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I see so many entrepreneurs and CEOs out there sell themselves short. They don’t care about being the best in their niche. All they care about is making enough money to have a comfortable living. Are you selling yourself short by playing it safe? You will never know the true potential of your product or service if you don’t believe you can revolutionize your industry. What is the one thing that can make your company stand out.

Successful Entrepreneurs Who Revolutionized Their Industries

Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and the Guys from Google are all examples of successful entrepreneurs who revolutionized their industry. Let’s start with Steve Jobs. He revolutionized the personal computing industry. Before the Macintosh, computer fonts were ugly and so were websites. His approach to digital typography made the computer and the web more appealing to consumers.

Next, Steve Jobs revolutionized the music industry with the invention of iTunes and the iPod. MP3 players completely replaced the Walkman and let Apple overtake Sony in the portable music industry. Then he took on the cell phone industry with the iPhone. If you think about it, all smartphones today copied the iPhone. He also revolutionized the tablet industry. You think tablets would be so popular without the iPad paying the way?

Elon Musk is revolutionizing the automobile industry with Tesla. When Tesla first came around, none of the major automobile companies offered electric cars. People thought Musk would fail, but he proved there was a market for electric cars. Now every major American automobile company offers an electric car.

Google revolutionized the search engine industry. The desire to provide the results people actually wanted drove every algorithm decision. It helped them design a search algorithm that was way ahead of what their competition was doing.

Revolutionize your industry podcast

How to Revolutionize Your Industry

Revolutionizing your industry starts with your mindset. I recently had a client who was looking to start a podcast. His goal was to get in the top 10. I told him his goal should be to get to number 1. I challenged him to come up with a way his podcast could do something his competitors weren’t.

Want MORE from yourself than anyone could ever want for you. High self-expectations are the key to revolutionizing your industry.

The universe conspires in favor of those who think big. Start thinking big and you’ll feel like you have superpowers. Instilling this mindset is how I help inject rocket fuel into the businesses of my coaching clients. Set up a consultation with Titanium Success today if you want a business coach to help you figure out your plan to revolutionize your industry.


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