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Revolutionize Your Business or be Like the Rest

Today, I want to talk to about something that is all about revolutionizing your industry. I see so many people going into business, and these CEOs are entrepreneurs,  and they are just trying to have a good business. You know, I really want to make a high-quality product. I want to deliver high-quality service. I want to deliver the best service. I want to deliver the best product. I want to make the best. The best is a bunch of garbage.

You need to go into your industry, and say that you are going to absolutely revolutionize that industry. How do you do something that no one else has done? How do you do something that will put you on the map? What is that thing that is going to make your company stand out amongst the rest in a way that no one else could have imagined? Right, have you heard of this guy Steve Jobs? Yeah, heard of him? Well, guess what? He revolutionized an entire industry. And when he was done, he revolutionized 5 more industries.

Some Examples of CEOs Who Revolutionized Their Industries 

Now, Elon Musk is another guy I really like. He is working on possibly his second industry he is going to revolutionize. I think, by the time the guy is done, considering the things that he is getting his hands in, he will end up revolutionizing 3 or 4. And then, there are the guys from Google. They have revolutionized one industry, and possibly starting to dip their hands in another thing. See, it’s about revolutionizing an industry.

Steve Jobs Revolutionized Multiple Industries

Steve Jobs singlehandedly has worked with Apple and these other companies, to revolutionize the personal computer, the music industry, the telephone, the cell phone industry, tablet computing, digital publishing, and animated movies. I mean, you know this is the guy who is behind Pixar, right?

Digital publishing, books, getting books on the iPad, and things like that. The tablet. If it wasn’t for Steve Jobs and Apple, do you think you would have tablet right now? The phone! Remember what Steve Jobs did with the telephone back in 2006, 2007? My goodness, my phone today looks nothing like before Steve Jobs started messing around with that.

Right, and what the iPad was and what it did, incredible. And of course, personal computers what he did in the 80s. Of course, all these things weren’t Steve Jobs by himself. He had a lot of amazing people around him. And a lot of the things he did, especially early on with the personal computer, was his business partner. But that is a big part of what he did.

He surrounded himself with these amazing people, who can help make it happen. Now, look at Tesla. You know, I drive a Tesla. And I love this car. But people actually have made the mistake of thinking that Tesla is an electric car. I mean, I just wrote an article, and it was titled “The Tesla is not an electric vehicle”.

Elon Musk Revolutionized the Automobile

Now, some of you listening are going “Arman, I am pretty sure it’s an electric vehicle”. No, no I get it. I get that it works on electricity, but calling the Tesla an electric vehicle, is absolutely, completely missing the point. Tesla is not an electric vehicle. Tesla is the reinvention of the automobile.

That is what Elon Musk has done. And for those of you who drive Tesla’s, you get this. Right, for me, I am telling you, it is the reinvention of the automobile. So there is no question, that in a matter of few years, whether is 5 years from now or 10 years, we are all going to be driving a car that is exactly like the Tesla is today. Of course, they are going to improve, they are going to change, it’s just like the cellphone.


Google Revolutionized Search Engines

Right, in 2006 the cellphones were basically old Nokia phones, and Motorola phones and stuff like that. Today, every phone is essentially an iPhone. Right now they do different things, they look different, they have different brands on them and stuff. But, they are iPhones, right. You look what Google did with the search engine. And they did some incredible things, but they are so simple.

The way Google absolutely revolutionized the search industry in deciding what results they display for you. And they said we are actually going to display the results that people want. And they did that with some pretty incredible technology they came up with. But it was pretty simple.

And Elon Musk with Tesla has done exactly the same thing. I mean, this car is incredible. It does exactly what you want it to do. Right, you get up in the morning, and you go and get in your car, and what do you know? Your car has already been awake for 15 minutes. How did it do that?

Well, it knows that on Tuesday morning, you typically go to work at 6 am. And so in my case, 4 am. And at 4 am, it turns on, and it knows approximately what temperature I like, so it gets the temperature going in my car. It gets everything set up, so by the time I get in my car, my car is ready to go. I don’t need to warm it up, I don’t get ready, I don’t need any of that stuff. I mean, that’s freaking brilliant! Does that have to do with the fact it is electric?

Well, some of the electrical things in the car make it easier to do that, but no. The key is, he has reinvented the automobile. And so many other features. I mean, this car is incredible. And he revolutionized it. So my question for you is this, how are going to revolutionize your industry? What industry are you going to revolutionize? And for those of you, who are people who want to get into the business, if you are an entrepreneur, don’t ask how I get into business. Ask how I am going to revolutionize this business.

Review your goals – And Set Them Higher

You got to set your goal higher. Whatever business you are in. I was just talking to a gentleman, who is in the business of creating podcasts for people, and I was telling him you have to learn to revolutionize this industry. It’s not about just saying, how do I make it a good podcast? How do I get a podcast that is in the top 10? I mean, that’s garbage. Why do you want to be top 10, when you can absolutely revolutionize the industry?

