans, and stuff like that. But then, right in their own home, there’s someone they need to give to, and they don’t give to that person.

Giving to Others Generates Positive Energy

See, my friends, the deal is this. We want to be giving as much as we can every single day, because there’s this beautiful reaction that happens. Again, I don’t know the science behind this, and as a science guy, I apologize because I should know the science and I just don’t know it.

I don’t think it’s been discovered yet. But somehow, I feel like when you give, every ounce that you give, somehow produces an ounce and a half of positive energy inside of you. I

It’s like your heart warms up, your heart lights up. You feel like your chest is growing, you’re standing taller, you’re feeling better, you’re feeling more alive whenever you give. And when you give and you see the smile on someone else’s face, it’s amazing.

But when you give and you don’t see the smile on the other person’s face, maybe they never even know that you gave. One of my good friends, Barb, is an amazing human being. And again, I hope she’s doing this challenge as well.

Barb does this thing with her kids where they go to a restaurant and sometimes, they’ll just make the decision that they’re going to do this.

They’ll look around and they’ll try to see if there’s someone who looks like maybe they’re struggling, and they’ll walk in. Maybe there’s a family and they’ve told me all these stories. I don’t know the details, but maybe there’s a family that looks like they’re struggling or something like that.

What they do is they tell the waiter that they’re going to pick up the tab for that group, but they say, “Please don’t tell them until we’ve left the restaurant.” And what I love about that is they’re picking up the tab for someone else – now, it could turn out that person doesn’t need the money.

Business Coaching - Contribution

Look for Opportunities to Pay it Forward

Who cares? Even if the people were rich, when someone buys them a meal, do you know how good you feel? How good would you feel if you went to a restaurant today and someone else picked up your tab? You know, if you’ve got money to give, well great! You know what? Maybe that person will turn around and buy two other peoples’ meals.
And guess what? What if those two people pick up another couple of peoples’ meals.

The Meaning of Contribution

The next thing you know, it’s incredible. I’ve seen this happen at Starbucks, by the way, where for the drive-throughs, people start paying for the car behind them, and sometimes the chain goes on and on. It’s the most incredible thing. When people give, all sorts of incredible things happen.

As you’re listening to this episode, I know you’re starting to see this, and it’s incredible things that happen.

I know you’re already feeling this positive energy inside of you, way more positive than any other topic we’ve talked about, because when we’re talking about growing your muscles or growing your bank account, it feels good, but not as good as stories of giving.

A Personal Story About Contribution

So I’ll share a story of when I gave, just because I want you to understand how this stuff works. I don’t know why I did this, and it was the most incredible thing. I went to a grocery store once and there was a lady who was in front of me. I would normally never ask someone if I can go in front of them, but I was in a super, super big hurry. I was late to picking up my kids and I had to get something.

This lady was in front of me and she had like – I don’t know – not even that many things. She had like maybe 10 things or 11 things, and I had one thing. So I was like, “Ma’am, I’m really sorry. Would you mind if I just go ahead of you?” and she was like, “Oh, no. Go ahead,” and so I went ahead of her. I never would have asked that, right?

But I went ahead of her and then while I was in line, it was the most amazing thing. Someone else came behind her and that guy only had one thing, and so she turned to him. She was like, “You want to go ahead of me?” and so he went ahead of her. Now, he didn’t know that I had already done this.

He just assumed she was doing this for him. And then it was amazing – this guy shows up behind her, and this guy’s got like eight items, essentially the same number of items that she has, and he asks. He’s like, “Do you mind if I go in front of you?” I’m sitting there and I’m at the register now. I’m like, “Oh my gosh, she’s going to turn this guy away.”

But she was like, “No problem. Go ahead.”

I was like, “Wow! What a human being! What an amazing person. This lady has just, you know, wasted probably five minutes of her time and she has let three people go in front of her,” and the last guy was sort of rude enough to ask for it, even though he had just as many items as she did almost, right?

