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Hey, how are you doing everybody? This is the first episode where we’ve taken the request that the listeners of this podcast have posted on my Facebook page, and we are doing an episode on one of those topics. Now, if you haven’t put in your request, please go to my Instagram, @Armanioc, put in your request and I will be doing my very, very best to address all of your requests.

Most importantly, I like questions. So, ask me a question, tell me about a problem you are having in your life. If its private and you don’t want everyone to know, private message me. It’s okay. I have my staff go through all of them that you submit them to me, I will read every single one of your messages, and if you have a problem in your life, that you want me to address, your life, your business, whatever it is, I will address it on this podcast.

If it’s one that I think it’s going to serve the public. If not you might get a private message back from me, helping you out. Either way, this one is one of those. So, someone suggested talking about the concept of taking advice from the right people. And how you can really go wrong if you take advice from the wrong people. Now they said something in there that I thought was really funny. They said they are so tired of losers taking advice from another loser.

Stop Taking Advice From People in the Same Situation As You

Now, I personally wouldn’t have put it that way, but they seem to think that there are a lot of losers out there, taking advice from other losers. Let me tell you what they mean by this. And it’s true. What you see a lot, you see people who are broke, taking advice from other broke people, on how to get rich. That’s why most people are broke. And that’s why broke people typically stay broke.

Because of what? You are financially not secure, you associate with people who are financially not secure, and then you talk about all this stuff, and after a while starts to become fact to you, and the thing is, that you can never get out of that situation because you never really talk about the reality of things.

Now, when it comes to the topic of health, for example, this is huge. Because for example, overweight people will love to sit around with other overweight people and talk to each other about how to lose weight. And then they go to the gym. And they get themselves an overweight trainer sometimes to try to train them.

And I am like, what are you thinking? See the reality is this, in life if you want to get results, it’s not about what sounds good, it’s about what actually works. And this is something that I’ve used that’s at the basis of everything I’ve built at Titanium.

You must understand that the things that matter are the things that actually get results. Tools have to actually work. Not just sound good. And so many people take advice from others, not just because that person said something that just sounds good, or sounds reasonable, right. It’s not what you want to go after.

You want to go after, taking advice from, number one from people who are getting the results that you want. If they are not getting the results that you want, what makes you think they are going to get you results?

But if the tool just sounds good, but doesn’t get a result, does that help you? No! So in the words of the listener that requested this, that they are tired of losers taking advice from losers. I wouldn’t say that. I would just say when you are trying to find people to take advice from, find people who are currently getting the results that you want, and even as just as important as that, who have consistently gotten the results that you want.

Take Advice From People Who Have Gotten The Results You Want

Because for example, if you want to lose weight, you don’t want to talk to someone who just lost 50 pounds. You want to talk to someone who lost 50 pounds and kept it off. That’s important. Now you can talk to someone about how to lose 50 pounds, but that’s all they are going to teach you.

They are not going to teach you a system that’s going to help you keep it off. Now, where I learned this is most of you know, my degree is in neuroscience, and then I attended Harvard medical school for a couple of years. I was really shocked by something I got from medical school. See they talked about this different research that was done, and what you will see, you’ll see new medication that they would make, right, and they would do trials on these things.

The Importance of Compliance

So imagine I create two different medicines. And let’s say, it’s a medicine for Alzheimer’s. Okay, now you put this, and it could be for anything, it doesn’t matter, we will use Alzheimer’s as the example here. Let’s say one of the pills is a little white pill, that’s about the size of Advil. The second one is this pill that’s in size of an eraser. Okay, so five times bigger.

Now imagine it’s let’s say brown color. Now imagine that the little white pill is actually effective and it’s made by company A, but it gives you the effect of, let say a certain number of, on a scale of 1 to 10, its effectiveness is at 2. The second pill, let’s say the bigger one, that’s brown, is actually much, much, much more effective at getting the symptoms of Alzheimer’s to go away.

On a scale from 1 to 10, let’s say that one is absolute 10. I mean this drug is a freaking miracle, and it works. You give it to rats with Alzheimer’s, and man, the Alzheimer’s goes away. And in people, you know if you were to give it to someone, it would do the same thing. But what I found out, is a lot of these drugs when they go through clinical trials, they don’t get accepted because you have this concept of compliance. Now, all of this is to explain to you why you want to take advice from people who are getting results in business and life.

