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What Does “Success Leaves Clues” Mean?

You are listening to the Apollo Podcast network. This is Titanium Life Radio with your host Peak performance speaker and business coach Arman Sadeghi. This is your host Arman Sadeghi, and I want to welcome you to the Titanium life podcast. Today I want to talk to you about modeling. Have you ever wondered, what is it that makes a difference between the best in the world and those who don’t quite make it?

You know, you watch the Olympics, and you wonder what is the difference between gold and silver? What is the difference between the people who get the medals at the Olympics and the people who never make it to the Olympics? In business, what’s the difference that makes the biggest difference? Right, in life, you see people who have these incredible relationships. What is it about those people, what are they doing?

What,s the difference? And of course, so many people want at first talk about genetics. And they want to talk about luck. Why? Because it takes the pressure off us and puts it on something else. That makes it okay to feel; it makes it acceptable for us to be less than we deserve to be. But today I want to tell you, first of all, all of that stuff is bogus.

You cannot blame your problems on genetics, and on bad luck. And you cannot take the success that others have had, and give all the credit to genetics and good luck. It’s just not the way it works.

Successful People Do Things That Other People Don’t

The most successful people are the most successful people in the world because they consistently do things that the rest do not do. That is a fact. I want you to write that down, and make sure you always remember, the most successful people do things, on a consistent basis, that the rest simply do not do, or will not do, or refuse to do. That’s it. That’s what makes the difference in every single area.

Now, look no one has got it all figured out. It’s not like there is someone out there who is doing it right in every single area in their life and their business. No! So what you want to do, is surround yourself with successful people. And then pay attention, to what they do in the areas in which they are successful.

Some of my mentors for example, who have been incredible mentors in business, are people I never want to learn from when it comes to how to deal with your children. How to deal with your spouse. Some of the people I know have some of the best relationships in the world; I never wanted to take business advice from.

Right, I’ve got some friends for example, who are incredible in the gym. But I would never want to take nutrition advice from them. Why? Because they know exactly how to succeed in the gym. They have these big huge bulky bodies, but they don’t know how to eat, they don’t know to eat healthy to keep trim. And for me, that’s what I want. So see in every area in your life, what you have to do, is you have to watch and listen very, very carefully to what successful people are doing. And you’ve got to remember, that success is always leaving clues.

The Meaning of Success Leaves Clues

But is all about watching and listening carefully. And not always to just listening to what they tell you. Because you see, most successful people don’t actually know what makes them successful. They have no clue. In areas in their life where they are incredibly successful, often they don’t know what that little bit is. So what you got to do is, you got to watch them carefully. Look at their manners, look at the little things they do.

And you’ll recognize that wow there are these little things that make the biggest differences. Right, and when you watch those things that’s what’s going to allow you to be able to model them in a way that no one else can. And one of the examples always give is that I used to always tell people, I used to say you should eat six small meals a day if you want to be healthy.

That’s what I always used to preach, for years that’s what I taught people. And then I got around this brilliant guy, who was talking to me one time at the gym, one of my really good friends and Jason asks me, he says Arman, what do you think is the best diet to have?

Because you have this incredible body, and Jason who is one of the best photographers in the world, by the way, just got done doing a photoshoot with me, and so he asks me, So Arman what do you think is the secret? And I said, oh you have to eat six small meals a day. And he looked at me and said something no one has ever asked me. He said, is that what you do? I said, of course not. If I did that, I would have been fat. And he said, what do you mean?

I said I can’t eat six small meals a day, I’ve tried that stuff. You eat the first small meal, and then the second meal you cheat a little bit and have some crappy food along with it. Then by the third meal I will be, I won’t want to eat, I’ll be too busy to eat, and the fourth meal, there is no way, I mean that’s the afternoon. I am too busy to eat then. And then I was like, then the fifth meal comes around, and then I eat like a pig, and then I have to eat the sixth meal, which I can’t stand doing it, you know later at night.

