The Family Zone

Your family is made up of the most important people in your life, right?  They are the ones you work hard for, enjoy spending time with, celebrate successes with and lean on through tough times. Getting into the family zone is very important for showing your loved ones how important they really are to you.

What Is The Family Zone?

“The zone is where you are absolutely focused 100% on one particular area.”

The family zone is when you are completely and totally focused on the family member (or members) right in front of you. This is where you put away all distractions.

This can be anyone in the family; your mom, your spouse, and especially your kids. Whoever it is you are with in the family zone, you make them your focus and put away or avoid all distractions.

How To Create A Family Zone

This is easier said than done, right? In our busy lives we always have so much to do. Things are coming at us from all directions; emails, texts, phone calls, neighbors, co-workers or the television is tempting us to watch it.

It takes some work, but you can create a family zone. The first key to doing this is to dispel yourself of the notion that you have to spend long periods of time with your family, all day every day. If that were possible that would be great, but the reality is that most of us can’t do that. We have careers, friends, chores and other obligations that require our time and attention.

The family zone can be a little as ten minutes if that is all the time you have.  Just make the commitment to spend those ten minutes 100% focused on the person or people in front of you.

Distractions are inevitable, so creating a successful family zone means learning how to eliminate the distractions. Turn off the television, the radio and your phone and interact with the live beings in front of you.

Be in them moment even if it means Skyping with your brother on his birthday or calling your mom for Mother’s Day. Don’t check emails, load the dishwasher or walk the dog while you are talking.

With practice and enlisting others in the family to help you out, it is possible to create a distraction free family zone for a few minutes, an hour or even a day. It’s really about keeping in mind what is important at the moment and putting your effort into that.

Having a spouse of even a child remind you that you are in the family zone can help when you find yourself absent-mindedly reaching for your smart phone because you hear a text coming in.

Getting Into The Zone

Getting into the family zone and honoring the time you are in there by being completely focused on family is critical to maintaining healthy relationships.

It is possible to do even for those with the busiest schedules. You rarely ever “have the time” to do anything. You make the time by managing it effectively. Always keep in mind that is not about the quantity of time you spend with your loved ones, but the quality.

“Spending 30 minutes in the zone with someone is better than spending 30 hours with them when you are not focused on them.”

These are the most important people in your life and the relationships that matter the most, so put away or avoid anything that can distract you from them. Reap the benefits of stronger more meaningful connections with the ones you love the most.

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