Business Coaching - Take Advice From The Right People

An Example of the Compliance Effect in Action

Not people who just sound good. Because in theory, If I tell you hey, there are these two pills, which pill is going to do better on the market? Or which pill is a better pill for Alzheimer’s? Before going to Harvard medical school, I would have said, well obviously the pill that’s better.

But see, the way in the medical world they determine what’s better is they don’t base it on what medicine is better. What they do is they do clinical trials. Where they say in the real world, under real-world conditions, which pill performs better? And does this pill actually work? And what you find is that compliance is a huge part of whether drugs are accepted or not. Because the drug, that little white pill, put aside the fact that you can change the colors of pills and sizes and stuff, lets put all that aside.

It’s a theoretical example that I want you to understand. If the little white pill is the pill that people take, and 90% of people are compliant with it, and it only gets results that are okay at best, but it does get positive results. But the thing is that everyone is, or 90 percent of people are going to get those positive results because there is high compliance.

Now you have another one, this other one that’s a super, super, super powerful pill that the thing is, nobody takes it. Only 5 percent of people follow through of taking the pill every single day. You see, by the way, I am giving you this example, because there is a real-life example with AIDS medication.

AIDS Medication Compliance

What they’ve found over the years is that AIDS medication since the 90s has actually been quite effective. But the biggest problem you get is compliance. People don’t want to stuff their face with dozens or even hundreds of pills a day. That’s just crazy. They don’t want to do it. And that’s where the issue came along with a lot of these AIDS medications. So as the medications have improved, sometimes is not even their effectiveness that’s been improved.

What’s improved is how to get people to be more compliant with them, right. If you can make it into a gummy bear, then more people will eat them, right, and take them, and then they’ll get more of the medicine, for example. So, in this case, it is about what actually works.

One pill is more effective in theory, but no one will take it, so it doesn’t give you the effectiveness, at a larger scale. Now, by the way, are there people who will take the pill that is in the size of an eraser? Absolutely. And that’s what I want you to understand.

There are Two Subsets of People

Because the people who take the eraser size pill, will go around telling people, they listen to me, I know this works. See those are one group of people, that’s one subset. Okay, those are not the losers. Those are the winners. Those are the people who are getting the results, and they are telling you, hey look I’ve got the results, you try it.

Then there is the other group. That’s the group of people who are not getting the results, but they have all kinds of theories. Oh, if you do this and if you do that, you are going to be all fine, and blah, blah, blah. And that doesn’t work either. What you want, is you want tools that have been proven to work. And if you can find tools that have been proven to work, for the masses, that makes them even better.

You see, Titanium is completely based on this concept, that in order for a tool to be something I share with you, it must be a tool that’s sound in theory but it must also be a tool that works for me and my life, and it must also be a tool, that I’ve been able to share with the masses and get the results that I wanted.

The Titanium Tools Were Designed With Compliance In Mind

See, that’s the medical school student in me. That’s the guy who is a scientist. See, I realize that before going to medical school, I would have never presented certain things, for example, my workout, my 25-minute workout. If you know anything about fitness, you are going to know, hey if you really want to bulk up your muscles and get huge results, you might need to go to the gym for two hours.

But I would never teach that. Why? Because it doesn’t work. So now you’re going to say, Arman what do you mean it doesn’t work? It doesn’t work. See, working out for two hours is actually going to make your muscles bigger, than if you work out for 25 minutes.

Why the 25-Minute Workout Produces Better Results Than a 2-Hour Workout

However, if I put a group of a thousand people, on a 2 hour a day workout, and another thousand people on a 25 minute a day workout, after six months the 25 minutes a day people will bigger muscles than the 2 hours a day people. Why? Not because 2 hours a day actually shrinks your muscle. In fact, it doesn’t. It makes your muscles bigger. But because of compliance.