Push the envelope, think bigger than anyone else is thinking. Don’t think Toyota, Honda, blah, blah, blah. Think revolutionary. Think Newton, think Tesla, think different. Think bigger and better than anyone else is thinking. And spend more time than anyone else thinks. And follow through than anyone else does. Wake up earlier than they do, go to sleep later than they do, focus more than they do.

And do more than they will be willing to do. And you will absolutely revolutionize the industry. I mean, that’s the key. You have to understand, that in order to create an incredible company, you have to be willing to be an incredible woman or an incredible man. When you step up and you say I will be incredible, I will revolutionize an industry.

Something Inside You Changes When You Decide to Be Revolutionary

What happens, it’s something inside of you changes. Something inside of you starts giving you more power. Something inside of you starts giving you more strength. And somehow whatever your beliefs are, spiritual beliefs, whatever those beliefs are, somehow something happens within your body, and within the universe.

When you get powers that are literally superhuman powers. And so, these people are like Steve Jobs of Apple, and ELON Musk of Tesla, and Larry Page and Sergey Brin from Google, these people were given something special to be able to do the special things that they did. But it all came because they made a decision.

That they weren’t just going to have a good company. They weren’t just going to have a great company. They were going to go out and they were going to absolutely revolutionize an industry. So today, I challenge you, to step up your game, I challenge you set up your goals higher than anyone else could ever expect of you.

I expect you to want more for yourself than other people want. You have to expect more of yourself than anyone can dream of expecting of yourself. And you have to go about your business every day saying how do I revolutionize it? How do I change it? How do I make it better? How do I make like no one else is willing to make it?

Deliver a Product or Service That Blows the Competition Out of the Water

That’s what creates revolutionary products and revolutionary services. Are you are just willing to go out and deliver a product or a great product, well that’s all you are going to end up with, at best. But when you go in saying, I will stop at nothing until I revolutionize an industry, that my friends, is when you are going to create a business that no one else could even dream of. That’s what I expect from you and that’s what I want you to want for yourself.

You know, it was interesting, we were sitting here, and I wanted to make sure that I pronounced the name of Sergey Brin correctly. And we weren’t sure how to pronounce his name, and I had a really great idea, I said why don’t we Google it? I Googled how do you pronounce Sergey Brin name? And all these hits came up.

Clicked on the first one, boom, it was a recording on how to pronounce his name. I mean, how amazing is that. Google does that. These guys did an incredibly revolutionary thing. As I am sitting here, recording this podcast, I could literally pull out my phone right now and on my phone, which is the iPhone that Steve Jobs created.

I can pullup my Tesla app, I can turn on my car, I can open the sunroof, I can change the temperature inside of my car, and oh by the way, in case I lose my key or forget it, I can actually have my telephone not only unlock my door, but also turn the car on, so I can drive for the rest of the day, all without my keys.

Can you imagine that? And there is way more to it. I mean, that is revolutionary. That is incredible. Do you remember how you used to listen to music before Steve Jobs came along, and revolutionized the industry? You remember that clunky thing that played CDs and tapes and whatever else? This guy came in and put them all in one place. And now you can download music through the cloud, to your computer, or to your phone, or to whatever device you have.

Business Coaching - Revolutionize Your Business

How to Make Your Business Stand Out From the Rest

These things are revolutionary, and I want that for you. So my question for you today is this, how can you revolutionize your industry? Number 1, how can you revolutionize it? And immediately you are not going to get the answer. But when you do, my goodness, is going to be beautiful. More importantly, what are you willing to do to revolutionize your industry? What are you willing to do? How high are you willing to go?

What steps are you willing to take? What are you willing to put in? How many hours of the day are you willing to work, how many weeks are willing to go in? What are you willing to do to make sure to revolutionize your industry? How high are going to take your level of thinking?

How much focus are you going to put in? Because at the end of the day, that is always the key, is focus. So, I want to leave you with this message today, of revolutionizing an industry, and I hope that everyone out there who is listening, as of today, is going to become obsessed.

You, my friend, are going to become obsessed with this thought, of how do I revolutionize this industry and its going to run through your head, every day, and every night as you sleep, and it’s going to be a happy thought. Tt’s going to make you smile, but you are going to do everything that you can to learn how to revolutionize your industry. And when you do, please make sure you share your successes with me, so I can enjoy the successes the listeners of this podcast are having.

Set High Self-Expectations

And in fact, I encourage you, please post about the successes you are getting as a result of the things you are hearing on this podcast. I do this because I love people, I love business, I want to see people do better in their lives and their businesses and their relationships, with their fitness, health, finances, every area. So do me a favor, share with people the successes that you are having. And tell them about this podcast, so we can get more and more people being influenced by this incredible thing. I love you all. Get out there. Revolutionize an industry. And always lead with your heart.

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