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There is a Secret to Getting the Body You Want

So, today I want to talk to you about your health, about fitness, about vibrancy, about energy, about nutrition, and about the things that are going to allow to have the energy to do the things that you love in life.

See, many of us in our society today are obsessed with the way that we look. And I am not telling you that you shouldn’t consider the way you look. And there is nothing wrong with wanting to have an incredible body. In fact, I tell people, “Why not have a world-class body? Why not have that kind of body, which could end up on a cover of a magazine?”

There is nothing wrong with that. You can go for that. But I think for most of us, the most important thing is having energy. Is having the vibrancy to get out and to tackle life, to tackle the things in life that most people cannot.

My Strategy for Getting the Body You Want is Scientifically Proven

How to transform your body in a month…And so the way to do that is, I am going to share some absolute secrets with you. These are revolutionary secrets that I’ve been sharing with people now for over 10 years. And incredibly, some of the science that’s have been coming out in the last year or two, is showing what I’ve been talking about for 10 years to be absolutely at the cutting edge.

And now, as science is starting to prove what I have been talking about, many more people are starting to embrace these things. And I discovered these things, not only because I am a scientist and I’ve studied molecular and cell biology, and that I was an athlete growing up. But also just by observing the people and the things around me and noticing that there’s just these things that you see.

Body Transformation: Who Has The Nicest Bodies in the Gym?

For example, you go into the gym, and when you in the gym, look around the next time you are there and see who’s got the nicest bodies in the gym. Is it the people on the bikes and treadmills, or is it the folks on the weights?

And if you don’t know the answer, go to the gym next time and see. What you’ll find, if your gym is anything like the gyms I’ve been to, the folks with the nicest bodies are the people who are working out with weights.

Whether they’re doing the free weights or the machines, but somehow people get this impression that you’ve got to go on a treadmill for hours on and the bike for hours on end. It’s pretty interesting that you look at that.

Or, you watch the Olympics. And if you pay careful attention, look at the bodies of the sprinters versus the folks who do the long-distance stuff, the marathon runners. Now the marathon runners have incredible strength. Their minds are absolutely out of this world. I’ve never run a marathon, but I can’t imagine how incredibly taxing it must be mentally and physically. But when you look at the bodies of marathon runners versus sprinters, if you are anything like me, you would much rather have a body of a sprinter, for both men and women.

And if you look, you’ll see sprinters have very fit bodies, where they have muscle tone, but their bodies look healthy. Whereas many marathon runners, and long distance runners, when you look at their bodies, unfortunately, they don’t look that healthy. Now there are exceptions of course to all of these things, but I want you to look at that. And so what we got to is the key I want you to understand.

The Number One Rule to Get the Body You Want

Number one, when it comes to health, fitness, vibrancy, your body, you shape your body in the gym, and you size your body in the kitchen. Make sure you pay attention to what that really means. What that means is, don’t go to the gym to try to lose weight. The gym is not where you go to lose weight. I hear this all the time.

People are like, “Well I’ve made a New Year resolution.” And if you know anything about me, by the way, you know how I feel about those New Year’s resolutions. “I’ve made a New Year’s resolution. I am going to lose 50 pounds,” or, “I am going to lose 10 pounds.” And then you’ll say, “Well, what are you going to do?” “You know what, starting January 1st I am going to go to the gym every day.” And I am like, “Why would you go to the gym if you want to lose weight?”

The Gym Won’t Help You Lose Weight

See, most of us have this connection with the gym and losing weight. But the gym is not where you go to lose weight. It’s ludicrous. When you look at the science behind it, when you look at the science of health and fitness, it is literally nearly impossible to lose weight by going into the gym.

Now you are going to say, “But Arman, everyone talks about this, and this is just a known fact.” Try it. The next you go to the gym, I want you to the gym, maybe you can go today. And if you are crazy enough, go to the gym and get on a bike, or the treadmill for two hours.

After two hours on the treadmill, or however long you can stand, I want you to see how many calories you’ve burned. Then on the way home, I want you to grab some of the foods I love to eat, like some pizza and a little bit of ice cream, and maybe a chocolate chip cookie.

And what I want you to see is the pizza, the ice cream, or the chocolate chip cookie, is going to have way more calories that you could possibly burn on a treadmill. Therefore, it is not how many calories you can burn in the gym, because whatever calories you burn in the gym, you are going to put back on with what you eat anyways.

