Titanium Challenge Day 12: Renewing Your Commitments

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We are about to enter the home stretch of the Titanium 16-day challenge. Day 12 is the fourth and final review day, and it is all about renewing your focus on all of the commitments you’ve made over the last 11 days.

This challenge was designed to start on a Wednesday so that these review days fell on Saturdays and Sundays. If you followed this schedule, then today is a Sunday.

The last area of the wheel that we covered was fun and excitement. Have you added some fun and excitement to your life this weekend?

I know it is easy to put off having fun when you are trying to focus on turning the commitments of the Titanium challenge into daily habits. You need to make time for fun. you can never be truly fulfilled without fun.

Let’s review the challenges you’ve committed to so far.

The 14 Commitments You’ve Made So Far

There are 14 commitments that you’ve made up until this point. You can copy this list and use it as a daily checklist moving forward.

  1. Have you weighed yourself and recorded the results every day since day 9?
  2. Did you do something off of your fun activity list?
  3. Have you been 100 percent focused on your career while in the career zone?
  4. Are you doing your 3-second smile in the mirror every morning?
  5. Are you expressing gratitude each night before bed?
  6. Have you kept your commitment to eliminating one daily expense?
  7. Have you gotten out of a toxic relationship?
  8. Have you worked on becoming your best self?
  9. Have you followed through on your list of things to do for your partner?
  10. Have you done the cell phone trick when you’re with your significant other?
  11. Have you turned your daily commute into a mobile university?
  12. Have you been going to the gym for 25 minutes each day?
  13. Have you incorporated my Titanium fitness routine?
  14. Have you woken up each morning at the time you committed to on day 1?
Titanium challenge day 12 podcast

Today’s challenge is to work through these questions on a piece of paper. Doing so allows you to see where you’ve succeeded, and where you need to renew your focus. Once you do this, you are all set for the final leg of the Titanium 16-day challenge.

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