You’re Not HANGRY, You Actually Have A Food Hangover

Have you heard the term “Hangry” before? It’s the combination of the words “Hungry” and “Angry”. I hear it all the time. Someone is in a bad mood and their friend asks them “Have you eaten yet?” and the friend replies “No, I’m Hangry.”

They’re implying that the cause of the emotional issues, the headache, the lethargy are because they’re hungry and need food. They couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, they’re having a food hangover from the food they ate hours ago.

Hard to understand? Let’s give an example that may be easier to understand.

The True Hangover Example

You have a night out on the town with your friends and you drink into the morning hours. 1AM rolls around and you’re throwing back a few shots. 2AM rolls in and you’re still drinking. 3AM finally hits and you’re going to bed praying that you’re not hungover in the morning.

Alas, 9AM hits and you wake up with the familiar feeling. Your head hurts, your body hurts, you feel nauseous, and you feel agitated. You know very well that you have a hangover. Expert drinkers don’t go for water and electrolytes. No, they know the secret to curing a hangover is to have more of what you had last night. If you have alcohol laying around at 9AM, that’s what you should drink.

Replace alcohol with food, and you probably understand a bit better. Why are more people so miserable in the morning? Naturally some people aren’t morning people, but they are waking up with a food hangover from what they ate the night before. Whether it was ice cream, a lot of sugar, or a very big meal, their body is not taking well to not having it.

Don’t Believe Me? Try Science!

Take a few days and eat nothing but vegetables. Cucumbers, celery, broccoli, lima beans, carrots, salads; take special note not to take in any sugars, white rice, white bread, etc. After a few days, skip a few meals. Not only will you not feel “Hangry” or have a food hangover, but you’ll actually have more energy, a better mood, and no sight of a headache.

Interesting, right? There is so much more I can teach you, and I can’t wait.

I explain this and give you proven effective tips and meal examples in my nutritional guide. Let me tell you this. I’m in pretty good shape right now, but I also like to indulge. There is no way I would ever follow a plan that would make me omit lasagna, pizza, or ice cream. No, I just wouldn’t do the plan. You can rest assured that my nutritional guide has the purpose of helping you to lose weight the right way and by not having to give up your favorite foods. Hey, everyone deserves a piece of pizza, or a loaded sweet potato, or a slice of cheesecake every now and then.

Being healthy is not about being deprived. It is about having a body that is healthy that enables you to operate in your absolute peak performance… without always having to skip the pizza.

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