The #1 Key Part of the Sales Process: You!

Businesses live and die by sales. If money isn’t flowing into a business it can’t survive for long. Also in order for businesses to grow they need to acquire new business and new streams of revenue. Whatever the strengths or weaknesses a business may have, it will never succeed if the founder isn’t out there selling the company, its goods and its services. As an entrepreneur, you have to be a key part of the sales process, or your business will suffer.

Real entrepreneurs, the ones that are successful in the end, don’t make excuses. Instead they find ways around the problems they face, achieve and thrive. That means you can’t simply state, “I did the hard sales work. I went out and found great sales people. I’m done.” Wrong. You are never done with the sales process. It is your business and no one will treat it with the kind of care and passion that you have, or at least should have, for it. You have to be the point person on sales. No one will believe in your company, its goods and services more than you. When it comes to the art of selling, this belief is the most important factor.

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Sales are all about having endless passion for your product. Then combine this factor with exceptional product knowledge and connecting with people in such a way that you convey that passion and knowledge. If you are not passionate about what you are selling and believe that it can help people, then you’ll never be a true, long-term entrepreneurial success. Your product must have value; you must be able to convey that value to others.

The fact is that no one knows more about what your business does than you do. After all, who has more passion about your business than you? Who is better able to identify and then go out and connect with the right kind of customers, the kind of customers that will understand how your product or service benefits them? 95% of the time you as the entrepreneur are the best person to go out there and sell your business!

You have to get out there in a high profile and active way and sell, sell and sell some more. You need to oversee your sales and marketing campaigns and contact key customers. No one is ever going to generate sales, find new leads and then make the most out of those new leads like you. This is especially true in the early days of your business!

Perhaps you are reading this and thinking, “I am not a good sales person and nothing is going to change that.” Here is a very harsh reality: if you believe you are not a good sales person, then you can’t become a successful entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, you are creating something new and then bringing it to the world at large so they can buy it. You have to be a good salesperson. It is the nature of the game you’ve entered.

Keep in mind that if you really love and believe in the product, good or service you are selling, that belief will shine through. In time, sales will come naturally to you. People will pick up on your natural confidence and enthusiasm. So don’t delay, get out there and sell!

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