But then again, someone would say, “Well Arman, you were rude enough to ask,” right? So it just depends on perspective, but God knows how many other people apparently, she’d let go in front of her before I got there. I’m not sure.

But at this point she had let three people go. And so I went outside, and I was about to get in my car and go, and something told me, “Arman, this person is an incredible person. The world needs to give her a thank you.” So there was a guy who was standing outside smoking a cigarette, but he had a Ralph’s uniform on, and I knew he obviously worked inside the store.

I said, “Sir, I’m really sorry. I know you’re on your break,” but I reached into my pocket, I pulled out a $100 bill and I said, “Look, on Aisle 12 checkout, there’s a lady there and she’s standing there,” and I described her. I said, “She’s wearing this color shirt. You know what? I just want you to please go give her this and say that someone wanted to buy her groceries for tonight. Just tell her that and I’m going to leave.”

The guy is looking at this going, “What’s going on? Is there some trick? Am I trying to sell him something?” I’m like, “Listen man, I’ve got to go get to my kids. But I just need you to please take this $100 bill to her, give it to her, please, and just say, ‘Someone wants to buy her groceries,’” and then he said, “Okay.” I go and I leave.

Weeks later, I come back to this grocery store and it’s the most amazing thing. I’m in line getting my groceries and then the checker turns to the bagger and says, “I think that’s him!” and then the bagger is like, “Oh, that guy!”

They’re sitting there talking about me and not realizing that I could hear them. I go up and then she’s like, “Are you that guy that one time paid for someone’s groceries?” and I had completely forgotten at this point. I’m like, “Oh my gosh, yes,” and she says, “Oh my God, wait!” and she starts telling this other person to come over.

They’re all like, “That’s the guy! That’s the guy! That’s the guy!” I’m like, “What’s going on, guys? It wasn’t that big of a deal.”

She says, “You will not believe what happened that day.”

The guy who had actually delivered the $100 bill comes back. Apparently by the time he got back, she had already gone to the register to pay and all of her groceries had been put through. Again, I don’t know the science behind this stuff or what the chances are of something crazy like this happening is.

But it turns out she had gone to the front and she wasn’t a poor person who didn’t have money, but she had left her wallet at home and she didn’t have enough money on her to buy the groceries she was buying.

It’s the most amazing thing. She only had like 12 items, but apparently, she didn’t have enough money to cover what she had, right? So she was in the process of putting back the things she couldn’t afford to buy.

Here’s this amazing woman who has let three people go in front of her, and now she’s having to put back her milk, eggs, and she wasn’t getting fun stuff like ice cream and whatever else. It was groceries to go feed the family. She was starting to put the stuff back and this guy shows up. I mean, imagine the chances of that at that moment a $100 bill shows up. Imagine how it made her feel.

You can imagine how it made these people at the grocery store feel, because when I went back, I was like a celebrity there. It wasn’t a celebrity thing like, “Oh, you’re such a good person.” It was just like, “Wow! How incredible is the world that something like this happens?”

Now, there are thousands and thousands – millions of stories like that all over the world. But what I want you to do is this.

Business Coaching - The Titanium Heart Challenge

Your Daily Challenge is to Complete the Titanium Heart Challenge

My challenge to you is in the next 48 hours, I want you to create your own story. I want you to give something to a perfect stranger. I want you to do something for a perfect stranger out there, and we’ve done this in the past. We called this the Titanium Heart Challenge, but today I challenge you to take the Titanium Heart Challenge, and what I want you to do is this: not just do something good for someone but do something good and share it with the world. I want the world to hear what you did.

See, when I just told you the story about the grocery store, some people might think, “Well, this is just terrible. Arman is just sharing what he did because he wants to get credit.” No, I don’t want to get credit. I hope that my story inspires you to go do something for someone else. We’ve done this before and it’s incredible the way that this thing has spread on Facebook and on Instagram.

