Building Success Into Your Weekend

Fuel your weekdays with a positive weekend ritual. Spending some time doing the things you love can allow you to recharge, reflect and come back on Monday with renewed energy and vigor.


The most successful entrepreneurs spend a lifetime building success, and that includes planning for success seven days a week. A successful entrepreneur may work long hours, filled with ambition and goals, but they also have a deep understanding of how to fuel their drive through a balance that keep their life in harmony and provides peace of mind. One can develop valuable habits in one’s routine that are keys to success and personal happiness in what can otherwise become a chaotic life with unchecked boundaries.

1. Recharging Your Personal Batteries

It’s important to find a routine that leaves you feeling recharged and energized for the week ahead. For some, this might include a regular exercise routine. For others, relaxing with their favorite music or enjoying time with the family may be critical to a sense of recharging. Whatever activities you may find personally stimulating will serve you well in boosting those energy reserves for the week ahead.

2. Carve Out Some Alone Time

Time alone gives one the opportunity to really think things through. It’s a great opportunity for mulling over possible solutions to a nagging problem or thinking about your future goals. Many people find journaling to be a great exercise. Just jotting down a sentence or two can help one gain a fresh perspective and a new direction. However you choose to spend a little ‘me’ time, recognize that time spent alone is invaluable to your continued success.

3. Unplug and Unwind

Allow yourself a day each weekend to unplug from electronic devices. The lines between work and personal life have become blurred as a result of technological advancements. We may be away from work, but we are never away from email and the internet, and so it can be difficult to step back from those things that drain our energy, creativity, and take our focus from living at the moment. A day away from these interruptions allows us to truly be at the moment, enjoying the here and now. We can then return with a fresh perspective and a rested and refreshed mind.

4. Reflect for Success

Take time to reflect on the past week. Think about your successes, your challenges, and where you could have done better. Time for deep and honest reflection helps us process our thoughts and realize where it is appropriate to stay the course and where we should redirect our efforts. Redoubling back on our challenges with a fresh perspective after some quiet interpersonal reflection is key to rising to the next level of success in the week ahead.

5. Creating a Plan

If you’re waiting until Monday morning to begin planning your week, you’re already losing valuable time and an opportunity to solely focus on this critical key to success. Take some time every Sunday to think about a plan for the upcoming work week. You’ve already taken time to reflect on the previous week so it’s a great time to think about want you want to accomplish in the week ahead. Schedule your tasks and priorities. Make a note of tasks you want to accomplish, meetings you need to take, and phone calls you need to make in pursuit of this week’s goals. By taking the time to plan ahead, you can avoid costly errors and missed opportunities.

By adding these simple but key steps to your weekend routine the successful entrepreneur will find themselves feeling more in control and a few steps ahead on Monday morning. While these practices may seem simple, they are invaluable to achieving your goals and pulling ahead of the pack.

This content is inspired by the article ‘5 Weekend Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs’ by Timothy Sykes, first published at

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