What Are Your Expectations?

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What Are Your Expectations in Life?

A lot of these topics I cover are topics that are brought out by individuals who follow me on social media, and they send me a request. And I actually will talk about some of the things that you’ve asked.

So, someone asked me a question that I thought was really cool and I said, “Look, this year, I wanna make my life better than it’s ever been before. I’m sick and tired of it. I wanna make more money. You’re right. You know, I’m tired of not having enough money. And I wanna make more money this year. And you know, I’m tired of not being in a relationship. This year, I want to get into a great relationship. “

And they said they’re tired of their body never being as good as they want it to be. This individual is in their mid 30’s and sort of look at life like holy cow… If I don’t get my stuff together now, am I ever really gonna be able to get it together?

Now, of course, you talk to people in their 40’s or 20’s and they feel the same thing. But the bottom line is I wanna talk to you today, about how do we make this year whatever year it is… whether it is the beginning of the year, the middle of the year, the end of the year, doesn’t matter. What I want you to think about is, how do we make this year the best year of your entire life. Well, here’s what I would tell this individual who’s telling me they wanna make a lot more money. They wanna have better relationships. They wanna be in the best shape of their lives.

What I’m gonna tell you is this, something I’ve learned from one of my mentors Jim Rohn who is an incredible, incredible man, who shares some of the most incredible knowledge in the world with me. And I’ve been listening to this man speak since the ’90s. He was just an incredibly, incredibly knowledgeable man and a kind man.

The one who taught me a lot. And here’s what he says that I’m gonna tell you… This year you wanna make more money than you’ve ever made before? This year you wanna have a better relationship than you’ve ever before? This year you wanna have a better body than you’ve ever had before?

Should I Have Higher Expectations of Myself?

Well here’s what I’m gonna tell you, my friend… In order to have more, you must become more… In order to have more money, you have to become more… In order to have a nicer body, you must become more… In order to have the best relationship of your life, whether you’re already in a relationship or you want one… In order to have that, you are going to have to become more.

See, what got you here won’t get you there. What that means is that the actions that you took to get to here today, are not the actions that are gonna get you to that next level.

In order for this year, to be the best year of your life, you have to decide that you’re gonna be the best you the world has ever seen.

The best you in every single way. How can we make you the best you financially? How can we make you the best you when it comes to your relationships? How can we make you the best you in everything that you do on a daily basis?

Well, number one, you have to expect more of yourself than anyone else could possibly ever expect of you. How about that?

You see these kids in school were happy getting B’s and their parents here really wanted them to have an A? Well, what if your parents wanted you to get an A and you said, “You know what I expect more of myself than anyone could ever expect of me.”

So you hold yourself to an even higher standard. You say “well, I’m gonna get an A+”…

What if every day you woke up living like that? Where you expect more of yourself than anyone else could ever expect of you. But more importantly, what I want you to understand is that life is a growth path. Life is a place where you gotta learn and grow.

Now, as I’m saying this, I’m talking to only people who decided to tune in to my podcast episode. So my friend now, there I know you’re a unique human being.

Despite the fact that you’re sitting there and listening to this podcast episode, when most people don’t listen to these things, and don’t bother, read books and listen to audio programs, and enrich themselves, you obviously are a very unique type of person. And I love you for that, and I love the fact that you’ve decided to go on this journey.

Business Coaching - What Are Your Expectations

I Challenge You to Make the Next 12 Months Better Than You Thought Possible

So I wanna challenge you. I wanna challenge you for the next year. The next 12 months of your life, whether it’s new year’s that is coming around the corner or just past, or it’s your birthday or something else… I want you to pick any other excuse in the world, and then decide that as of today, you’re going to make the next 12 months of your life a dedication to being more.

Stop asking for more and decide that you wanna be more… Some of you out there believe in God, some of you don’t … I don’t teach religion. I don’t try to tell people to do one thing or another.

But most of you know if you listen to my episodes and been to my events, I’m a very spiritual person. I have a beautiful relationship with God, but one of the deals I have with my self is that I never asked God for anything.

Recently the lottery got up to 1.5 billion dollars and I just thought to myself, you know what I would hate more than anything else? To be God today.

You know how many people sat there in their living rooms, in their beds, or wherever and pray to God that they would win the lottery? I mean imagine that, as if God has nothing better to do than listen to your ridiculous prayers about winning the lottery.

You wanna have more money? What will you do this year to build your wealth?

You wanna have more money in your bank account. You wanna build to buy a nicer car, buy a nicer house, and provide for your family. Donate some of your money; do whatever it is that you love to do with money.

Well, what if you decided that the next 12 months of your life, you are gonna dedicated to becoming more… And what if you understood that in order to have more you must first become more, and see first is the keyword there.

In order to have more, you must first become more.

You can’t say, “hey, pay me more and I’ll be more“. That’s what most people tell you. I have a couple of hundred employees and 99% of them, the deal they have with me, they don’t say it but sometimes they do. But this is the deal they have with me. I know it. They say when you give me more money I will give you more of me and you know what, those are the people who don’t succeed.

Those who succeed that 1% that’s different than anybody else, that’s the group that says, I will give you everything. I will deliver and deliver and deliver massive results for you. I’ll give you more hours than you’re paying me for. I’ll give you more effort. I’ll give you more of me, more of everything that I’ve got.

They study on the weekends at nights they go to Barnes and Noble and they sit there reading to get better at whatever they do. They enriched themselves and guess what, those are the people who have no choice but to get pay raises, and on a consistent basis, because how could you not give someone a pay raise when they keep getting better.

In business it’s the same way. In order to have more you have to become more. if you’ve got a company that has 3 million dollars in revenue and you wanna have a company that has 6 million dollars in revenue, you have to figure out how to add twice as much value for your clients, right. You can’t just say I want more. I want a bigger business. I want to make more money. My friends, it doesn’t work that way.

What you have to do is get absolutely committed and laser-focused on the result of adding more value in order for you to become more. So this year and the next 12 months my challenge to you is this, this is a short and quick episode to get you to decide that that’s it this year I’ve had enough. I’m not going to settle anymore.

I’m not gonna settle for being the same person I used to be. I’m not going settle for being broke. I’m not going to settle for having a terrible relationship, but what I’m going to do is I am going to become more. If it’s a relationship you want and you’re already in a relationship, what if this year you decided that you were going to become a better you? If you were a better you, imagine what you could have accomplished. Imagine what you can do with your life.

If you were a better you in relationships, when it comes to everything in your life, what if this was the year that you step it up and you decided to expect more of yourself than anyone else?

So, in closing, I just wanna remind you again, the key to success in any area is to decide what you are gonna do, what you’re willing to put out there, and the secret is that in order to have more, you have to become more.

Make this next 12 months, the months of your life that you commit to becoming more than you’ve ever been before. Tap into the best part inside of you. God has blessed you with some of the most incredible gifts in every aspect of your life. Just tap into those things and decide that in the next 12 months you’re gonna be the best you the world has ever seen.

I love you all and as you are out there trying to be the best you, always remember that the best you is the one that leads with this heart, so go out there every day of your life and lead with your heart.


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