Titanium Challenge Day 4: Review Checklist

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Today is the first of four ” off ” days I have built into the Titanium challenge. I put ” off ” in quotations because these aren’t really days off. These four days just don’t cover a specific area of the Wheel of Life.

These off days are focused instead on analyzing your progress in your attempt to complete the full Titanium Challenge. Day 4 is about reviewing the challenges I issued in days 1, 2, and 3.

Here’s an 8 question checklist to make sure you’re on track and ready to move into the heart of the Titanium challenge.

  1. Have you woken up every day at the time you committed to on day 1?
  2. Have you spent 25 minutes in the gym the last 3 days?
  3. Have you entered the career zone for 25 minutes every day?
  4. Have you spent 30 minutes a day focused on your intimate relationships?
  5. Have you committed to a massive reward at the end of this challenge?
  6. Have you turned your commute into a mobile university?
  7. Have you assessed which activities don’t contribute to your consistent growth?
  8. Have you tried the cell phone trick when spending time with your significant other?
Titanium challenge day 4 podcast

Today’s Review Challenge

Today’s challenge is two-fold. First, I want you to answer the questions above on a piece of paper. The act of pen meeting paper gets your neurons firing, which will help you honestly assess where you thrived and where you slacked.

Brutal self-honesty is the best way to make this challenge work for you.

The second part of the challenge is to take one area where you have slacked and commit to doing one thing to get you back on track. You want to do this while still keeping up with all of the other challenges you’ve been doing the last three days.

Keeping your momentum is vital at this stage of the Titanium challenge. So much for that “day off”, huh?

If you find yourself struggling with the Titanium challenge, then schedule a coaching session with Arman to break through these barriers.


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