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Is Producing Results Your Main Priority?

This is for my entrepreneurs, those who are either already in business or those who are looking to start their own business.

There are really common mistakes that you guys make out there, and it drives me crazy. This podcast today is focused on one particular thing, it’s short and its sweet and it’s to the point, and it’s going to help you take your business to a level that is out of this world.

Let me tell you. Alright, if you haven’t started your business, this is the podcast that you need to be listening to. Because the bottom line is, as I look at businesses that are just getting started, or I look at businesses, people who have been in business for 2 years, for 5 years, for even 10 years, what I see consistently, is that people are in business trying to do what they want to do.

And the keyword there is they. See, everybody goes into business, trying to do what they want to do. But see, that doesn’t work. You can’t go into business trying to do what you want to do. You have to into business trying to produce results for people. So, let’s say, for example, you are going to create some sort of service.

Producing Results Comes Down to Giving Customers What They Want

The service you create cannot be the service you want to provide. Now, I am not telling to go and provide a service that you have no passion for. That’s not it. But what I am telling you is, as you are trying to take your service and develop it. Focus less on the kind of service you would like to deliver, and focus more on the kind of service that’s going to get results for people out there. Now, for people, for businesses, it depends on it if you are B2B or B2C, but at the bottom line, is you have to produce results for people.

If you are not producing results why are you in business? There are lot of businesses out there that go out and produce a product or service that does not get the results for people. And interestingly enough, some of them do fairly well. Now again, the key here is fairly well.

They are never going to hit it out of the ballpark. It’s never going to be a grand slam business. But they can actually survive doing this. There are entire industries that are built like this. If you ask me, the entire SEO industry, search engine optimization, I believe the entire thing is a sham.

That’s why I went out there a year and half ago and started my SEO company. Because I am tired of these fake things that they do. But they make money. They make money doing it, because people don’t know any better, and they pay them. But I am sick and tired of industries like that. I see people going into business, and the sad part is, they never make as money as they could because they are not focused on how do I get results for people.

Imagine if search engine optimization companies actually started to focus on, not on what people pay for, but how do I get results. Because you see, everything in life and business has an order of operations. Everything has an order of operations. And if you are familiar with my concept of order of operations, you know what I mean. It means you have to things in a certain order to get the results.

You don’t know it? Go to google and google order of operations math, and you’ll see what it means. In math, if you don’t do things in the right order, you get the wrong results. In life and in business it’s the same thing. See, most people when they start a business, they focus first on what they want to do, the product or service that they want to produce. Then second, they focus on what would people pay for. And third, if ever, they focus on what? Results for the customer. Or the ideal client.

Business Coaching - Produce Results In Your Business

Why is it Important to Follow the Order of Operations?

Unfortunately, that’s the wrong order of operations. First, you’ve got to think about what would I have an interest in? what I am passionate about? Yes, you’ve got to start there. But it’s not the specifics, it’s the overall.

Right, once you’ve decided what you are passionate about, what you then do, you go on the first item on the order of operations. And that’s what result can I produce for people? What can I do that would produce massive results? What can I do that would produce results on a higher level than anyone else’s is doing it?

If you’ve listened to one of my other podcast episodes, called revolutionizing an industry, awesome, you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t, go listen to that podcast right after this, because that plus this, means absolutely revolutionizing you as an entrepreneur.

Alright, so what you have to understand is, number one you’ve got to figure out how do you get results? How do you get better results than anyone else? Once you’ve done that, now you say, alright, how do I monetize this? How can I make it, where I can produce results and monetize it? By the way, I will give you a little secret. If you produce results, you will be able to monetize it.

Producing Results Generates You All The Money You Need

Making money will be very easy once you’ve produced results for people. I mean, no one has to force someone to buy an iPhone these days. I mean, they do marketing, but for crying out loud, they don’t need to. They make the best product in the industry. So they are going to be just fine. Right, but they have to keep innovating of course.

Right, because they’ve revolutionized an industry, but they need to keep revolutionizing it. But for you out there, you have to understand in your business, how do you get results.

