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Do You Know How to Become an Industry Expert?

I remember the first time I was exposed to this concept. It absolutely blew me away because here I was something like 15 years into my business career. I’ve been in sales, I’ve done marketing, I started my own businesses as an entrepreneur. I used to teach other people about entrepreneurship and business. And then someone absolutely blew me away by talking about this concept that I’m going to talk you today.

Traditional Marketing is Dead

Today, if you want to succeed and you want to be able to get the clients to come to you, you must become the expert in your industry. You must become an established expert in your industry.

You must be the person that people go to for information. You must be the person that people go to for answers. Not the person people go to because they know your name from an advertisement. It doesn’t really matter what industry you’re in. You could be in real estate, you could be in banking, you could be in tech, you could be in health, and you could be in any industry you want. The bottom line is, you must establish yourself as the absolute expert. Think about it. If you’re looking to say buy or sell your home.

Business Coaching - How To Become An Industry Expert

Being the Expert in Your Industry is the New Way to Market Yourself

Do you want to go to the person who makes the nicest fliers in your neighborhood or do you want to go to the person known as the expert in real estate in your area? Do you want to go the person who literally wrote the book on getting highest value of your home in your particular city or in your county?

I don’t know about you, but I would rather go to the expert. And see I hear people all the time telling me that the competition beat them. Like someone else took the business from them. Like someone, for example, I was talking to yesterday is in real estate and she was telling me that she lost a lot of business to other real estate agents because they say well I have a family member or a friend in real estate.

Wait a minute! Doesn’t everyone have a family member or friend in real estate? I know people whose own brothers and sisters are in real estate, but they use a different real estate agent. And they’ll come up with all kinds of excuses for why they are doing it.

So why is it that someone will choose you over their own family members or their own friends? Well, it’s because you are absolutely established as an expert in your industry. So the question then is how you will establish yourself as the expert in your industry?

How to Become an Expert in Your Field

Number one; stop selling and start educating. You want to start educating people with every single opportunity you have. Provide guidance, provide assistance and provide information. Give people as much guidance as you possibly can in every medium possible.

So let say you have a dry cleaner and I’m trying to use an example here that is way out of the ordinary so you understand that you can educate people in any business. And you run into someone in the grocery store.

Instead of telling that person “Hey, come to my dry cleaners. I’m going give you 2 dollars off” or “I’m going to give a coupon or something silly like that.” Instead, what if you educated them so that they understood that you are absolutely the expert.

So you tell them “Hey, that’s a really nice shirt. By the way, be careful because that type of material is a material that some dry cleaners will accidentally dry clean when it really should be laundered. Having that kind of shirt dry cleaned can actually damage it, and a lot of people don’t realize that” or you could tell them something about the latest and greatest and chemicals that are used or something like that.

See, by educating someone, you are going to imply that you are the best and they’re going to want to come to you. Imagine if someone told you about dry cleaning. Wouldn’t you want to go to their dry cleaners? Of course, you would or if you are talking to someone about real estate.

Let say, instead of them saying “Hi, I’m Arman Sadeghi and I’m an agent”. You know instead of that, what if they say “Oh wow! Do you live in the city of Miami? Hey, one of the key things to selling a home in Miami is it turns out that certain months of the year people just don’t get that higher value.

So I would suggest you don’t get your house in the market in the months of April, July, and November. Now, I don’t know the reality is if you’re really in real estate in Miami.

You’re going to find out the facts are but what if you are offering that type of information and by the way, that type of information is literally seconds away from you. All you have to do is to get on your computer. And these days, you can Google the answers to just about anything.

How to Establish Yourself as an Expert

And they are people researching this stuff out there, and the content is out there in articles written all over the web that you can access. So you get the information, and now you make that information available to people and instead of saying “buy from me, buy from me”.

You provide information, you provide guidance, and you give them an education which then establishes you as an expert in your industry. I’ve been in multiple different industries. Literally, in businesses in just about a dozen industries. And I can tell you every single one of those industries, I’ve been recognized as an expert.