People who are doing 25 minutes a day, do it every single day. I mean, it’s easy. I even teach people to change the gym. I say, if you don’t like your gym showers, upgrade to a gym where you like them. So the bottom line in life is, you want to find tools that actually work. So for the listener, who suggested about taking advice from the right people, what I want you to understand is this, seek out those who are getting the results that you want, and ideally seek out those who are getting the results that you want on a consistent basis. But on top of that, seek out results that they’ve gotten that work for the masses.

Not Everyone Will Agree With You and That’s Fine

You see, I was talking to a group of educators, it was about six hundreds of them in the room, all really amazing people, in education. And I talk to these people, and some come up to me and says, Arman, I don’t like what you have to say about this and that. They disagreed with me. And they were really mad at me. This person was mad that I was teaching this stuff. He said I don’t like it; you shouldn’t be teaching this. And what I had to explain them I said, hey look, I teach stuff that works.

Not stuff that sounds good. So a lot of fitness people would tell me, Arman well the reality is, people have to do blah, blah, blah.

And I am like look, the reality is that I’ve seen, when you tell people to go in the gym and go from their car back to their car, under 55 minutes, meaning you get out of your car, you go to the gym, you do your workout, you get out, you go shower, and you are changing, getting ready for your life, your work, whatever you are doing, if you can do all that and get back in your car in less than 55 minutes, then guess what.

You have a system that’s going to be sustainable for the rest of your life. That’s what I want. That’s why I also don’t condone doing heavy weights. Why? Because if you do heavy weights, it’s not going to work, because you are going to injure yourself. And an injured body isn’t going to be able to work out every day. Now, this doesn’t just apply to working out; it applies to business, to my business coaching clients.

I teach them to make sure that they take business advice from people who are actually successful — not the people who say things that sound really good, but what is actually working. And the key is, different people are succeeding in different areas. So as I’ve said before, focus on finding people who are getting success in a specific area, and take the advice from them. And as the listener said, don’t take advice from losers. Okay, so if someone is not getting the results in the category, in an area of life, don’t take advice from them in that area.

You want to find tools that work, and they work for the masses. See this is really important for you to listen to because you are a podcast listener. And as someone who has taken the time and effort to listen to a podcast, I know you value learning and growth. But I’ve got to be careful with you because you are at the danger of opening up your mind to everything other people have to say.

Business Coaching Importance Of Compliance

Be Picky About The Information Going Into Your Head

I want you to be picky about what information you are going to allow into your head. Now there is nothing wrong about getting the wrong information because you can learn from that as well. But it’s about making sure taking information, from people who are getting results.

I Learned About Parenting From Talking to Successful Parents

And I tell you, when it comes to me, I have an absolute goal and rule, that I do not ever share things with you that have not worked for me and that have not worked for other people.

That my friends is why, as of this day, I do not give advice on parenting, children, I don’t give you advice on how to raise your children, because I don’t know how to do it yet. My little girls are 3 and 4 years old, and I haven’t figured it out yet. But let me tell you, I am fighting like crazy, I am reading books, I talk to parents who are successful.

In fact, I am finding successful kids, and I am saying, hey, introduce me to your parents. Because I don’t want the parents to think they are successful, I don’t want the kids who are successful, and when I say success, I am not basing that on how much money they have. I am finding happy kids.

I find happy teenagers, and I am like, are you happy about your life. Yeah, I am happy. Do you have good grades? Yeah, I have good grades. I don’t care if they get 4.0 or 3.0, but if they are getting good grades, right, if they are healthy, if they are happy, I say let me talk to your parents, kid because I want to find out what those parents have to say.

Even if the parents say things that are totally counterintuitive to me like they say, I don’t know, what you need to do seems the opposite of what I might think you need to do or goes against what books say. It doesn’t matter because you take advice from people, who are already getting the results.

Alright, so for the listener who suggested this, thank you for bringing this to us, and in your own words, please take advice from the right people, and please do not take advice from losers. Because the person who requested this said, they are so tired of losers taking advice from losers. Alright hey, I love you guys, this is awesome.

I love having you listening to this podcast, so please tell your friends and family about this podcast. If they are on iTunes, of course, it’s easy, Titanium life. But if they are on Android, I’ve heard some people are having difficulties with Android, knowing how to do a podcast because a lot of people don’t listen to it.

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