Whatever it is a business that you’ve got in, got to get out of your own head, and you’ve got to get into the world of your ideal client. And you’ve got to focus on what my ideal client wants and needs. If you can focus on that, now what you can do, is you can figure out how you are going to monetize it. And again, monetizing something that gets results is very, very easy. Early on, it may not be as easy.

But very quickly, trust me, it will start happening. And you will have a line of people and businesses wanting your product or service, as long as you are producing results. Now once you’ve done those two, then you go back to focusing on yourself. And you say, how can I make myself even more passionate about this?

 That is pre-first step, which is figuring out what general area you would be passionate about. Imagine if you are already in that realm, and now you are producing results for people, how can you not be passionate about that?

See, in this podcast, it’s the perfect example. I could come on this podcast and talk only about what I want to talk about. But that doesn’t work. I have to follow the order of operations. So first I ask myself, what is it, right before the first step, I ask myself what I am passionate about? And I said, I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs, business people, hardworking people, stay at home mums, people who work their butt off trying to get results, I want to help the live life and business to a level they never thought possible. And then I said awesome, how can I do that?

The answer was a podcast. So then, as I start coming up with content for my podcast, number one I have to say is, how do I get results for you? So today, as I talk about this topic, maybe there are other topics that I could enjoy talking more. But I’ve got to talk about topic that I believe is going to get you the biggest and best results in business. So today, I talk about this and the second thing is, okay can you monetize this?

Well, let me tell you, of course, it’s going to be monetized. If you are getting results, right and I have something to sell you, at the end of this podcast, which by the way, there is nothing for me to sell today, I apologize.

But If I wanted to sell you something, let’s say I wanted to sell you business coaching. Of course, you are going to go for it. Because I am already getting results from you. Right, if six months from now, you’ve implemented the things I am talking about, and you are making 10 times more money than you’ve ever made before, by the way, I’ve got a lot of clients doing that, those kind of results are common when you take the things that I talk about and put them into action.

And if you are doing that, then, of course, you are going to want to come and pay me for something. And that’s what you have to understand. And third, I do have to go back and focus on myself a bit, and say okay, how can I make this even more enjoyable?

Getting Results in Business Takes Massive Effort

But the key words there are even more. It cannot start with what I want to do. Of course, on the other hand, I want you to understand, getting results is not easy. There is a reason literally 99 percent of companies doing search engine optimization, and they do not get results. Do you know who this entire industry is built?

The entire industry is built basically on having a massive, massive margin. Meaning they make so much money for each client that they can afford to gain and lose clients like they are nothing, and it doesn’t really matter. That’s how they make money.

By the way, if you are in the SEO business and you didn’t know this, wake up, let me explain it to you. 99 percent of you out there, the only reason you are in business is making money.

It is because you are producing a crappy service, with crappy results, but your clients don’t know any better. And you lose a lot of clients. I know you do. Because you are not getting results for them. Guess what happens. They just leave and they go to another company, and they thing oh you a bad company. But what they don’t understand, is this is a bad industry.

Business Coaching Producing Results

Using The SEO Industry as a Case Study for Producing Results

Right, people aren’t doing it right. Now there are some companies, and I know a few of these, that are actually doing it right. And I’ve established one of those companies myself, and it’s because if you produce results, you are going to get the money, you are going to get the other stuff.

But it is hard to produce results. Let me tell you, when it comes to SEO, we’ve been working our butts off, for over a year now. And trying to figure out all the best ways of getting results. And it is not easy at all to get results. And the problem is, initially when you are focused on results, nobody wants to pay you for it. It’s incredible.

If you do the sham stuff, where you are faking it, people will pay you all kinds of money for it, at this stage. But if you are getting results, if you are focused on getting results, then it doesn’t have all the glitz and the glamour and all the show, so people may not want to pay you for.

But guess what? Once you started to get a couple of companies, a couple of people getting results, then it will be easy. You’ll have business coming to you in avalanches, but you’ve got to be getting those crazy, out of this world results.

