Titanium Challenge Day 2: Consistent Growth

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On day one of the Titanium 16-day Challenge, we talked about the 10 areas of the Titanium Wheel of Life. Day two focuses on consistent growth, which is arguably the most important area of your wheel.

Stagnation Stunts Your Fulfillment

I believe stagnation is the number-one killer of happiness and fulfillment. In the most extreme cases, stagnation can even lead to suicide. When we are stagnant in our lives for too long, we give up hope that things can actually change.

Our sense of fulfillment depends upon consistent growth. Why? Physics tells us human beings cannot sense velocity. We can only sense acceleration.

Imagine you’re on an airplane. If you closed your eyes and tried to feel how fast the plane is traveling, you would be clueless. You can only feel when the plane accelerates for takeoff and deaccelerates for landing. What does this have to do with consistent growth?

The speed at which we grow is not the important metric for measuring fulfillment. What is important is our growth relative to where we were the day before. Consistent acceleration brings fulfillment; not velocity.

If You Aren’t Growing, You’re Dying

I’m sure you have heard the cliche “ Use it or lose it “ before. The reason this saying has sticking power is it reminds us of the consequences of prolonged stagnation.

Achieving a certain level of growth and stopping when you think you’re satisfied is a slippery slope towards stagnation. If we stop doing what got us to that level, then we risk losing all the progress we’ve made.

I recently tore ligaments in my ankle and have been in a cast for two months. If you know me, then you know I am in the gym daily. Due to my injury, I couldn’t work on the right side of my lower body. My right calf muscle shrunk by almost 50 percent during these two months of stagnation.

That stagnation was long enough to cause regression, which is the real reason you have to commit to consistent growth.

All areas of your wheel are susceptible to atrophy if you don’t work at them consistently. Now that you understand the importance of consistent growth, let me give you your challenges for day two.

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Two Challenges for Consistent Growth

I have two challenges for you to add to your daily routine, which adds to the five challenges of day one.

The first challenge is to turn your car into a mobile university. This means ditching music and talk radio on your commute and listening to podcasts or books on tape instead. The idea is to turn this “ dead “ time into the time of day you spend learning new things. Self-learning is one of the keys to fulfillment.

For the next 14 days, I want you to turn your commute into your mobile university.

The second challenge is to assess what things you do that don’t contribute to your growth or fulfillment. The important thing to realize is this is a personal process.

I have no use for television, so it was easy and pragmatic for me to give up. You, on the other hand, may have a couple of shows you really enjoy watching. That is perfectly fine.

With that being said, the only way this assessment works is if you are brutally honest about what the time-wasters are in your life.

Think of your time as an investment. Why spend it doing something that provides no return on your investment?

That is all for day 2 of the Titanium 16-day challenge. On day 3, we talk all about intimate relationships.

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