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Understanding How Stress Works is a Key to Your Survival

As promised welcome to my podcast episode on the “Self-destruct Button.” It’s the key to understanding how stress works. Yes, my friends, it is true, human beings have a self-destruct button that we are born with. Genetically, we were literally built with the self-destruct buttons. Remember those old episodes of “Mission Impossible” where it says “this message will self-destruct?”

You as a human being are literally designed to self-destruct from the inside out. Immediately, when you were no longer considered fit to be a part of society by your genetics built inside you.

I mean, this is an incredible concept to think about. This is why the human body does some really wacky things when you’re under stress. And so what I wanna talk about to you today is what those things are, describe to you scientifically exactly what the self-destruct button is.

And then give you some practical applications of where this comes in in your life and why you need to make sure that you’re really careful to not activate this thing. Because this self-destruct button I’ll tell you how it works. It’s not an actual self-destruct button that you push and you immediately self-destruct.

How Stress Works to Kill You

Right, and I’m not even talking necessarily about suicide here. I’m talking about a mechanism built within your body where when you were under stress or when your body senses that it is no longer fit to be a part of society. What it does is it slowly but surely starts to kill you off.

It’s slowly starts to take little bits of your body away. It starts to shut down your immune system. Can you imagine that? It literally shuts down your immune systems, so you’re no longer capable of fighting bacteria and viruses and things like that as well. It’s incredible.

It does certain things like decreases your libido. It makes you where you’re no longer productive. You’re not able to reproduce, right? It’s incredible. These things that it does, you get acne, you start to gain weight, you start to have high blood sugar, high blood pressure.

These things are all designed to literally kill you off as a result of stress. Now, the most important stress hormone is cortisol and understanding it key to understanding how stress works. The way that cortisol works is this, literally within minutes of you being in some sort of stressful environment or stressful situation, your body starts to release multiple different hormones.

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How to Stop Self-Destructive Behavior

Some of those hormones are designed to allow your body to have a fight or flight system, right? So you’re supposed to react to whatever is going on. So let’s say, for example, you get into an automobile accident, God forbid. Your body is instantaneously designed to get everything up to a higher level, right?

You need to be alert. You need to be awake. You need to know what the heck is going on. You get out of the car and you look at your car, and oh no… there’s about a thousand dollars damage to your bumper. And yes this is a bad day, especially because it wasn’t even your fault. Someone cut you off, right? You get out of the car. Now, all the stress things start to release.

But that’s normal, they’re designed to make sure that you react to what’s going on around you. And yes, your body doesn’t need to necessarily worry about viruses and bacteria this time. And your blood pressure goes up which is a good thing because you now have more blood pumping through your veins, right? And you’ve got blood in your brain and to certain parts of your body that are gonna allow you to perform at a higher level and your blood sugar goes up.

Now, all these stuff doesn’t happen instantaneously, some takes a little bit more time, some takes less time, but this is not specifically by science conversation for you, what I specialize in doing is taking the science that I’ve learned and studied over all these years and bringing that and delivering it to you in a package that you can listen to and understand. And well you may not be able to pass a molecular cell biology exam, you know after going through this stuff with me, you will know how this works in reality, right?

You Have to Let Stress Come and Go

So you get out of that car, and you’re dealing with the stress, but what happens with most people, is they let it go on for too long, right? And now they’re concern about why the guy cut them off. And now they’re worried about why he’s such a jerk, and there’s this, man they start to think about all these things, and so you keep releasing those stress hormones, right?

Now the police come, and you’re releasing more of these stress hormones, and then you go home, and you’re thinking about what happened to your car, and every time you see that bumper, you get pissed off. And then the bill comes and you get even more pissed off and then you talk to the insurance company and you’re still stressed and you keep this going.

What your body is doing is consistently releasing the stress hormones, mainly cortisol, and what cortisol is doing is the shutting down your immune system, increasing your blood pressure, increasing your blood sugar, decreasing your libido, right, making you get acne on your face, contributing to obesity and a bunch of other things within your body.

