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What skills come to mind when you think of entrepreneurship? You probably thought of skills related to business operations, accounting, salesmanship, and other areas related to generating revenue. You’re not wrong, but revenue-facing skills aren’t the only thing important to being a successful entrepreneur. Creativity is one of the most important skills for entrepreneurs to develop. Many think creativity is something you’re born with – you either have it or you don’t. The reality is creativity can be learned, which is where a business coach for creative entrepreneurs comes into play. How does a business coach help you become a more creative entrepreneur? First, let’s look more into the relationship between creativity and entrepreneurship.

Creativity and Entrepreneurship: How do they Relate?

Creativity and entrepreneurship are more closely related than you think. In fact, you can’t really be a successful entrepreneur without some degree of creativity. Think about the problems entrepreneurs have to solve, especially at the startup phase. There is no procedure manual to show entrepreneurs how their company should handle each problem. It is up to the entrepreneur to create the standard operating procedures for all parts of their business, and that takes creative problem-solving.

Creative problem solving is the act of approaching a problem from all angles and using non-traditional means to achieve better-than-average results. Your ability to think outside the traditional boundaries of decision-making is what makes or breaks your business. A business coach for creative entrepreneurs teaches you how to apply creative problem-solving to all of your business decisions.

Branding is another area of entrepreneurship where creativity is present. Your brand is, both literally and figuratively, the packaging of your product or service. Good branding is what gets consumers in today’s crowded marketplace to open up your package and see what’s inside. Other branding choices include:

  • Logo design
  • Website design
  • Choosing a font and color scheme
  • Developing your brand’s digital voice
  • Designing marketing materials

While you don’t have to actually do the creative work yourself, but a creative mindset allows you to appreciate the talent of your creatives, which gives them the freedom to make your creative vision a reality.

Let’s look at some other ways creativity can help entrepreneurs.

How does Creativity Help an Entrepreneur?

As we discussed earlier, creativity can be learned and honed just like any other skill. If you aren’t naturally creative, you may want to know how creativity helps an entrepreneur before you invest time and money into improving your creativity.

Your brain functions like a muscle – the more you use it, the “stronger” it becomes. The left side of the brain controls the logical, linear thinking typically associated with the business world. The right side of the brain controls the emotional and expressive thinking associated with the creative arts. Learning how to be more creative trains your brain to use both sides at the same time. “Whole brain” thinking gives creative entrepreneurs a strategic advantage over their competitors. A business coach for creative entrepreneurs establishes a regimen of daily exercises designed to help their clients make creative thinking a subconscious process.

Creativity also helps an entrepreneur maintain mental clarity and agility. Some creative entrepreneurs use a creative outlet, such as painting, to stimulate creative thinking in their professional lives. Others use creative outlets simply to relax and de-stress.

Finally, creativity is what allows entrepreneurs to innovate. It may be possible to achieve a tiny bit of success by following someone else’s blueprint, but you’ll never achieve massive success without the ability to do something innovative in your niche to draw business away from your competitors.

5 Ways To Improving Your Creativity Helps Your Business Infographic

What you can Learn from Successful Creative Entrepreneurs

While being creative in business often means rejecting the well-worn path, it is still important to learn from other successive creative entrepreneurs. Steve Jobs is perhaps the most successful creative entrepreneur

Looking at the career of Steve Jobs can teach you a lot about what it takes to weather the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. He built Apple into the dominant computer company and was eventually fired from his own company. When Apple began to tank, they hired Jobs back, and he returned the company to its former glory with innovative products like the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

He was resilient, and he had a passionate curiosity that allowed him to combine seemingly unrelated disciplines and synthesize something new.

Learning from successful creative entrepreneurs isn’t limited to famous entrepreneurs you’ll likely never meet. You can find a successful creative entrepreneur who is willing to coach you in creative techniques they used themselves to succeed. Contact us to learn more about how a business coach for creative entrepreneurs can help you learn to be more creative and turn that creativity into revenue.

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