Business Coaching Process

Offering his formidable experience in running successful businesses, Arman Sadeghi’s business coaching courses can hand you to the keys to success in any of your business endeavors.


Arman Sadeghi is a successful entrepreneur that also offers high quality one-on-one business coaching. He successfully started over 10 businesses and currently still owns 5 of them. Arman is also passionate about protecting the environment. His largest company, All Green Electronics Recycling, is a well-respected electronic waste company with 125 employees.

However, Arman’s career began at the humble age of 15 when he dropped out of high school to start his first company Computers Made Easy. He later continued his education through studying neuroscience and biology at the University of California at Berkeley. After that he continued to study neuroscience at Harvard Medical School. During this time Arman continued to start successful businesses and further his understanding of the secrets to a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Titanium Success

The culmination of Arman’s knowledge and experience resulted in Titanium Success, a one on one consulting company that helps clients fulfill and reach their personal and business goals. According to Arman, Titanium Success is “more than a motivational practice, it’s a resilient lifestyle. Titanium’s pragmatic approach uses the basic elements of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) – sight, sound and emotions – and teaches students how to use these skills to make positive life choices.” Titanium uses cutting edge neuroscience with Arman’s unique life skill toolkit to help clients improve and reach their dreams.

How it Works

Arman takes a very personalized approach to working with his clients. The basic package is a weekly, one-hour one-on-one business coaching session. The contract can be renewed on a monthly basis. It includes customized content, unique one-on-one coaching and individualized weekly goals. Every week Arman follow ups the previous goals and helps hold clients accountable. According to Arman, “the key is to come back with additional results to push your progress forward.” During this time, Arman is able to answer questions, energize clients and set, review and update goals.

How it Helps

Titanium Success is applicable to many different client problems in business. It has been proven to help with feelings of failure, low energy levels and self-sabotaging inner dialogue. In addition to this, it can help improve time management skills, lower stress levels, increase business competency and build leadership skills. Finally, it can even help improve quality of relationships and meet weight loss and fitness goals.

The key to achieving these goals is Arman’s passionate and sincere dedication to helping clients meet their goals. Through his neuroscience and business background, Arman is able to meet the needs of his diverse clients.

How to Start

Arman offers a free 30 minute session with sample coaching. As part of this, the client fills out a questionnaire which is used to ensure that client-coach compatibility. As part of the package, Arman offers unlimited communication – clients are free to text and email any time. Arman is truly dedicated to being there for his clients and helping them help themselves.

Remember, Arman will only coach people who are absolutely committed to improving themselves. Arman says “If I can’t deliver at the highest possible level, then I don’t deserve to be your coach.” Schedule a free 30 minute session and open up the possibilities of solving your personal problems and reaching your business goals. Help yourself by letting Arman Sadeghi help you.