It’s incredible and we allow this to happen and it’s not just cortisol, it’s not the only thing, there are all these other hormones released in response to cortisol and chemicals released throughout your body that are literally designed to poison you and kill you off from the inside out.

How Stress Works – Why Your Body is Designed to Kill You

Now you may say, “Arman, this doesn’t make any sense. Why would my body wanna kill me off?” Evolutionary speaking, that is not a good thing, you would think, right? Well, let me give you an example on honey bees. When a honey bee stings someone, it actually dies. Hahaha… isn’t that amazing?

Think about that, when it stings you it dies. So how is it that when you go to attack a beehive, why do bees sting you knowing they’re going to die? Well, first of all, whether they know or not is irrelevant. The bottom line is they’re genetically designed to die when they sting you.

Now, why is that? Well you see, first of all dying when they sting you is an advantageous thing and in a very important way.

What it is allowed the bee to do is that honeybee has these mechanisms where even after you swat the bee off of you, right? So when it stings you, many other animals when they sting you and then you swat them off, the attack is over, not a honeybee.

A honeybee is designed in such a way that when it stings you even if you pushed it off of you, even if you smash it, whatever you do, it continues to release the poisons. Why? Because the honeybee is automatically detached from a stinger, right? And part of the honeybee’s guts actually come out so when you swat the bee away, the bee’s body goes away and that’s what kills it.

But the bee stinger and some of those mechanisms stay inside and there’s this design where it continues to pump venom into you, right? Because remember, you’re trying to attack its beehive. And so by that one bee dying it protects the hive.

And you see this in so many different animals that live in these tribes or these groups, right? So human beings happen to be somewhat like a honeybee. See?

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Constant Stress Sends The Signal We Are Ready for Death

A human being who is stressed all the time, a human being who is not enjoying life, a human being who is constantly depressed, then angry and upset and feels like the world is not fair, is not fit to be a part of society. And see, our society revolves around water, right? So we had limited amounts of water, limited amounts of food and resources available.

And so the human being is designed to die off when we are no longer having a good time. Literally, if we are not enjoying life, our bodies are designed to kill us from the inside out.

Because that way we can save the water, the food, and all the resources for the other human beings who are more fit to survive and carry on our genetics and it’s an incredibly powerful thing and that’s why you may no longer even be able to reproduce when you’re under high levels of stress, right?

And women, of course, know this because the menstrual cycle changes when you start to go under stress. That’s the world, that’s genetics, that’s inside you. That’s how stress works. It’s designed to literally stop you from reproducing because if you’re under a lot of stress, “hey, you know what?”

You don’t know how to handle your own life, you sure as heck shouldn’t be able to have a baby, and that’s what it’s doing so what I want you to understand is that as a human being, you are designed to kill yourself off when you’re no longer fit to be a part of society.

Now, what the problem with that is, is that in current society something like getting into a little car accident or something like being under a lot of stress because you know you have problems with paying your bills or you know or some guy you like or some girl you like doesn’t like you back or whatever your stress is in your life it has to do with business whatever it is.

If you are allowing those things to get to you, you have to understand your brain doesn’t understand the difference. Your brain thinks that you are literally dying. It thinks that you’re under severe stress and it’s like, “okay, he’s not fit to be a part of this society, let’s start killing them off” and it starts releasing those hormones.

Now, can you have stress from time to time? Of course, stress is a natural, normal thing. Yes, and stress is a good thing, absolutely it is. You wanna have stress when you need it. The problem with stress is when you allow it to happen often and you allow stress to be a regular part of your life.

Techniques for Dealing With Stress

Because getting this stuff like cortisol and these other hormones released on a regular basis that is what destroys you, right? That’s why you get these burning feelings, right? Knowing you’re under stress, do you get this weird burning feeling your stomach starts to burn? Some people get a burning sensation in their eyes, you get your throat feeling a certain way, right? You can no longer eat, right? That’s how stress works.

