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This 25 Minute Workout Can Get You The Body of Your Dreams

Today, I’m going to be talking to you about fitness. But more importantly I’m going to be talking to you about how you can have an incredible body but at the same time have incredible health and lots and lots of energy.

And the key is this; you gotta remember I’m an entrepreneur, I’m a father, I’m a husband, I’ve got a really really busy life. And so I’m not one of these people who live in the gym. I’m not going to give you the advice that your personal trainer would give you.

You Don’t Need to Spend Hours in the Gym

You see when you go to a personal trainer, what do they tell you? They tell you, “well, here’s what you have to do, you gotta work out for two hours and when you come in you gotta do this, and then you gotta stretch afterward and they’re going to give you this routine, that’s like 15 hours and you’re like, “listen, buddy, I have a life.”

Now that personal trainer is trying to do the best they can but the thing is they don’t understand what kind of a life you have, right? They don’t understand that as a busy entrepreneur, or as a busy mom, or as a busy whatever, even a busy student, you just don’t have time to spend in the gym.

See, I’ve always been an athlete, ever since I was a young kid, probably about ten years old. I was always in the athletics, so I was always in really good shape growing up. But as I got older, and I got to start having jobs and responsibilities and things like that, I just didn’t have time to stay fit anymore.

And I saw my body starting to fall apart on me, right. I didn’t have the same look that I wanted and at the same time I didn’t have the level of energy and I didn’t have the same level of flexibility, strength, all that stuff. I started getting joint pain and all these terrible things and I was like, no this is not me.

You know I was getting into my late 20s which to me today sounds like a baby, but you know when I was in the late 20s, my body was not feeling like it used to when I was 18, obviously. And so, I had to make a decision. What was I going to do?

Was I just going to be okay with getting old and fat and slow or was I going to figure out a way to battle through this? And so what I did is I said no, I will not be fat, I will not be slow, I will not be in bad shape.

And so I started going to the gym and what I would do is this, I found I did this literally over a period of a decade, if repeated self consistently where I would get myself in the gym, right and I would workout, workout, workout and I worked out three, four times a week and I do this for about a month to two months.

The More Time You Spend in the Gym, the harder it is to Make Exercise a Habit

And then every single time, I would stop at some point, why? Because I was spending two hours in the gym, right? And in addition to the time of driving there, getting in and out of my car, showering, whatever else I was going to do, it became a two and a half to three-hour project. So no matter what I did, it was just taking so much time out of my day.

Even though I was only going three, four times a week, eventually, the day would come where I would say there is no way I can do it today. And the problem with that, is then the next day comes and your busy the next day, and then the third day and the fourth day, and it’s over.

Your whole workout routine is gone and as this episode comes out, you know sometime after the new year, probably with the next first 60 days of the year, most of you have probably experienced this, where you had this huge goal and then you could not accomplish it because you did it for a while, but then it just didn’t make sense anymore.

And so here’s what happens, see I’m blessed, it was completely by accident that I discovered what I am now known for because this literally, in my opinion, is the most incredible and results-oriented fitness program on the planet. And here is the thing, my fitness program, the reason you don’t hear about this much other than hearing it from me is that there’s no way to commercialize it.

Business Coaching - 25 Minute Workout

The Roots of The Titanium 25 Minute Workout

I can’t sell this fitness plan because what it does is it teaches you how to use what you already have, which is a gym membership that I’m sure 90% of the people listening here, you’re paying for gym membership already or if not, you could go get one. There’s nothing else for me to give you because it’s so incredibly simple and anybody can do it and it can give you an incredible world-class body.

And let me tell you how this came about, see, years ago I purchased this program I was a kid, I purchased a program called cybergenics and it was just a two-hour workout that you were supposed to do four times a week and it was a great program at that time. I learned how to do it and I used to do this workout, right.

And I did this for years and years and years. And that sort of where the roots of my understanding of fitness came from.  I was going through this thing and staying in great shape and I was determined to be in great shape but then you know, I just got busy.

One day I was going to the gym and I just didn’t have two hours, right. And it was one of those days when I would just say no, you know what, I’m not going to go.

