Making Better Decisions Will Change Your Life – Here’s How

The next five years of your life can be better than you ever thought possible. You can have everything you ever wanted and more by using the tips I give in this article, but there’s a catch. It’s up to YOU to make all of these things happen. There is no magic fairy godmother that is going to come and turn your pumpkin into a carriage. It all comes down to making better decisions.

You are the Sum of Your Decisions

You are exactly where you are at today in your life because of the decisions you’ve made and the actions you’ve taken. It has very little to do with luck, genetics, or your circumstances. It has everything to do with you and the decisions you make.

Are you going to keep sitting by and waiting for someone to magically come to change things for you? Or are you going to decide to go all-out and master making better decisions? The key to making the next five years the best years of your life is to decide today is the day you’re going to take significantly different actions.

Significantly different action is the only way to get significantly different results. What sort of future do you see for yourself five years from now? Take a moment and visualize it. It’s all possible if you commit to making better decisions TODAY.

Making Better Decisions Means Making Massive Changes

If you listen to my podcast or read the articles on my blog, I give you all the tools you need to make massive changes to your life. The thing is these tools only work if you are subconsciously ready to make these changes.

You will have to make critical decisions about a lot of things in your life. Anything that doesn’t empower you needs to be given up. Go through each of the following areas and list the critical decisions you need to make in each area to improve your happiness and fulfillment:

Intimate Relationships
Physical Health and Body
Spiritual Health
Emotional Health
Career and Mission
Fun and Excitement
Family and Friends
Consistent Growth

Start Building The Next Five Years of Your Life TODAY

Making Better DecisionsChange is scary. I know some of the decisions you have to make today scare you. It’s okay. The only people who don’t have fear are dead. Courage is not the absence of fear – it’s being scared out of your mind and doing it anyway!

To recap, making better decisions starts with deciding you are mentally ready to make massive changes to your life. Then you commit to making better decisions. The tools come last to give you the best results in the shortest amount of time. Today is about listing the decisions you need to make in each of the 10 key areas of your life to get the results you want, and then committing to making those decisions into habits over the next 30 days.

Do you need someone to guide you through making better decisions for your business? Schedule a free business coaching consultation with me and we’ll get you making the critical decisions you need to make to get massive results.

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