The Importance Of Your Peer Group

If you want to improve all aspects of your life from professional to personal, being a part of peer groups can help.

“If you want to take your life to another level, what you gotta do is surround yourself with the type of people who also want to take their lives to another level.”

 A peer group is a powerful force for improvement, change and success.  When you spend time with others who are committed to improvements, achieving different lofty goals and trying to do more with their lives, you will feel inspired and supported.

Flat Liners And Downers

On the other hand, if you are consistently spending time with those who are content with the status quo or content with where they are, this could start to influence your decisions when it comes to personal and professional growth.

If you find yourself among naysayers or those who are in decline, you run the risk of getting pulled down with them.

These kinds of people could be your co-workers, family members or your old high school buddies. Being complacent may be fine for them, but if you want to have more personal success and form deeper personal relationships, you need to surround yourself with people with similar goals and limit the time you spend with those that are not-likeminded.

What Is A Good Peer Group?

A good peer group is critical for inspiration, motivation and education.  Being around others who are working hard towards tough goals, taking risks to get ahead and who are as least as successful (or more so) than you can be very beneficial.

A good peer group doesn’t have to be people in your same field or with the same goals, they just need to be high energy people who will challenge you and offer a comparison as to how your are achieving your goals.

Spend time around people who have achieved greater success in their finances, careers or even their personal lives. For example, seek out people who have found “the one,” have children and are maintaining a happy marriage. This is a good way to show you what’s possible and inspire you to achieve similar goals.

A good peer group is people who offer support, ideas and lead by example. There does not need to be an element of competitiveness within the group either. The idea is to find inspiration and motivation from their successes, learn what worked for them and share what you know to benefit others in the group.

How To Find A Good Peer Group

“Have friends who are better than you are or at least as good as you are!”

To find a good peer group or many of them, you just need to be open to new ways of thinking and seek out those who are pursuing similar goals or have achieved more success than you.

If you long to get off the dating treadmill and meet someone to share your life with, hanging out with your confirmed bachelor (or bachelorette) buddy all the time is not going to help you achieve that goal. Spend time with other singles looking to make authentic connections.

If you want to get ahead financially, seek out those who have paid off debt, invested wisely and who are money savvy and learn from them.

Professionally, surround yourself with goal-orientated people who are striving to better themselves. This decision will inspire you to do the same.

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