To this day, when I go to conferences for multiple of these industries that I am in. I am recognized by my competitors. People stop me in the hallway and come shake my hand. Now, I’m no one special. Why did they stop me? Well because as far as they know, I’m an expert in the industry.

Business Coaching - How To Become An Expert

Write Articles to Share Your Expertise

Now how have I established myself as an expert in the industry? Well, number one I write articles. And I encourage you to do the same because remember those articles that I said you could find online? Well, what if you could write some of those?

In fact, you could find someone else’s article and write your own version of it with your own tidbits added in. Now I’m not telling you to plagiarize. Write your own version your own content, but you could use what they say as motivation for what you write. If you’re putting articles out there is a great way to establish yourself as an expert.

Use Your Content to Generate Speaking Opportunities

The other way, of course, is if you have the ability to speak in public. That’s a huge one on putting on conferences, putting on talks things like that. That’s a big way of establishing yourself as an expert. And then, of course, writing books. That’s a huge one. And people think that writing a book is such an enormous obstacle. It’s really not. It’s nothing like it used to be.

Number one with self-publishing today. You can publish a book for pennies compared to what it used to be like before. And number two, you don’t have to get these big publishing houses to decide to publish your own book because you get to choose that you want to publish your book and nobody can stop you.

And on top of that the other thing with doing a book is that you don’t even need to have great writing skills because you can use the audio recorder on your phone to record your voice and then have that voice transcribed and edited and turned into what could be an amazing book just based on your spoken words. The key is you have to establish yourself as an expert.

How to Figure Out What to Write About

People always tell me “Arman, you know, I don’t know what article to write.” “I’m now sure what to do.” So one of the keys I teach people is using numbered articles. If you write numbered articles, number one they have been proven to connect to people much better than articles without numbers.

Part of that reason is because a lot of people are lazy or busy. So when they read an article title. If it says a number in there like 4, 5, 6, 7 whatever. They think to themselves, well I can just go into the article and see what those 5 or 6 things are and I don’t like read the entire article.

And that’s what a lot of people do. In fact, I’d say 90 percent of the articles I look at, that’s all I go and look at. Then If I like something, I’ll dig deeper and read that particular paragraph. The other thing you can do is when you’re writing articles you can think of things sort of scare people a little bit and you can utilize that to get them to take more interest in your article.

For example; let say in you are in real estate and you want to write an article that really captures people’s attention and people read your article and at the same time really establishes you as an expert. So let’s think about it or put yourself on the other side.

Let say that you’re looking to buy a house or you’re looking to sell a house. And I tell you this article title. Tell me how this connects with you? Okay? Listen to this, “The 5 biggest regrets people have the day after the ___ closes on their house”.

Think about that for a second. Would you actually say no to that article? Of course not! You would have to read it and when you read that article would you not instantly think of the person who wrote it as an expert? Absolutely! Now, let say you have a real estate agent who’s going door to door knocking on doors.

When they knock on your door and instead of giving you some sales pitch, they hand you this article. One, doesn’t it instantly establish them as an expert? And two, doesn’t it immediately give them an opportunity to talk to you? Of course, it does or let say you are in the wedding business. You could be a wedding planner or you could be a wedding photographer or whatever you could make cakes.

What if you have an article that is called “The 5 biggest regrets brides have the day after their wedding”. Now ladies as you are listening to this, doesn’t that capture your attention? You are planning a wedding or planning your daughter’s wedding or something like that. Wouldn’t you instantly be like Holy cow! I need to know what the 5 regrets are because as a bride the last thing you want is to have that regret the day after your wedding.

So as we are going through this, and you’re trying to think of different educational concepts you can teach. Use these numbered concepts, and I bet you in your industry. If you just use the number 5 to start with. It doesn’t matter 4, 5, 6, 7, 3, and you know 15.