I only had about an hour and a half and I said, you know what, I can just go for an hour and a half and I’ll cut some things out or I’ll just go a little faster. So I got to the gym, and as I was going through things, I just went a little bit faster, I rested a little bit less, right, didn’t mess around with my phone, and you know what, I did the entire two-hour workout in an hour and a half.

And I thought, hah so I could do this whole thing in 90 minutes, this is pretty cool right. So there I was doing the 90-minute workout, why spend two hours in the gym if you can do it in 90 minutes?

So then I started going, and at some point, there was a day where I literally only had an hour, and I still remember this thing where I went to the gym and I was like, you know I’m going to go anyways, I don’t care if I only have an hour, I’d rather do an hour and only do part of the workout than the whole thing. But then the same thing happened.

I just moved a little faster and I rested less and I did the entire workout that’s supposed to be a two-hour workout, I did in an hour. Now for personal trainer who is watching me, even if he said, “oohh well you didn’t rest enough between those sets so your muscles aren’t going to grow as big and I was like, I don’t care if I’m coming in here four times a week and I coming for the rest of my life, that’s better than trying to do two hours but only coming in for the next few weeks, right?

Developing the 25 Minute Workout

So I did this and again for weeks and months I was doing this one-hour workout, and it was great. And then one day went in, and I only had about 45 minutes, so, I have 45 minutes to do this workout that’s supposed to be two hours, I’m doing it in an hour, I’ve really pushed the limit there’s just no way to go any faster right, because my muscles are fatigued between exercises.

And here’s what happened, see when you’re working out your muscles, some muscles are complimentary for example, whenever you’re doing chest presses right, or doing something that works out your chest, you’re almost always also working out your triceps, and when you’re doing something with back, you’re almost always working out your biceps, right.

So the way that the program I was on worked was doing your chest and your triceps together, and your back and your biceps together and I came to the realization that if I were to flip that around, what would happen is while one muscle group was working, the other muscle group could rest.

Meaning, instead of doing chest and triceps, what if I did chest and biceps, and so on this day I’d only had 45 minutes and I’d went against everything I had been taught up until that point about exercise.

Now by the way, it’s been over decades since this happened and now, everyone is doing this, this has become a common thing and I’m not suggesting I invented it but certainly it wasn’t a popular thing to do and I have heard about it so, I thought, hey, let’s try this thing.

So I started doing chest and biceps together and back and triceps together and making sure that while one muscle was working, the other muscle group was resting. So here I am doing the chest press for example, and as soon as I’m done with the chest press, my body is fatigued, there’s no question my body is fatigued.

However, my bicep muscle is actually been resting the entire time, because the triceps have been working and that’s an opposite muscle group, right. So what I would do is as soon as I’m done with the chest press I could jump on and do some bicep curls and lone the whole even though I was tired my muscles were not, and then I finished that bicep curl and guess what, I didn’t need to rest as much because my chest had been working the entire time I worked on my bicep.

So I did this entire workout in 45 minutes and I was absolutely life-changing for me at that time, right. I started doing this 45-minute workout.

Now, I’m getting in and out of the gym pretty darn quickly, right now I’m not finding that many excuses to not be able to work out, right. In fact now when I’m on vacation, I can almost find time to work out which is something I would never do before right, on vacation, on business trips, how are you going to work out?

But I was now starting to do that, and then one day I’m going to the gym, and I only had 35 minutes. So now I’ve got 10 minutes less, and what I realized is if I just work a little faster, because I don’t really need much rest in this program because while I’m doing one exercise, the other muscle group is resting.

I was able to do the entire thing in 35 minutes. And when I hit 35 minutes something really incredible happened.

What I did is I realized gosh, if I can do this in 35 minutes, it means I can actually be in and out of the gym in about an hour, including getting ready, getting dressed and all of that, right.

And it was a really important time for me because making this realization made me get to the point that hey, I could go to the gym 7 days a week, that’s a pretty big step forward right, especially from a guy who used to go three, four times a week and I couldn’t even maintain that for the long term. So then a day came and it was a Friday evening and I was supposed to go to dinner.