So what I challenge you to do today is take the Titanium Heart Challenge. Go do something really nice, but here’s what I want you to do. I want you to capture it, either in written words, a photograph, or ideally, a video. Post a picture, a video, or something with the hashtag of #Titaniumheart – one word — #Titaniumheart. Put that out there and let’s share with the world what amazing thing you do. And you know what? Tag a bunch of your other friends and challenge them to do a Titanium Heart Challenge.

Contribution to Society

So the way this works, the point of this, is we hope that this starts spreading to people who know nothing about Titanium, so do something kind. And if you go and search for #Titaniumheart, I don’t know if they still come up. But over the years, there have been so many incredible things that people have done, including my own wife, my friends, my family. We’ve had people who’ve shoveled someone else’s driveway in the snow.

We’ve had people who’ve taken nail polish to an old folks’ home and sat there and put nail polish on these old women. We’ve had people go to hospitals and give teddy bears to kids and balloons, and God knows how many incredible, beautiful, beautiful things – so many things out there.

And maybe it’s something you already do. Please, just because you already do it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share it with the world. Please share your Titanium Heart with the rest of us so it inspires us to do more. But in the next 48 hours, my challenge to you is this.

Do something wonderful for someone else and post it. I know a lot of you, if you’re participating in this challenge (over a thousand people), but most of you aren’t participating online.

Go participate online to support the other family members that are out there. And remember, in this case for this 48-hour challenge that we want to do one amazing thing – by the way, you can do more than one amazing thing. We want it to be something that inspires others.

But on a day-to-day basis, realize there’s so many ways that you can light up someone else’s eyes. You can light up someone else’s heart. You can warm up their hearts.

And that is just by simple compliments. Sometimes it’s just telling someone the positive things, because you know you always tell the negative things. Have you ever noticed that in life we tell people the negative things, but we forget to tell them the positive? I’m as guilty as this as anyone else sometimes.

We’ll tell people the negative things when they make us feel bad. We’ll tell them, “Well, you hurt my feelings. You stepped on my toes. You did this, you did that,” but we forget to tell them when we think they have a nice shirt on, when we think they look beautiful, when something in their eyes just lights us up.

When you go to a restaurant and the waiter or waitress has beautiful eyes, or the waiter or waitress or busser or someone at that restaurant – the bartender – someone, you just really like their shirt, you like their ring, you like the way they smile. You think they have beautiful teeth, you think they have really nice hair, right?

The misconception is we think they already know. Well, let me tell you my friends, they don’t already know, so tell them. And if they already know, there’s nothing wrong with them hearing it again, because sometime someone out there that you give one of those compliments to, it’s gonna be the complement that they really needed that day to get through the day. You don’t know who that person is. T

here are definitely people – you’ll walk into a restaurant and you’ll see it – a beautiful hostess – and say, “Wow, you’re so beautiful,” and if you’re a man, she’ll think that you’re trying to hit on her, and she’ll give you a dirty look. Who cares? Who cares? Let her know she’s beautiful! You know, if she’s that type of a person who would actually take that as a bad thing, then trust me, she needs your compliment. Sometimes, there will be someone out there, and on that day when you give them that compliment, “Gosh, you have such a beautiful smile,” that will be the compliment they need to give them something that they didn’t have.

Thank You is a Powerful Phrase

So make sure you use those things and overuse the words, “Thank you,” right? What beautiful words, the words, “Thank you.” If every day we get out there and massively overuse “Thank you,” – “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.”
So let me start by thanking all of you for being a part of this amazing challenge. We’ve got two more days to go before this challenge is over, and in the next 48 hours, I want you to take the Titanium Heart Challenge. Remember, living is all about giving, and if you want to start living, you’ve got to start giving today. So let’s get out there, let’s make the best of it, and when we give, I challenge you to share it with the world.

I want you to share it, so we inspire others. Tag your friends, tag your family members in your posts, and get them to go out there and do a Titanium Heart Challenge as well.

I love you all and as always, I want to remind you more than any other day when we’re talking about contribution, go out there and today, lead with your heart.


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