IT’s Time to STOP Your Food Hangovers!

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Liquor or Food – There’s Nothing Nice About OD-ing

I think we’ve pretty much all been there. A wild and crazy night on the town with a few too many beers, shots, and whatever else after that made you so drunk it felt like you were walking blindfolded with one leg.

Don’t worry about being irresponsible with your drinking right now. More importantly you’re dying to know how to get rid of your very loud hangover. And in case you forgot, hangover symptoms range from extreme thirst and dizziness, to headaches and vomiting, and a whole bunch in between. That’s just the physical stuff. Experts from Medical News Today point out the mental stress of regret, shame, embarrassment, worry, deep sadness, and even depression are for bonus points.

Hangovers from drinking too much are caused by dehydration (too much peeing), crappy sleep, inflammation from the alcohol, stomach irritation (increased stomach acid, slow to empty), blood vessel dilation (triggers headaches), and esters and aldehydes (congeners) that are scientifically proven to contribute to hangovers.

There is no hangover cure, but you can try drinking lots of water, eating plain foods to help breakdown the alcohol, sleep, and take a few Tylenol to help with your pain.

The difference between a drink and a food hangover is that a food hangover can be cured!

Food Hangovers are cause bloating, extreme tiredness, tummy upset, and maybe even vomiting. And if you decide to indulge eating too much spicy, fatty, sweet, salty, caffeine loaded, or just too much food, you’re going to pay for it the next morning, if you happen to pig-out at night.

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When you overload your body with too much of any food there will be a consequence. Usually not too serious but very uncomfortable. And if you continuously get hooked on late night junky binge eating, you’re going to end up with an obesity problem to deal with too.

Did you know???

If you are hungry you should always choose to eat something healthy first, instead of giving into a quick afternoon chocolate bar or bag of chips. By choosing processed bad simple sugar foods with few nutrients, you’re teaching your body to crave junk food first. Always have healthy fruits and veggies, lean meats, low-fat milk products, and healthy carbs on hand to train yourself to crave healthy foods.

What happens when you eat too much fat?

Everyone overdoes it with fat once in a while. You’ll get a buildup in your digestive tract because it’s just not ready to handle breaking down all that fat. You’re going to feel bloated and basically like crap until your digestive enzymes get around to breaking down the crap you ate and settling your system back down to normal.

SolutionControl your fatty food eating from the start. If you really need to eat some chocolate cake make sure you have just one small slice instead of chowing down the whole freaking cake. Moderation works wonders in food hangover prevention!

If you change your eating style how will your body react?

Let’s say you’re a fruits and veggies gal and suddenly you decide to wolf back an extra-large sized double burger combo with fries and a shake. That’s just like dumping a buck of water on your head to wake you in the morning and yelling at you to go for a run before you open your eyes.

Talk about a shock to the system!

Solution – Experts from WebMD suggest just letting your system work the food through. And perhaps chewing on some gum to help your digestive juices pick it up a notch or two.

And what about all that salt?

Food hangovers typically involve A LOT of salt. Eating loaded of processed boxed, packaged foods, and frozen dinners is going to leave you bloated, dehydrated, and feeling fat and cranky.

Solution – Drinking oodles of water is extremely helpful because this will help purge all the built up salt in your system. Water logging your belly also helps prevent painful heartburn and acid reflux.

A food hangover also triggers blood sugar fluctuation that’s only going to transform you into a moody monster with bouncy energy levels so crazy you don’t know whether you’re coming or going.

Food Hangover Solutions

Eat Every 3-4 Hours – By putting healthy food into your system every 3-4 hours you are going to help provide optimal energy, avoid uncontrollable overeating, and ensure your body has a consistent supply of the vital nutrients it requires to function.

Don’t Skip Meals or Starve Yourself Men’s Health nutritionists agree the worst thing you can do when trying to lose weight is starve yourself or skip meals. If your body isn’t getting enough energy to function it will dip into starvation mode where it hoards all the calories you eat and slows your metabolisms as a natural protective mechanism. And skipping meals is just asking for it because eventually you’ll lose control and go nuts with the eating, usually unhealthy at that. Make sure you eat a little something healthy no matter what every few hours from the moment you wake up. A slice of whole grain toast with peanut butter, grilled chicken and spinach salad, half a wheat bagel with cream cheese, a handful of nuts and an apple, or just a banana and cup of yogurt will do the trick!

Drink Lots of Water Prevention magazine says dehydration interferes with normal body function. Drinking lots of water makes sure your internal systems have the fluid required to work properly and your energy levels will be riding high. Some nutritionists also believe water makes you feel full and less likely to overeat.

Eat Lean Protein and Complex Carbs in Combination – By eating lean protein for muscle building, energy, cell maintenance, and healthy complex carbohydrates to help keep your energy up long-term, you’re providing your body with the macronutrients required for great health. Add 2 servings of healthy fat in the mix and you’re heading in the right direction of weight loss and avoiding food hangovers.

Make sure you take the time to read through for all your health and wellness, physical and mental moves for fabulous long-term health! Time for you to get focused and make it happen!

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