And he said, then why do you tell people to have six small meals a day? And I said because that’s what works, that’s the best diet. He said, but it’s not the best diet for you, isn’t it? I said no. He said what do you do. I said well, you know. I get up in the morning, and I told him what I did. And he was like, Arman that’s brilliant. Because that’s what you do. But I never thought about actually teaching people what I actually did.

What I wanted to talk to people about at that time, was what would I tell people, is the best thing to do. Not what actually works for me. Jason did something brilliant. And that is, he was paying more attention to what I do than what I say. And that’s the key.

See, successful people do things on a consistent basis, that unsuccessful people simply don’t do. Your job is to; number one get around successful people. Surround yourself with successful people. And number 2 watch what they are doing.

Business Coaching - Success Leaves Clues

Modeling Success – Pay Attention to the Little Things Successful People Do

Listen to them, pay careful attention to the little things that they do. And you’ll see that successful people can consistently do things that unsuccessful people simply don’t do. Now, people always ask me, Arman you say you surround yourself with successful people. What do I do with my unsuccessful friends? Get rid of them? In some cases, I say no, because you have to surround yourself with unsuccessful people too. Because guess what? They are the perfect example of what not to do. So when it’s Monday, you know its Monday at 4 pm, guess what all your unsuccessful friend are going to tell you to do?

Monday night, football tonight, want to get some beer, and watch the game and eat some chicken wings? And as you hear that you go, ah okay note to self. Unsuccessful friends. Want to watch Monday night football on Mondays. Then call some of your successful friends. And ask them, hey what are you doing tonight? Or maybe call them on Tuesday morning, right and ask them what did you do last night? Because maybe if you call them, they will give you a different answer. Right, but see what they do. And I am not saying that all successful people on Monday are doing a specific thing and that none of them watch football.

That’s not true. Many successful people watch Monday night football. But if you start paying attention, you’ll notice that successful people are constantly focused on things that push them ahead. So the successful people who are married and have kids, on a Monday night, are probably spending time with their families. You know, and if they are not spending time with their families, and they are watching the game, they are probably watching with their best friends, and they are watching it in a way that pushes them forward.

Modeling Success Means Ditching Some Friends 

Right, or maybe they are working, maybe they are traveling, or maybe heck they packed their bags and went to the actual Monday night football game. Whereas your unsuccessful friends, you might find out, doing something different.

And then there is taco Tuesday, and then you get to Wednesday, and its hump day now, and then Thursday, hey the weekend is starting right. So there are always those things. And what you want to do, is watch what successful people are doing and pay careful attention and pay notice of the things they do. And then you do this thing called modeling.

Modeling is when, once you watched what they do, you attempt to do it yourself. And you start to do those things. Now don’t just do anything. Do things that are the things that are causing them to have success, and it means watching carefully. And sometimes you are going to have to see multiple people. This is why we say success leaves clues, and what you want to do, is you want to surround yourself with successful people. Many successful people. Right, because you start noticing the things that they have in common. Right, because everyone has flaws.

Everyone got things that they are good at, and things that they are not so good at. Right, and they have good habits and bad habits. And at first, it’s hard to tell. Because you get around a successful person. And you want to believe that everything they are doing is perfect. It’s not true.

So what you do, you surround yourself with multiple successful people and you start looking at the things that they all have in common. And keep in mind, your mentor in business does not necessarily have to be your mentor when it comes to relationships. Or in parenting. Or in sports. Or in something else.

Now, some of the mentors you’ll find, just as I said success leaves clues, often you find people who are successful in one area in their life, many of them are successful in multiple areas in their lives so that they can be a mentor for you in multiple areas. Now here is the thing. As you are watching people, what you want to do is you want to make sure that first, you are watching them, okay, and you are paying attention, and you are listening to them, but you are looking for the little things. You see, in life, I believe it’s the little things that make the bigger differences.

It’s Often the Little Things That Make the Biggest Difference

Most people look for big things. And it’s often not the big things that make the biggest differences. You look at finances for example, and I’ve got a whole episode where I am going to talk to you about finances, in fact, I’ve got this interview coming up with an incredible man.

