To Have More, You Must Become More

Episode 028

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How do you make this year the best of your entire life? This episode of the Titanium Life podcast is about a concept Jim Rohn, one of my mentors drilled into my head. He always told me to have more, you must become more. It is the secret to getting more money, a nicer body, a better relationship, and everything else you desire in life.

What this concept is saying is that the actions that have gotten you to where you are now will NEVER get you to where you want to be.

to have more you must become more podcast

Expect More of Yourself than Others Expect of You

To understand the idea of to have more you must become more, you have to start with your expectations. So many of us limit what we can achieve through negative expectations. We think we aren’t strong or smart enough to do something, and we are always right.

Before you achieve lofty goals, you have to raise your expectations. You have to expect more out of yourself than anyone could ever expect out of you. Take a minute to think about your life right now. What areas of your life are your expectations set too low? Identify where you are settling in your life. These are the areas I challenge you to work on raising your expectations.

Use the Order of Operations to Get What You Want

You must first become more to have more. Let’s look at asking for a raise as an example. I have over 200 employees, and the deal I have with all of them is this. If you can prove you are providing more value, I will pay you more money.

This philosophy will get you a raise in any industry. If you want a raise, you need to first get your performance to a level deserving of that raise. You can’t expect the raise before you prove you deserve it.

I Challenge You to Become More

I want you to take the next 12 months to put the idea to have more you must become more to the test. Take a look at the 10 areas of life outlined in the Titanium Wheel of Life. Identify the areas of life where you are settling instead of pushing yourself to achieve more. Make a list of three ways you can do to prove you are worthy of having more in each area.

Schedule a life coaching consultation with Titanium Success if you need help becoming more and maximizing your fulfillment.

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