Titanium Challenge Day 11: Auditing Your Progress

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Day 11 is the third of the four review days built into the Titanium 16-day challenge, and it is all about auditing your progress. We covered the following areas since our last review day:

Have you successfully incorporated the five challenges from these days into your daily routine? Today is the day to audit your progress.

A Checklist for Auditing Your Progress

Today is all about auditing your progress in the seven areas of the wheel that we have covered so far. The first thing I want you to do is to go back and score yourself again in the following areas.

Consistent Growth

How well have you been able to incorporate my daily challenges? Are there any you’ve failed to incorporate?

Intimate Relationships

If you aren’t in a relationship, where are you on your quest to develop your best self? If you remember from day three, this is the precursor to attracting a healthy intimate relationship.

For those already in a relationship, have you been dedicating 30 minutes a day to your partner?


Have you been able to cut out that daily expense you committed to on day six?
Auditing your progress podcast

Spiritual Health

Have you made a conscious effort to nurture your spirit through expressing gratitude?


Have you been spending 30 minutes a day in the career zone?

Physical Health

Have you been going to the gym for 25 minutes each day? Have you incorporated my nutrition and fitness guides in the kitchen and gym?

Fun and Excitement

Did you do that fun activity we talked about yesterday?

Analyzing Your Progress

Now that you have re-scored yourself in these seven areas, I want you to pull out your scores from day 1.

I guarantee that if you have been following these challenges every single day, then you have seen growth in these areas. In fact, due to the interconnectedness of the wheel, I bet you’ve already increased the three areas we have yet to cover.

When analyzing your progress, you need to judge yourself by the same standards you had on day 1. If you raise your standards now, then you won’t feel like you’ve progressed at all.

The time to raise your standards is after this 16-day challenge.

You can then start a new challenge based on your raised standards. This is what perpetual growth, as well as fulfillment in life, is all about.

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