Business Coaching - How To Get The Body You Want

You Lose Weight by Making Better Food Choices

Now, does it help to lose some calories? Sure, possibly. But see, there are certain things going on in your body that you have to understand, and someone who has an extensive background in molecular and cell biology and neuroscience and understands how the human body and how the human mind works, I want to share some things with you to understand where you need to go to do what.

So size your body in the kitchen, meaning if you want to lose weight or gain weight for that matter, you need to do it with what you put inside of your body, the food that you eat.

Now, once you have the size of your body correct, which is your size is what it is, your weight is whatever it is. Now if you want to shape that body, now is where the gym comes in. Because no matter what you weigh – for me, I weigh around 155 pounds. If I want to take my 155-pound body and I want to change the shape that it’s in, and I go into the gym. I can’t possibly do that with what I eat.

Now, what I eat of course influences the shape that I am in, but nowhere near as much I do in the gym. So what you want to do then, is you want to make sure you want to understand that, because some people will go to the gym, for example, again to get on the treadmill, to try to lose weight.

Your Body Gets Used to Cardio

But here’s what happens. First of all, if you consistently do a ton of cardiovascular exercise, for example, a marathon runner, whose running 5, 6, 7, miles or more a day. What happens is your body completely changes and your body goes into essentially a starvation mode, where you hold on to more fat, and that’s what you notice when you look at marathon runners.

They’re typically very thin and pale, yet they still store a lot of fat on their bodies. When you look at it, they actually have more fat than a sprinter. So why is it, if they burn all those calories, why do they have all that fat?

Well, it’s because the human body is designed to be in a mode of making sure it can survive. And when you’re putting that much pressure on your body and you are burning all those calories, first of all your body becomes very efficient at using calories.

Think about that for a minute. If your body knows that you are going to spend two hours running, what it’s going to do is it’s going to become very, very efficient at the way it burns calories.

So now you are getting on that treadmill and the treadmill is telling you you’ve burned 800 calories, but you didn’t actually burn 800 calories. Eight hundred calories are for someone who never gets on the treadmill. But if you get on the treadmill every day, your body is adjusted to it and your body has become more efficient and better at burning calories, so now you are maybe only burning 400 calories. And that’s where this thing becomes very interesting.

Don’t Cardio Yourself to Death

What you realize most of the people who are doing what I like to call ‘cardioing yourself to death,’ what they are really doing at first they may get some results, but the results very quickly stop. Now, I am not against cardio, a cardiovascular exercise. In fact, I think it’s very important. But I believe you should get your cardiovascular exercise by doing the things that you love.

For me, I love basketball. I love being an athlete. I love basketball, I really enjoy playing tennis, I enjoy getting out there and being active. So for me, if you want to go hike a mountain, go to a beautiful place and take a four-hour walk on the trail, oh, well that’s beautiful. If you want to go for a jog in a place that I really enjoy being in, yes.

Let’s go on the beach and let’s go for a beautiful, beautiful jog or a walk. Let’s get in the basketball gym and play basketball for two to three hours.

But don’t ever try to put me on a treadmill for two hours. My goodness, don’t even put me on a treadmill for 10 minutes. I couldn’t possibly stand being on a treadmill for 10 minutes, yet I used to have people try to do that with me. But here is the other thing that happens.

You Never “Earn” The Right to Eat High-Calorie Foods

You get people in the gym, you put them on the treadmill, and what happens? As soon as they get off that treadmill, they’ve been on for 30 minutes, the human mind kicks in, and this is where my background in neuroscience is critical, because the way the mind works, you now feel like you deserve, you’ve earned your right to eat what you want.

So, you get out of the gym and now you are eating the foods you shouldn’t eat and you are having that cookie, you are having that pizza, because you feel like you’ve earned it. So you’ve earned that right. And so you’ll eat a bit extra.

And then what happens? That’s for lunch. Then comes dinner time and you go eat your dinner and you’ll want to say no to dessert, but you’ll say, “Ah, you know what? It’s okay. I’ll have dessert.” And what is everybody say? “That’s okay. I’ll just put an extra 20 minutes on the treadmill tomorrow,” so you are already borrowing from tomorrow’s treadmill and the calories that you are going to burn.

Now, of course, you don’t sit there and actually do the math and realize my goodness, now you are going to have to spend four hours on the treadmill, and you forget about the fact that your body changes as you do more of this.