I had dinner and drinks with my wife and some friends and when I did the math on my phone, I realized that I only had about 28 minutes to workout. I would have 28 minutes, by the time I exited the freeway got to the gym, I have 28 minutes to work out and then get out of the gym so that I could go home and in this case I was going out so I was going to shower and get ready at home.

And I said you know what guys, this is just ridiculous, I can’t do this in 28 minutes. Then I said, why not? I’ve taken it from two hours down to 35 minutes, I can get it down to 28 minutes so I went to the gym that day and by moving quickly from one thing to the next and not wasting any time, I was able to take my entire work out and get it down to just 28 minutes.

The Final Tweaks to the 25-Minute Workout

And then, to make a long story short, the 28-minute workout is what I was known for, for years and then recently about 3 years ago, I decided even 28 minutes was too long. And I’ve reduced it down to 25 minutes. So today, what I preached and what I’m telling you as you’re listening to this, I don’t care how busy you are, you have 25 minutes in your day, and what you’ve gotta do is you get again in the gym, and I have a free workout program that you can download.

You don’t need anything fancy, all you do is you take this guide and I’ve got videos, I’ve got all kinds of stuff that you can get on our website “”, you can download the fitness guide for free, it’s got pictures and then you click on it, there are videos you can watch.

It’s absolutely the easiest thing in the world then if you just follow this guide, you can have an incredible body in 25 minutes a day. Now, what I talked to you about with this 25-minute workout, is that you should be in and out of the gym in 45 to 55 minutes. I typically say ladies can have a little bit more time at the gym because you gotta do your make-up and all about stuff that takes a little bit longer. But just say on average, there’s no reason to be in the gym for more than about 50 minutes. And by the way, when I say 50 minutes that’s car to car.

That includes getting out of your car, going inside the gym, putting yourself in the locker, getting to the gym floor, working out, and then going back to the locker, showering and getting dressed. Yes, that’s right, showering and getting dress.

You don’t get to just go to the gym and then showering, go drive home, that just ridiculous, you gotta do it all there, right. And if you’re one of these people who has a problem with showering and getting dress and all that stuff outside your house, well you know what, go get a really nice gym membership. But if you can’t afford a really nice membership, you’re going to have to just get over it.

 You get to decide, do you wanna live a healthy life, do you wanna look your best, do you wanna feel your best, do you wanna have energy, or do you wanna worry about the gym not being clean? Well you might have to get over it or again you may have to upgrade to a gym that has a really clean locker area, right.

So the bottom line is you get in and out, now the way this exercise routine works, is it also happens that by far the best shape I’ve ever gone into my entire life is from this exercise routine.

You see when I was doing the two-hour workouts, what I didn’t realize is that I was not doing the thing that is by far the best way to build muscle in the body which is to do high intensity, no rest exercise.

And yes, there is not enough time to do cardio in 25 minutes. Good, don’t do freaking cardio because trust me, when you’re doing a two-hour workout squeezed into 25 minutes, you get your cardio from not resting.

And it’s interesting because when you do this what you realized is your body continues to burn fat and continues to have high metabolism for hours after you’re done. Why? Because your body is revved up so much that it continues to go after you finished the workout. So, the trick is this, you get in the gym and the way my fitness workout routine works is very very simple.

Business Coaching - 25 Minute Workout Program

Outlining the 25 Minute Workout

Day 1, you do your chest and you do your biceps.

Day 2, you do your back and you do your triceps.

Day 3, you do your shoulders and your abs.

Day 4, you do your legs.

Alright, and there’s a couple of different muscle groups in the legs. Now, in addition to doing the main muscle groups that I just mentioned, right, what you also do is you do a little extra thing.

So day 1, you do your chest and you do your biceps and then you do a 5-minute burnout on your abs.

Day 2, you do your back and you do your triceps and you do a 5-minute burnout on your glutes.

Day 3, you’re doing your shoulders and your abs but then you still do a 5-minute burnout of your abs again.