I‘ve written articles like that talk about the number 30. It makes no difference whatever number. Think of a number, start small. Five is usually is a good number to start with. And say the five biggest something. Five biggest regrets, five biggest secrets or the five challenges or the five keys or the five critical points.

Whatever! The five something to something within your business and then just write what those five things are. Then write a paragraph about each one. And before you know it, you will have an awesome article that you can put out there. And I know you don’t think you’re the expert yet but let me tell you.

No one really deep down thinks they’re the expert in anything because as human beings we’re pretty humble. Believe it or not. Even the people who don’t act humble. We’re pretty humble, so we always think someone else has better answers than we do. But why? Why would you assume that?

Whatever business you’re in, trust me, you have expertise in that business than no other person on the planet does. So what you want to do is starting today. I want you to stop trying to sell. I want you to stop trying to market to people by using ridiculous traditional marketing methods that just don’t work anymore. They’re dead. They are long gone.

The Stadium Pitch Exercise

What I want you to do is I want you to start practicing educational marketing. Educate people. And one of the people that I really admire in business is a man that is no longer with us, but Chet Holmes was a brilliant, brilliant businessman. And he taught marketing in a way that no one else ever, ever talked about. And one of his keys was this thing called the stadium pitch. And the article titles I talked to you about before, for the most part, come from his teaching because he’s the one taught me about that stuff.

And what you understand is when he talked about this thing, he talked about a stadium pitch. And his all concept was this if you have a stadium full of people and you get up there, and you’re about to speak to these people.

Let say you have 20,000 or 100,000 of your ideal clients in this stadium, and you’re about to get up there, and you’re about to speak. But he some little things that he’d put on there. He said, for example, okay these people are hungry. They haven’t been fed, and there’s free food outside. And someone came on and said, “Our next speaker is Arman Sadeghi, and by the way, if you want there’s a free buffet with steak and lobster outside, or you could sit here hungry and listen to Arman”.

Okay now you get up there you have like 10 seconds to stop people from walking out. What are you going to say? So let say you are a wedding planner, right? You got up there, and you said “Hi! My name Arman Sadeghi and today I’m here to talk to you about how you can plan an amazing wedding”.

Are you kidding me? Of those 100,000, 98,000 of them just walked out to go get food. But what if you are a wedding planner and instead you walk up and say “Hi! My name is Arman Sadeghi, and today I’m here to talk to you about the five biggest regrets that brides have the day after their wedding. By the way, there’s a food buffet outside.

You can either listen to me, or you can get hot food. Let me tell you, maybe not 100,000 would stay but you get pretty darn close to keeping everyone in that room. Right? Because people are interested in that education. They’re not going to miss out on that opportunity. And by utilizing these skills and constantly being out there in an effort to educate people.

You’re going to see your sales process become so much easier. It will be incredible. And more importantly, you’re going to see a lot more referral business because when people recognize you as an expert, they are way more likely to refer you to their friends and family. And when they are referring you to their friends and family, they don’t just say

“Hey, do business with so and so.” They’ll say “Hey, make sure you talk to so and so” because he got great information or she is the expert on this thing. You want to make sure you get advice from her. Now they are not sending you business by saying “Hey, go by this person” they’ll say “Hey, this is the person you’ll go to for advice”.

But if you’re going to someone for advice, if someone is really that much of an expert wouldn’t you like to do business with them? So my challenge to you today, starting today, you’re going to become an expert in your industry and you’re going to practice educational marketing.

Look, I love business, if you haven’t picked up my book yet The Business Bible. Make sure you pick it up. It’s an awesome book that talks about a lot of different topics including this one which is one of my favorite ones. We’re going to come back to this in multiple episodes to talk about specific areas of this thing. Make sure starting today you get out of the old habits of marketing and all the other junk that you’ve done on the past.

And focus purely on educational marketing that makes you the expert. I’m so excited you joining me here today and I want to tell you to go out there and go kick some butt and become an expert in your industry. Make sure that you always lead with your heart.


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