But putting all that aside, now the next morning when you get up and you’ve already spent all the calories that you are going to gain today, and if you are actually motivated enough to get in there and actually work out and get on that treadmill or the bike or whatever it is you do, by the time you get off of it, now you really feel like you’ve earned your rewards, and it’s the cycle that’s just continuing. And then you skip a day or you skip two days, or a week, or a month, and that thing just doesn’t work.

So here is what I want you to understand. If you want to have an incredible body, you are going to have to learn that you size your body in the kitchen and you shape your body in the gym. Now, sizing your body and shaping your body are the same whether you are trying to gain weight or lose weight.

Business Coaching - How To Make Healthy Food Choices

Take Control of Your Relationship With Food

I work with a lot of people, a lot of successful business folks, whose biggest problem is they need to lose weight. But I work with just as many incredibly successful people whose biggest problem is that they need to do it the other way around.

So it doesn’t matter if you are trying to gain weight or if you’re trying to lose weight. Some people battle disorders that have to do with food for a big portion of their lives, and their whole things is they want to put on more weight, but they want to do it in a way that makes them feel healthy. So it’s not about whether you want to gain weight or lose weight; it’s about understanding where you go to that.

So as of today, I want you to understand, go to the gym when you want to shape your body, and look at your nutrition when you want to size your body. Now, as we are looking at this then, let’s just finish this in the last minute here, with me giving you some hints as to what we are going to talk about when we get into fitness and then when we get into nutrition, which are two of my upcoming podcasts for you.

How to Have More Energy and Motivation

When it comes to fitness, the key is you want to do a short burst, high-intensity strength training. So just break that down, short burst, high intensity, and strength training. Strength training is when you are using weights. Now it doesn’t have to be free weights – the fancy stuff that the big bodybuilders use. You could use the machines at the gym.

Or you can be using a band even at home. It doesn’t matter, but the key is you are focusing on the strength training. You are doing your strength training, you’re doing your short bursts of it, but you are doing it at a high-intensity level.

So if you want to get your cardio now, what you do is you are in the gym for 25 minutes, and you need to get about 25 minutes of cardiovascular exercise a day or more, but the way you get that is you are doing high-intensity strength training, which will make you sweat as much as anyone on a treadmill or bike, but its strength training, not purely cardiovascular training.

That’s the key for the gym. And when it comes to nutrition, I am going to talk to you about the four categories of foods on an upcoming episode. And it’s important you tune in and you listen to what these four categories are because these four categories will be life-changing for you.

How to Make Healthy Food Choices

I guarantee you, many of the foods that you consume that you think are healthy, are the foods that are getting you the most when it comes to gaining weight or having that type of body that you don’t want. So it’s important for you to realize what are some those Category One foods? I will give you one that scares people when I tell them.

Category One foods, by the way, are the once that you absolutely have to cut out if you are trying to lose weight. Would you believe that things like milk and fruit juice are Category One foods? Most people don’t realize that it’s something like milk or yogurt or fruit juice. These things can make you gain massive amounts of weight, yet we’ve been through that these are healthy.

And what I will tell you, the reason that they are not healthy is that the human body wasn’t designed to drink fruit juice. It wasn’t designed to drink milk, past age of two or three. So we do these things to our bodies, thinking we are being healthy, but instead we’re are actually damaging our bodies and we are putting way too much sugar inside of our bodies.

Now the nutrients from fruit is great to put in your body, but trust me, there are way better ways of getting those nutrients than drinking a fruit. So we’ll talk about that, and we’ll talk about the fact that you should eat your fruit and drink your vegetables.

We will talk about the fact that there are four categories of foods. And you want to cut out the Category One foods as much as possible, you want to limit the Category Two foods, but focus on the fact that you should have the Category Two foods that you love, not the ones you kind of like.

And there is Category Three and Four foods, which are pretty hard to abuse, but you just have be careful with how much of them you consume. Those are the things we are going to talk about.

So tune in for the next episodes when we talk about specifics about my 25-minute workout, which is incredible, revolutionary workout that I’ve thought thousands of people all over the world and the results are incredible. And I’ve got some of the busiest people in the world on this routine, and you should see the results that they are getting with just 25 minutes in the gym.

So today, I want to end with what I started with, which is you shape your body in the gym and you size your body in the kitchen. So focus on what you eat if you want to lose or gain weight and focus on your workout if you want to shape your body in a different way.

Hey, I love you all, I want to see you have that vibrancy and energy that you deserve. Get out there and as always, lead with your heart.


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