Titanium Challenge Day 5: The Resilence Review

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Here is a Resilience Review to Help Get You Back on Track 

Welcome to Day 5 of the Titanium 16-Day Challenge. Again, if you started this on a Wednesday, what that means is today is a Sunday for you and it’s one of your days that’s “off.” Okay, what that means is that you are not doing all the crazy stuff that you do every day, but I want to remind you, you still cannot let go of the most important things.

You still have to be focusing on consistent growth every day, you still have to be focusing on your intimate relationship, and see, I’m trying to pound this stuff into you guys because we’ve got 16 days, and every day I’ve got to remind you that we’ve got to continue to do these things.

We’ve already got the consistent growth part down. You’ve turned your car into a mobile university – I know you have. Have you? If you haven’t, you better do it today. Download Audible, get some books on your phone, do whatever you need to find some podcasts and make sure when you’re in your car, it’s a time of growth.

Business Coaching Resilience Review

The Key Factor in Resilience

Do not allow these days off to set you back so that when Monday comes around, you’re having a hard time. In fact, most people who struggle with getting up on Mondays, who struggle with getting through the week, they’re the ones who are making the Facebook posts and the Instagram posts about, “Oh my gosh, it’s Monday. It’s horrible. It’s this and that.”

The reason is that on the weekends they’re tuning their lives out. They’re tuning out everything. They’re forgetting about the most important parts of their lives and then Monday comes around and now they have to get started again.

It’s the way I felt the day after getting into the gym, working out my legs after two months of being in a cast. Now, don’t get me wrong; I didn’t miss a single day at the gym, but I couldn’t work out my left leg obviously because I was in a cast. And the day that I finally got back, I mean my leg was so weak it was incredible. I could hardly do anything. Well, some of you, that’s how you feel every Monday about your job, about every part of your life, so don’t let that happen.

Do Something Fun Today

Have your fun today. It’s a big part of the resilience review. Relax, do whatever it is that you want to do today, but don’t forget that the goal on Saturdays, Sundays, and whatever your days off are is to still do what you do, but you could just do less of it. So spend 10 minutes on growth today. Read a book, listen to some audio, listen to a podcast – something – and do something amazing for your intimate relationship. If you’re in one, do something really cool for the person that you love. Say something really cool to them. Say something really kind, really loving. One thing is all I’m asking you for.

And if you’re not in a relationship, then today is the day that maybe you do one thing to make yourself even better. Or, if you’re in a relationship and you’re one of those people who’s been trying to decide whether you should stay in or get out of that relationship, maybe today’s the day you make that decision. Focus today on making that decision. If you don’t make it today, it’s okay. You’ve got a couple more weeks here to make the decision.

But hey, if you could do it today, do it today and get it over with, right? Let’s get that decision out of the way. And for those of you who are in a relationship that you know is the wrong relationship, today might be the day you get out. There’s no reason to wait until tomorrow, my friends. If you know it’s the wrong relationship, get out of it today.
Focus on being the best version of you and making sure that you’re giving to the other person.

But if you’re not in the right relationship, don’t waste their time, don’t waste their lives, and don’t waste your own. Focus on making sure that you’re headed in the right direction with your intimate relationship and consistent growth.

And join me tomorrow for a regular episode where we’re going to do Day 6 of this challenge. Can you believe it? As of tomorrow, there are only going to be 10 days left; it’s amazing! I love you all and I always want to remind you, lead with your heart.


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