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Titanium Live was a major catalyst for me to get my personal and business lives on track. Not only did I come out of the event with powerful tools and skills, I was inspired from the inside out to take my life to the next level in all areas. I highly recommend this event to EVERYONE!”

Before attending Titanium, Jerry Lamigo was facing major challenges in both his personal and business lives. He was searching for answers with how to take his finances, relationship, and business to the next level. Jerry describes how Titanium Live helped to make it happen…

“I was at a point in my life where I knew I had incredible potential, but I had trouble unleashing it. Titanium Live helped me tap into one of the greatest secrets to success and that’s the power of the peer group. They quickly became my support group and helped me to raise my standards. I also learned critical leadership skills that I’ve carried into my business. I’m now more confident in my ability to lead my team than ever before.”

Jerry is an entrepreneur with a BS in Business Marketing from San Jose State University. He is the founder of, an online retailer for health and fitness products with beginnings in CrossFit. He is passionate about business, relationships, & fitness and loves connecting with fellow entrepreneurs and fitness enthusiasts.


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