Titanium Challenge Day 4: Review Checklist

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Here is a Review Checklist for the First Three Days of the Titanium Challenge

Welcome to this super, super quick day here, just a couple of minute Titanium 16-Day Challenge, Day 4. If you started on a Wednesday as this program was set to, then today is a weekend for you. If you started on a different day, don’t worry about it. It doesn’t matter. You can just go on to the next day here.

But Day 4, if this is a day off for you as I like to call it, meaning maybe you got to sleep in a little bit more and you got to sort of have a little bit of a relaxing time here, instead of always being go, go, go, go, go, I want to remind you that you still want to focus today on growing consistently and your intimate relationship, okay. (And of course there’s all the other areas of the wheel too, but we haven’t gotten to them yet.)

Business Coaching - Review Checklist

Review Your Goals and Objectives so Far

So as of today, it’s important to understand we’re now in Day 4 and we talked about consistent growth, we’ve talked about your intimate relationship, so please make sure you do something today – one thing – to make sure you grow and make sure you do one thing for your intimate relationship.

Again, if it’s you in a relationship already, focus on the other person. Focus on making it about them. Focus on giving or whatever it is. Or, if you’re married, remember in a relationship you must come first, meaning you must focus on being the best version of you first.

The second thing is that you focus on your spouse. If you’re married with kids, that means your husband or your wife comes second and your children come third. I’m telling you the recipe for having a very successful relationship is keeping that order: you first, then your significant other, and then your kids (if you’re married). And if you’re not married, then the order still holds true because you’ve got to be first focused on you becoming the best version of yourself.

And remember, when it comes to consistent growth in every area of your life, you’ve got to grow every day. If you remember the story I told you about my ankle, today cannot be one of those days where you leave your calf muscle alone and assume it’s still going to grow.

The Importance of Constantly Reviewing a Personal Development Plan

Because if you take today off of growth in life, in business, in finances, in relationships, and whatever, what that means is you’re going to take back not just one day, maybe a week, a month, a year backward in some areas. So focus on making sure that today is a day of growth and a day that you focus on being the best version of you, even if that means taking five minutes to do something that helps you grow.

That’s it. I don’t need that much from you today, so enjoy your day off and tomorrow we’ve got another day off, but I’m going to do another quick little couple minute episode for you, so join me again tomorrow for Day 5 of this challenge. But as of this point right here, I can’t believe I’m super, super excited that you are at this point and you are going to have an amazing time hearing the rest of this. Let’s go kick some butt and always lead with your heart.



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