You’re Not Going to Burn Those Calories Off

If you’re like most people, the first thing you think about when you’re eating an unhealthy meal when you’re on a diet is “I’m just going to burn it off later”. Whether or not you actually have the willpower to do this is a different story. But even if you do decide to work out later to compensate for that huge burger, that cardio session isn’t going to burn those calories off.

Wait. So, Cardio Isn’t Good For Me?

I know! It seems like every health guru preaches the power of cardio. I’m not here to devalue it. Cardio is good for keeping a healthy heart rate and preventing heart attack. However, it’s just not the right things to do in order to burn calories.

Here’s the thing, if you eat an ultra unhealthy meal, let’s call it 1,300 calories. You would have to steady jog or do some kind of cardio for a non-stop 3 ½ hours to burn those calories off. Can you imagine doing that every day? Can you really put 3 ½ hours of extra time into your schedule?

Even if you did decide to take that challenge and decide to run for 3 ½ hours, your body isn’t going to think its burning off calories. In fact, it’s going to think that its starving and will kick into starvation mode. In starvation mode, you body starts craving the quickest, easiest way to put fat onto its bones: Sugar. That’s why you crave the sweets, candy, and even bread. In your mind, you’ve just run for hours so some sugar won’t hurt, but really, you’re just feeding your body’s starvation.

What If I Don’t Eat That Much In a Day?

Okay, maybe you don’t eat 1300 calories in one sitting. Maybe you have just an order of fries (500 calories) or a few pieces of fried chicken (400 calories), you still have to do intense hours of cardio to burn off the calories in theory. The same thing will happen with your body going into starvation mode! It will look for any and everything to turn right into fat.

If You Take Nothing Else From This Article: Take THIS:

If your goal this year is to get healthy and lose weight, don’t make cardio part of your weight loss plan. It’s a great thing, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not optimal for weight loss.

Eating The Right Foods and Unlearning The Food Lessons We Know

The first step to weight loss is making sure you are putting the right kind of food in your body. You might feel like you’re eating well, but if you’re overloading on “Non-fat” foods, you could be counter acting your attempts. Have you ever had 100% No Fat, No Sugar yogurt? It’s disgusting! So when the food says “Low Fat”, and still tastes good, it’s because the company loaded it with sugar so we would enjoy it.

See how that works?

Let Me Help You A Little Bit More

Try not to let all of this get you down. My goal wasn’t to bust all of your hopeful weight loss bubbles. It’s to help you see the light of how it can be and how it should be. In fact, I’ve put together my own personal nutritional guide for you that is filled with foods that you probably didn’t know were loaded with sugar. I help you with what fruits to eat, what vegetables to eat, and help you with the things you need to stay away from.

Most importantly, this isn’t a guide based around the idea that you need to cut out your favorite foods. I’m a pizza fan. Maybe you’re a pancake fan. Life without pancakes and pizza should not exist. You can still eat them and be healthy and lose weight.

Your goal may be to lose weight, but my goal is to help you lose weight, enjoy the foods you love, and never have to do cardio.

How’s that for amazing?

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