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How Much Money Have You Spent on Personal Development?

Today I am specifically here to talk to you. Yes you, the one listening to me. You! Yes, the one who is a personal development junkie. Are you a personal development junkie? Let me ask you some questions.

How many books have you read in the last year? How many podcasts have you listened to? How many seminars have you gone to? If you have been going to a seminar to a seminar, listening to podcast after podcast, reading book after book, first of all, congratulations. You’ve officially made it into the personal development junkie awards, and you are officially a personal development junkie. But let me tell you something. This may not necessarily be such a good thing.

What it Means to Be a Personal Development Junkie

Because the bottom line is this, if you are listening of one podcast after another, after another, after another, reading one book after another, and going to one seminar after another, you better be implementing some of these things that you are learning. I see a lot of people, who are on what I call, the seminar circuit.

Are you on the seminar circuit? How many events have you gone to? And when you go to this events, do you leave the event just buying a ticket to the next event? Or do you go to these events and then go back, take the time and effort it takes, to make sure that you implement the things that you learn.

You see, I am a big fan of a lot of the speakers out there, and I love going to their seminars. But I literally put myself on a diet when it comes to these seminars. I refuse to go to the next seminar, until that I’ve applied all the things that I’ve learned, that I felt they can take me to the next level, from the seminar I went previously.

Now, I say all, maybe you are not going to implement every single thing. Of course, timing isn’t going to be right for everything. If you’ve read a book, or you listen to a podcast, or you went to a seminar about something, and you could implement that in your life, or in your business, and allow it to take your business, your life, your health, whatever it is to another level, you must implement that thing before you give yourself the gift of going on to the next thing.

How to Develop Good Habits in Life

That’s a really important thing. I see so many people when I put on these seminars, they are amazing seminars, and I see so many people show up to my seminars, because they are on, what I call, the seminar circuit. And I call them out on the middle of the event. Personal development skills are crucial. Because I love the people on the seminar circuit. I love seeing someone who’s on a seminar circuit, going to business seminar after business seminar, and yet their business is struggling like you wouldn’t believe. So my goal becomes, how do I get them to turn their business around, this time with this seminar? Or someone who is on the seminar circuit, yet they are 50 pounds overweight. My focus becomes, how do I become the guy whose seminar they actually started to lose weight?

Right, and that is a big goal of mine. But so many people I see are on the seminar circuit. And they are personal development junkies and they think that magically, by just putting the information in their heads, their lives are going to turn around. Now don’t get me wrong.

If you have a choice between sitting on your butt and doing nothing, or watching television, doing that kind of stuff, or listening to personal developing podcasts and reading books. I would much rather you to do the personal development stuff. Be a personal development junkie, as opposed to a TV junkie. Okay, or junkie of some other kind.

But at the same time, if you are one of these personal development junkies, and you’ve got your life coach and your business coach and seminars and books and podcast and all that stuff, you’ve got to understand, you better be implementing these stuff.

The Proper Way to Use Personal Development

The reality is, I am a personal development junkie, and my friends, I am on the seminar circuit. I go to seminar after seminar, after seminar. I read many books, I listen to podcasts, I do all sorts of stuff. To the attempt to make myself a better businessman, a better speaker, a better father, a better husband, a better everything.

I do that all the time. But the reality is this, If I go to an event, I do not give myself the pleasure of being able to sign up for the next event, until I follow through with the things that I’ve learned from the last one. And that’s what I want you to focus on.

If you are listening to this podcast, you’re may be new to my podcast, and if you are, you’ve got a lot of amazing content here. Go, listen to some of these episodes, and see how incredibly life-changing they are. I mean, I talk about things that are going to take your business and your life to levels you never thought possible.

Business Coaching - Personal Development Junkie

How to Control Your Habits

I mean, these are secrets, these are shortcuts, these are the secrets that, if you know today, you’re going to get your life to places you never thought possible. At the same time, if you’ve been listening to lot of my podcast, and you’ve listen to all of them up until this point. Then, what I challenge you to is, start putting these things to use.

Start focusing on getting the results from these podcasts. Start with episodes that you’ve listened to that you really like. And maybe you should go back and listen to some of them again if you really like them. But I want you to focus on implementing these things, getting action out of them.

Putting them into action, and making sure that you take your life, your business, whatever it is, to levels no one else ever thought possible for you. By doing that, that’s when you get the real results. That’s the beauty of investing in yourself.

Because going to school and learning, doesn’t necessarily make your life any better. What you’ve got to do, is you’ve got to implement the things that you’ve learned. And when you do that, you’re going to see beautiful things happening in your life.

Commit to Implementing the Last Bit of Personal Development Knowledge You Learned

So if you’ve gone to a seminar, I challenge you, I encourage you, go open up the book from that seminar. The notes that you hopefully took. Maybe just sit down with a blank piece of paper and try to write down the biggest things that you’ve got out of it. And then what I want you to do is, I want you to implement those things before you get yourself to that next seminar.

And with my seminar coming up not too far from now, I want to make sure that the personal development junkies come to my seminar, having implemented the things that they’ve learned on the last seminar, so when you show up to mine, you are ready to put things into action. See, I love people, and I love helping people take themselves to the next level.

What I don’t like to see, I don’t like to see myself standing there. Whether is a podcast, or it’s an event, or I am coaching someone one on one, I don’t like to see myself giving all this valuable information and having someone say oh my gosh, yes you are right Arman, that can change my life, that would make me a much better husband, much better wife, much better father, much better businessman, a much better manager.

Whatever it is. They say yes, they could do all that stuff. But then they walk away, and they don’t implement any of it. I challenge you today to become the type of person who implements the things that you learn.

This podcast is all about that, and for my personal development junkies, I know you guys are trained, to sit there through 15 hours seminars, and trained to read long books and listen to long podcasts. I just listened a 2 and a half hours long podcast, the other day that my wife recommended to me, my goodness, I which I could have the 2 and a half hours of my life back, but I can’t.

So, I am going to take some of the things I learned there and imply them in my life, to make sure that the 2 and a half hours that I spent listening are going to be well worth it.

So, with that in mind, I am going to do shortest podcast episode I’ve ever done, because I want my personal development junkies and those of you on the seminar circuit who are probably going to jump on the next plane, to the next city, to go to the next seminar, to learn the next thing that you are never going to implement in your life.

I want you to go on from here, and I want you to go and pick out an episode, of my podcast, or a book that you’ve recently read, or a seminar that you’ve recently gone to, that have had some really good content, I want you to focus today on putting those things into action.

Go do that now, and I encourage you to come to my podcast as ready as every day, ready to learn things, and ready to implement the things that you’ve learned, in your life. I love you all, I am so incredibly honored to have you spent these minutes with me. When you join my podcast, you and I are linked in a way that you can’t even imagine.

I can give you this information that has taken me decades to put together, and it excites me to see that you are taking your life to the next level. I love you all and I always want to remind you, lead with your heart.


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