7 Steps to Becoming Your Own Role Model & Changing Live in the Process

By: Sienna Petree

What I love about life is that no matter where you go in the world, there are a few basic struggles that everyone faces and can relate to. From not having enough money, to feeling overweight, to even the feeling of heartache, it is safe to say that “we’re not so different, you and I.” So what do we make of this similarity? There are a few ways to go about things. First, you could do what a lot of the world does and use their issues to dive into emotional, long winded, negative conversations with your peers about how much life is the worst and you are a victim, OR you can use the pain and uncomfortable situations to fuel something much much greater. Which will you choose?

I used to deal with feeling very, very sorry for myself. I had stories that explained every reason why I wasn’t succeeding. They were really good too, like I could do very well as an author of fiction. I told myself these tales so much that I really started to believe that I wasn’t in control of my own life. All of that changed though after I chose to go down the route of personal growth and improvement. I started attending seminars, reading books on the power of perspective and mindset, and surrounding myself with people that wanted to take their lives to the next level above everything else. One of the most important things that I learned is that I have no command over what others do. What I can control though, is how I live my life, and what I can do to help other people see their full potential by using my hard work and triumphs to inspire others and show people that, “If I can do this, So Can You!” There is always going to be a person in your life that you wish you could help, but no matter how hard you try to shake some sense into them, you just can’t. The reason why you are struggling to change them is because you are forcing a process on them that needs to be their idea. Instead of trying fix them, fix yourself and show them what hard work and determination can do for a person. This is what I am here to explain to you, and hopefully it can revolutionize every aspect of your life just as much as it did with mine. Follow these 7 simple steps, and experience life on a whole new level and bring others along for the amazing ride to success!


Step #1: Be The Leader You Expect Others To Be

When you are trying to be a leader, ask yourself first, “What are the qualities that I know make up a fantastic leader?” Are they responsible? Bold? Caring? Honest? Take time to think about this and really imagine the ideal leader.

Step #2: Relate to this leader.

Start to come up with ways that you can use these much needed characteristics in your daily life and really make it a part of your identity. If you know that a great leader needs to stay true to their word, maybe you can start under promising and over delivering at work. Or when you tell your child you are picking them up from school that day, try being the first dad in the carpool line. If you think that you struggle with talking to customers, begin to call yourself, “The Hercules of Customer Service”. It may sound silly but notice how much your life will start to improve, and how much all of your relationships begin to evolve when you embody your dream leader.

Step #3: Create goals for yourself – 3 to Thrive.

With growth comes inevitable growing pains, which don’t get me wrong feel very real at the time, but are not a problem, rather an important journey that will make you are better leader. It is not necessary to try and change the world over night. The process of becoming a great leader and helping others play life at a higher level is much more effective when it is gradual and you have the ability to maintain it and enjoy the process. Arman Sadeghi, founder of the Titanium Success Method, educated me on the amazing tool known as your “3 to Thrive”. Start by looking at each area of your life and find 3 simple actions, that if you were to take, you would feel strong with your progress.  If you are trying to communicate with your employees more effectively or raise morale at work, maybe you send out an email thanking everyone for their unrelenting hard work, or remember an interesting fact about the people you work with that will show that you care. The possibilities are endless. Just by breaking down your goals into smaller, less frightening actions, the chances of you improving your life and feeling happy with where you are at are much greater.

Step #4: Find accountability!

If you know someone who has ever been in recovery from addiction, you probably have heard of sponsors. People or groups of individuals that are either still trying to invoke positive change on their own lives, or they have succeeded and want to help others. The idea is that improving your life is so much less painful when you have others to connect with and share your losses and triumphs with. Find someone that will keep you focused on what it is that you are trying to improve, or better yet, someone that flourishes in the category and can share their thoughts with you. Remember that the accountability partner or group doesn’t have to take up much of your busy schedule, simply a text thread, facebook group, or short phone conversation could be all you need to rise up and kick some serious booty!

Step #5: Take the first step!

This is probably the step that people struggle with the very most. I certainly fell into the trap myself of thinking that I wasn’t ready or talented enough to lead myself and others the way I have always have wanted to. It is that first little leap of faith that makes most people terrified of change. That first peek into unfamiliar territory. But this step is the one that will separate your present from your future. The key to remember is that you are not trying to build Rome in one day, so try to avoid making this first move impossible to complete. It could be as simple as chugging that very first green drink that looks disgusting, but you know will help you get to your goal weight. It could be that first cold call to a potential customer when you are trying to start a new business. When you start to get anxiety about the fear of change, rejection, unworthiness, etc, just think of how euphoric you will feel in a year, ten years, or 15 years when your growth has made you successful beyond your wildest dreams and helped the lives of so many that you hold dear to your heart.

Step #6: Share your success!

So many people really don’t like the idea of sharing their improvements and growth with others. They are worried that their happiness and strength will make others feel bad about themselves. All I have to say, is that those people who would react that way will feel bad for themselves no matter what you do, but you never know whose life you could change forever just by showing them that there is hope and opportunity for them. There is always going to be someone going through what you have. Be the person that gives them the inspiration that they so desperately need.

Step #7: Progress NOT Perfection.

It can be very easy to feel like you don’t have what it takes or deserve to live out your dreams because you fall back on old behavior. In my opinion, the MOST important thing to remember when you are a leader, whether that be as parent, a CEO of a billion dollar company, a college student, or even just when leading yourself, is that YOU are NOT your MISTAKES. You will not be a let-down to the people that look up to you if you make a simple misstep. You are worthy of success, and you have all of the strength and resources that you need within you right now. So if you find yourself going back to your old ways and you are feeling defeated, remind yourself that you were born to be magnificent. You are here today reading this article because you are willing to work harder than anyone else. And most of all, you are taking steps towards an upward path to an outstanding life.


By: Sienna Petree
Studio Manager at iWink Studios
Founder & CEO of Gratistickers LLC

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