Making Sure Your Employees Can Follow the Systems

There is no reason you can’t be a successful entrepreneur. Being a successful entrepreneur, not surprisingly, starts with your belief system. While on the topic of systems, it is vital that when you are setting up your businesses system that your employees are able to follow that system. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of setting up the right system for your businesses needs. Just like your computer’s operating system, the way you do business dictates all that follows.

What is the secret of selecting the right system for your business?

Businesses, of course, are as varied as the world itself, but there are some key tips you can follow. The secret to crafting a successful system is to ensure that your employees can follow your system roughly 70% as well as you do. 100% is simply unrealistic and will only bring heartache and maybe even a heart attack; however, the 70% rule is a reasonable one.

It is your job to build a system that someone else, of reasonable intelligence, can perform 70% as well as you and still achieve the desired results. If your system doesn’t hit the 70% mark, don’t panic. But instead go back to the drawing board and keep refining your process.

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Now it’s time for a little brutal honesty

-If your system requires anything above 70%, then you don’t really have a business, but instead you have a job. There is, of course, a world of difference.

-If your system requires employees to achieve results over 70% better than what you would achieve, then forget it. You don’t have a business and you are not an entrepreneur. You have a job.

If in actuality you just have a job, then the fact that someone else calls you “boss” at the end of the day doesn’t really mean too much, does it?

The agonizing truth is that to be a true entrepreneur and business owner, you simply must build systems that are robust and sturdy enough that someone else can achieve 70% of what you would achieve and still get solid results. Are we setting the bar “too low?” These are just the facts of how things work out.

Successfully hit this 70% mark and you are in for a real treat

If you can achieve this goal, you’ll become an entrepreneur instead of an employee that some people occasionally call “boss.”

Here is an example. Pause for a moment and think about how freeways are built. They don’t require exact precision; otherwise freeways would be empty because no one would dare drive on them, as they would be deathtraps.

Instead freeways have a built in margin of error. Drivers are given a margin of error in terms of width, tolerances and other factors so that as few people as possible end up crashing.

For the most part, excluding horrible drivers and drunks, the system works pretty well. Most people get from Point A to Point B because of one simple fact: the system has built in margins that account for error. Don’t assume that your employees can achieve anything near perfection. Whatever system you create must factor in the limits of humanity and the average employee.

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