Day 4, you do your legs, and then as part of that, you do a 5-minute burnout of your glutes to end the exercise. And then day 5 by the way you right back to day 1.

There are no days off, vacation days are not days off, holidays are not days off, weekends are not days off. When you’re injured you are not off unless you literally break every bone in your body. Because if you hurt your legs you can work out your arms, if you hurt your arms you can work out your legs.

Plus, if you follow my routine you will not injure yourself, it’s impossible to injure yourself when you’re doing the type of exercise that I preached, which is a high-intensity right, short burst workout.

That means you’re not lifting weights that are too big for you, there is an article on my website, they can look out in my blog where I talk about and certain make fun of these guys who go to the gym and lift weights that are too big for them. That’s not making you macho, that’s going to set you up to hurt yourself right, and it’s not even doing you any freaking good, right?

The other thing I want you to realize is if you go to the gym when I say it’s a 25-minute workout, I mean it’s a maximum of the 25-minute workout. So you don’t get to go to the gym for 30 minutes, you don’t get to go for 35 minutes, you don’t get to go for 40 minutes, you go for 25 minutes.

During that time, put your phone away or put it on airplane mode, don’t go far, put some music on, don’t talk to anybody and just focus on working out, you do that, the gift that you’re going to be giving yourself by doing this, is you’re going to have more energy than you’ve ever had.

You’re going to look better than you’ve ever looked in your entire life and if you don’t think 25 minutes a day is good enough to give you an amazing body, go Google some of my photos and look at the fitness photos I’ve taken and understand, that is all number 1, pure natural, I’ve never had any steroids, I didn’t even take protein shakes to get that body.

All I did was I ate healthy, natural foods and what I did is I went to the gym and worked out for 25 minutes a day. That’s it, that’s all I did and at the same time that I was doing that, I was a father, I’m a husband, spending time with my wife, traveling, for business, for fun, all that stuff, and running 6 different companies.

So there is no excuse my friend, there’s no excuse for not getting yourself into the gym. The problem is, you’re trying to go to the gym for hours. I just tell you to go for 25 minutes and in fact, I want you to be in and out of the gym in about 45 minutes for men and maximum 55 minutes for women, there’s no reason for you to ever spend more than 60 minutes in the gym, including showering and getting ready.

So now, if you’re waking up at 7:00 in the morning, let’s say the gym is 15 minutes away, you could be there by 7:15 let’s say, however long it takes you to get ready and then get out of the house, there’s not much getting ready, you just put on shorts and a t-shirt or whatever you work out in.

You get in the gym, you get in and out, that my friends is the secret to an incredible body but you can never skip a day because when you skip a day, your body starts to slow down and you start to give up and you lower your standards. So, the secret for you here is this, 25 minutes a day, of high-intensity short burst exercise.

The 25 Minute Workout Challenge

My challenge to you is this, this podcast is going to end in about 30 seconds, before this 30 seconds is up, decide right now that you are going to go to the gym every day for 25 minutes a day and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it doesn’t matter, you can download the titanium app or download the guide from my website and both of them will give you the fitness guide right in there.

Right on the app, you can look at the stuff and then you can follow it and if you need to get a personal trainer you can, but get a personal trainer, hand them my exercise routine and say, “teach me this routine.”

Tell them that you only wanna be in the gym for 25 minutes and let me tell you what they’re going to tell you, they’re going to tell you it’s wrong, they’re going to tell you, you should spend an hour, and say no thank you, I just want to do this. And if they’re not willing to teach you this routine, then don’t hire them. If you don’t want a personal trainer, find someone who’s going to teach you this particular routine. Otherwise, just stick to the guide, follow my guide or download the app and follow the Titanium Life app, and you’re going to see that you’re going to get results.

Hey, I love you all, I wanna see you thriving, I want to see you have an amazing body and at the same time, I want to see you have energy levels that allow you to keep up with life, keep up with business, keep up with kids, keep up with all the things that you wanna do and all the things that you love and hey, it feels pretty damn good when you look sexy and you feel sexy. I love you all, always remember, get out there and lead with your heart.


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