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Episode 006

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In today’s society, many of us are obsessed with how we look. We try any diet or exercise fad that might give us the body we want. I think we care too much about how our bodies look and not enough about how much energy and vibrance we have. All of my health and fitness advice is designed to give you maximum energy and vibrance.

The tools I’ll be giving you for changing the size of your body come from my 10-plus years of studying cellular biology. All of these tools are based on the following concept:

You shape your body in the gym and size your body in the kitchen.

The Gym and Weight Loss Don’t Really Mix

Next time you’re at the gym, look around to see who has the nicest bodies. Is it the people on the treadmills, or is it the people working out with weights?

The answer is the people with weights, but so many people think cardio is the key to a nice body. Look at Olympic runners. I want the body of a sprinter. They have muscular, healthy-looking bodies. Marathon runners have skinny, lean bodies. Having the body you want comes down to understanding that you shape your body in the gym and size your body in the kitchen.

Say you set a new years resolution to lose 20 pounds. Most people’s plan to achieve this goal involves going to the gym every day. I always ask them why they plan to go to the gym if weight loss is their goal.

The Problems With Cardio

When you look at the science of health and fitness, you’ll see it’s nearly impossible to lose weight just by going to the gym. Use your favorite cardio machine for two hours next time you go to the gym. Make a note of how many calories you burned. Then, on the way home, get one of your favorite foods. Check the calories. You’ll notice it is as much, if not more than what you burned.

Another issue with cardio is the more you do it over time, the more you’ll need to do to achieve the same results. Your body becomes more efficient at using calories. It starts to get used to your two-hour treadmill session, which means you use fewer calories. You get results at first, but those results quickly stop. A session that burns 800 calories might only burn 400 calories after a month.

The biggest problem with cardio is people think they “earn” themselves the right to eat bad food by doing a certain amount of cardio. You’ll never lose weight with the mindset of being able to burn off bad food at the cardio machine.

I am not completely against all cardio. In my opinion, being active is the best form of cardio. Basketball, hiking, and running on the beach are my favorite forms of cardio. I am just against taking up gym time with cardio machines. High Intensity, short burst training is the best way to shape your body.

Size Your Body in the Kitchen

Sizing your body in the kitchen means making better food choices. There are foods you simply cannot eat if you are trying to size your body. In a later episode, I go deep into the 4 categories of foods. Category one foods are foods you need to avoid at all costs if you’re trying to lose weight. Things like milk and fruit juice belong in this category. Category 2 foods should be avoided, but you can pick one or two things you really love. Category 3 and 4 foods are really hard to avoid, but you still need to make good food choices.

If you have a habit of making bad food choices, a life coach with experience in nutrition can get you on the right track. Schedule a meeting with Titanium Success today to learn more about how you shape your body in the gym and size your body in the kitchen.

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