When you hear the interview with him, you are going to be blown away. This is someone who told me, that in one point in his life, his business has just closed down, he was really trying to tighten up his expenses, and they went down to their bare bone expenses, and he was telling me that he was spending over 2 million dollars a month.

Including 200.000 dollars a month in gardening. Okay, and this is at a time where his business just gone under, and this man’s story is incredible. I am going to introduce him to you; I am going to interview him for you in one of my upcoming episodes.

You Have to First Change How You Think About Things Before You are Successful

He is going to blow you away. But you see, when you talk to people when you talk to successful people, its those little things. So when it comes to finances, and you watch people who are successful, people think that it’s the big things.

But it’s not, because you take people who are broke, and you give them a 50,000 dollar bonus, and I know this because I am in business and I have a lot of employees. And the broke people three months later are broke still. But then you take someone else, and you give them a slight pay raise. And over time what you see is that they end up doing better, than the person who got 50,000 dollars pay raise. Even if that didn’t add up to 50,000 dollars. So it’s the little things that make the biggest differences, not the big things.

You know it’s the little things, it’s the 5 or 6 minutes that you snooze your alarm clock in the morning. It’s the little bit of the cheat foods that you eat with your meal. It’s the days you skip the gym because you say, today I have an injury, oh I didn’t get enough sleep, oh I am busy, oh I don’t know, I am hungover.

Always Remember the Little Things Make the Biggest Difference

You know I’ve got this, I’ve got that, you know, the excuses that you give. It’s all about the little things in life. Or when it comes to your loved ones, or when it comes to your significant other, it’s the little things you say to them or the little things you forget to say to them. It’s when your wife walks into a room, and she looks beautiful, and you don’t tell her she looks beautiful because you assume she already knows.

It’s the little things. Like, when someone does something kind for you, and you take that extra second to look him in the eyes, and from the bottom of your heart, say thank you. Or it’s when you give someone a hug, and you hold on to that hug, for one extra second, even a half a second.

Have you felt that? You are giving someone a hug, and either you or they hold you for one extra second, and when you try to let go, and they don’t, or you don’t. As long it is someone who wants to hug you. Don’t try this with people who don’t want to hug you. They might not like that extra second. But if you get out there and you do those little things, you look for the little things, that the successful people do, and then model them.

Do those little things like they do, and see if you get the results. And of course, you can talk to them as well, and ask them what they do, but remember the most important thing, is watch what they do, listen to what they say, and notice what are they doing that the rest of the people don’t do.

Successful People are Everywhere Around You

What are those little things that make all the difference? It’s the simple things like that that make all the difference in life my friends. So today I want to tell you, get out there, surround yourself with the most successful people you can, and keep in mind, successful people are everywhere. That means it’s not about going and finding the people who are rich and famous. It’s about finding successful people.

You might have successful people all around you, and you haven’t bothered to look. Because remember, people are successful in different areas in their life. And that’s what you are looking at. So when you are with someone, even if they don’t have as much financial success as you, even if they haven’t as much success as you, is certain areas, understand that there are so many different areas to live. Find the areas in which are successful, and look at what they do, that makes all that difference.

Alright, so make sure you join me in all these episodes and please if you are getting a lot of value out of these things, its free, get it to your friends, get it to your family, make Facebook posts, Instagram, Twitter, email people.

Whatever you can do, let’s get the word out on the Titanium life podcast. The feedback coming back has been incredible. So here we are, less than 10 episodes in this thing, and we’ve been shooting up the charts on iTunes, and we’ve been getting a huge following, but it’snot enough. Let’s get the word out to more people, let have more people influenced, by these beautiful, positive things that I am putting out in the world. I do this because I want to make a difference. Please spread the word, by sharing this with the people that you love.

I love you all, and I am so excited that as of today you are going to be modeling the best people in the world and making sure that you are taking your life to another level. I love you and I want to remind you, lead with your heart.

Join me next time as I talk about a way to take your business to a whole new level, and revolutionize your industry. Thanks for listening to Titanium life radio with Arman Sadeghi. Here on the Apollo Podcast network. For more information, or to subscribe to this podcast, visit


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