Have you seen that? You lose your appetite. Why do you lose your appetite when you’re under stress? By the way, even those people who stress eat are still losing appetite. Food is not as enjoyable to you anymore but you eat because that’s the way you battle the stress, right?

But you lose appetite, all these things because you need to eat if you’re stressed, right? You don’t need to eat, you don’t need to do any of that stuff because you’re no longer fit to be a part of society. So what I want to teach you is this, to take away from this episode is this… Is that you must learn to control your stress levels.

Now, I’ve talked to you before about how to control how you feel and this is a whole separate episode, we’re gonna talk about this. But for now, I’ll just give you the basic clues of it. It’s just the concept of understanding that at all times, you have a choice of what you focus on, what meaning you give the things that you focus on, and what action you take as a result of those things.

That is something that you always have the option of. And it’s yours, you could do whatever you want with it. So as you’re listening to me speak today, you can think about, you could focus on certain parts of what I say, and you could give those things certain meanings, and you can take certain actions, right? So now hopefully you’re listening to this, and this is having an impact on you where you say, “You know what, I don’t wanna have stress in my life. I don’t want to allow things to get to me.” Now, it doesn’t mean that no one’s gonna cut me off, people are still gonna cut you off it doesn’t mean you’re not gonna struggle financially.

Look, everyone struggles financially from time to time, and many of us struggle with it for decades and decades. It’s not like you’re not gonna have problems in business anymore, it’s not like people are always gonna be nice to you. People will always do stupid things.

Forgiveness Helps You Deal With Stress

People will always things to piss you off, right? But it’s a matter of you not allowing those things to get to you. And in the last episode, we talked about this concept of forgiveness and how important it was to forgive people because forgiveness is exactly the opposite of what I’m describing here.

Because just as your body releases chemicals to kill you off, when you have not forgiven someone. When you do forgive someone, your body releases very different chemicals and those chemicals are the ones that bathe your brain and your body in happy stuff. That’s how stress works.

Things that make you stronger increases your immune system right, decreases your blood pressure, decreases your blood sugar, increases your libido, make sure you don’t have acne right, and eliminates obesity because if you are in really good health and you’re in a really good mood all the time, your body is like, “holy cow, we’ve gotta protect this dude or we’re gotta protect this girl because this person is really important for society.” So everything around you is designed to support you. This is easier when you understand how stress works.

In fact, other human beings are designed to recognize signals in your face by the way you look and the smile on your face, and other positive markers, and the tone of your skin. Because you’re happy, they recognize to see that and support you more.

So if you’re the kind of person who seems to get to short end the stick all the time, imagine the next time you go to the bank and you’re trying to get them to do something for you, realized that if you are stressed on the inside, right, and you have certain things on your face that you don’t know and the bank teller doesn’t know, but there are triggers that because of the science behind that, they’re designed to either help you more or less. It’s an incredible thing you have to understand.

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Science Controls Every Aspect of Your Life

This is pure science and it’s controlling every single aspect of your life. So, what’s to take away here is it is not worth it to stress over the things that aren’t really that big of the deal in the long term anyways. Think back to some of the things you used to stress about ten years ago, would you still stress about it today?

Think back to high school and think about the person who liked you or didn’t like you or whatever happened and then nights you’ve lost sleep because you thought the world was coming to an end, right? Think about those days and imagine today, do those things actually matter? And I think you’ll find 95% or more of the things you’ve stressed about in your life don’t actually matter.

So, this is my advice to you, don’t let these things get to you and when they do, just no, your literally releasing chemicals inside your body that are designed to kill you off. And as long as you know that, you now get to make a choice, consciously of when it’s okay for you to release those chemicals when it’s not.

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So, get out there, remember what I thought you today about the “Self-destruct Button” and do not activate your self-destruct button by being under stress and allowing these things to get to you.

You are an incredible part of society, we are blessed to have you on this planet, so please take care of yourself, take care of your mind, take care of your health, take care of your body so that we can have you around for very very long time to come. I want you to be happy. I love you all and as always, the best way to fight that self-destruct button is to always lead with your heart.


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