So, what I want you to do, is identify the general area you want to be in, and of course as I talked about before, and I will talk about in the future, identify who your ideal client is. And then say, for that ideal client, how do I get results? And part of that might be, think about what is the result they are after. See, again it’s the result they are after. Since I’ve been harping on SEO, let’s just go back to that. Nobody wants SEO for the purpose of spending money. No one even wants SEO for the purpose for ranking high on google.

No one wants SEO for the purpose of getting clicks on their website. What people want SEO and digital marketing services for, they don’t even want for the purpose of getting leads. See I am taking you through this funnel, because the first step in the funnel is, alright if I am getting exposure on google or on search engines, that’s a good thing. Then people click, that’s an even better thing. Then if people click and fill out a form, now I’ve got a lead, that’s really good.

And then if I can convert that lead, that’s even better. But see, none of those are the result. And so my SEO folks out there that are listening, well Arman what the heck is the result then? See, the result is the client to make money.

That’s what they want to do. They are in business to make money. So, who cares if they are first on google for some keyword, that’s irrelevant. And they are getting a thousand clicks a day, or a thousand clicks a minute, or whatever your scale is, I don’t know.

And they are getting 500 leads a day, and they are converting of those 250 leads, if they are not making money off of them. so the key is when you are doing SEO for example, the only metric that you should be looking at, the only metric that matters, is how much profit did you make, based on the money that you’ve spent on marketing? That is the only thing that matters.

Nothing else matters. So if you can get someone to fourth place on google and have that create certain numbers of clicks, maybe it only creates 5 clicks, and those 5 clicks lead to only 2 leads, but those 2 leads produce more profit than the other 500 leads you’ve got through the other campaign, what’s the difference? What do you care?

The key is to get results. So you and your business, you’ve got to get absolutely laser-focused on how are you going to produce results for your client. Whatever business you are in is about how do you produce that result. How do you make it where your client is getting what they want? And a big part of it, by the way, is you’ve got to ask your client, what results they are after. And you’ve got to coach them through this process.

Why Hire a Business Coach?

In fact, one of my coaching clients, I had a call with him the other day, for almost two hours, where we’ve talked about, I said what is it that your ideal client needs? And he said he didn’t know. And this a brilliant businessman, a guy that I really respect, and he is out there listening to this now, and I said hey, what could you to find out what they want. He said, well I could do a questionnaire. And this is how you know the guy is a brilliant businessman. He then produces a 5-page questionnaire then he’s going to go out and give his ideal clients so he can figure out what their pain points are in the business.

Because he was shocked to realize, he didn’t know that much about his client’s business. He has been in a business a long time, he is successful but he wants to be even more successful. And those are the kind of people I coach, by the way. People don’t get coaching from me because they are nowhere in life, and they want to sort of get started.

No, people come to be because they are successful, they are already successful, and they want to go to that next level. I refer to as they are fueled by jet fuel, and I inject rocket fuel into them.

Those are the kind of people who come to me. So if you are out there, and you are just getting started, listen, you can start with rocket fuel. You don’t have to start with 87 octanes and work your way up. And if you’ve already been in business, it’s time to inject some rocket fuel into this business.

Focus on what exactly is it, that your clients want? What results do they want? And then figure out if you are going to have to be an inventor, you are going to have to be innovative, you are going to have to get out there and figure out how to produce results like no one else is producing. If you do that, let me tell you my friends, you are going to have incredible, incredible success.

That’s my message for you today and, by the way, I was just looking at some numbers for this podcast, and our podcast is going crazy. So I want to thank you guys, for telling your friends and family about it, for making sure you are listening in, tuning in and listening to every one of these episodes, and doing as much as you can.

If you are getting quality information out of this podcast, please do me a favor, take this information, put it out on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, whatever is that you do out there, tell your friends and family about it, and also give us feedback. Let us know how we are doing, and as always, you can always go to my Facebook and you can request content from me to talk about.

A lot of these things are coming from requests that I’ve had from people. So what I want you to do is, please get out there spread the word, let’s help make this world a better place by changing people’s lives, by helping people take their businesses to the next level. Making sure that they have incredible health, incredible fitness, incredible wealth, incredible relationships, and let’s all have fun together. I love you all and most important of all, go out today. Lead with your heart. Love you, have a great night.


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