Ex-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Motivates Depressed Gym-Goer

A new gym-goer felt demoralized after an embarrassing day at the gym, until ex-world champion bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger turned up to offer him some sage advice online.

On March 18, a user only knows as @GnashBrowns posted an article on the popular site Reddit entitled “Bad day at the gym,” He was frustrated with his gym experience and felt nervous, embarrassed and completely demoralized. He detailed how he is 19 years old, 6′ 5” inches tall and weighs 130 lbs. He wrote about his lack of confidence and of feeling like a failure.

One negative experience in particular had put him off. He has been squatting weights and stumbled, falling on his right knee. A couple of people laughed. This happened twice. The inexperienced weightlifter went home disheartened and depressed. Later that night, he wrote about his upsetting experience and demoralized feelings on Reddit, the popular entertainment, social networking and news website.

The Initial Response

The next morning he logged in and was shocked to see many responses. As expected, some users had scorned and belittled @GnashBrowns for his sensitivity and lack of confidence. They ridiculed the teen with insults and foul language. One user wrote “I really have a hard time believing that you would be having these problems, so I don’t have much sympathy for you.”

Luckily, other users offered sound and practical advice for the teen to improve his diet, lifting technique and muscle. Others encouraged and sympathized with him.

Arnold’s Response

The most surprising response was from ex-Governor, ex-body builder and international superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger. Even though Arnold was busy traveling, he responded with words of advice, wisdom and encouragement. “I always say don’t be afraid of failure,” Arnold consoled him, “you should be proud that you weren’t afraid – not embarrassed that you failed. You could have made excuses not to walk into the door, but you didn’t. You knew it would be hard…and you did it anyway. That’s courage. I’m proud of you.”

Arnold Inspires Thousands

Reddit users were excited and surprised. The teen, only known as @GnashBrowns, was most surprised and commented, “I’m in total shock right now, but thank you so much Mr Schwarzenegger. I was completely blindsided by the amount of support /r/gainit showed me, but this is something else. I’m going to make sure I come back to this subreddit bigger and stronger to show everyone here that supported me that I stayed on the path and didn’t give up.”

Other users chimed in commenting things like “I love Arnold forever” and “thank you isn’t enough, but thank you, Arnold”. One user even commented, “seeing one of the most famous body builders comment and give encouragement like that gives me so much motivation.”


The struggling teen, along with thousands of other Reddit users, were inspired to keep weightlifting and persist with his workout goals. Everyone was thankful and moved by Arnold’s kind words of encouragement. It truly makes a life changing difference when great men and women take the time to help others.

This news story was first reported by Rachel Moss at huffingtonpost.com.

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