Titanium Challenge Day 12: Renewing Your Commitments

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Renewing Your Commitments to the Titanium Challenge

Welcome to Day 12 of the Titanium 16-Day Challenge. My goodness, there are only four days left. What are we going to do when this thing is over? I’m gonna miss you guys. My gosh, I only have a couple of minutes that I want to spend with you today. Let me ask you this.

The most important thing I can talk to you today – if you started this on a regular Wednesday and you’ve been staying on track, today is Sunday Funday, my friends.

Let me ask you, on Friday I talked to you about getting out there, having as much fun and excitement as possible in your life. Did you follow through? Have you had a fun weekend? Did you have fun on Friday? Did you have fun on Saturday? If you haven’t you’ve still got today left. And if you’re listening to this on Monday morning, you may need to call in sick today and go have some fun. (Don’t tell your boss I said that.) And if you work for me, don’t take that advice – it’s terrible advice.

Listen, did you have fun? Have you had fun this weekend? Did you do the thing you said you were going to do with this thing you’ve been waiting for for a long time? If you haven’t, please go out there today and just do it, whatever this thing is that you want to do that’s fun and exciting. Of course be safe, take care of yourself, don’t do anything crazy and stupid, but please go out and have some fun, my friends. This is the time to do it!

Business Coaching Importance Of Commitment To Work

Importance of Commitment in Business

We’ve only got three areas of the wheel left. We’ve got emotional health, contribution, and family left, and four days to go in this challenge. And most importantly, are you doing the things you were supposed to do every day? Are you waking up at that specific time? Are you getting yourself to the gym for 25 minutes max?

Are you getting into the career zone, showing up ready to kick butt at a specific time every day, and are you staying 100% focused during your career zone time so you are not wasting your time in the career zone, answering your phone for personal texts and calls and social media and all this other stuff, and you’re staying absolutely focused?
Is your car still, my friends, a mobile university?

In fact, are you hearing my voice right now in your mobile university? I hope you are. I hope your car has become a mobile university because at this point, it’s been a mobile university every day since the day you started. My friends, you are about to form a habit. And in fact, it is an incredibly addictive habit because when you stop listening to the garbage on the radio and you start listening to books, you start listening to programs that help you grow, it is addictive and it’s hard to give up on it.

And, by the way, you committed to giving something up every day that you used to spend money on. Have you done that and do you have some extra money today in your life that you wouldn’t have had had you not given up that stupid Starbucks coffee or the valet parking, or the extra cable TV channels that you didn’t really need, or a membership that you gave up, or some food or alcohol or something like that that you gave up?

And are you smiling every morning, looking at yourself in the mirror, putting that silly, silly grin on your face even just for three seconds? Have you seen the effects of this? For those of you who have been doing it, are you incredibly shocked by what you’re getting from this? It’s incredible. People always come back and are like, “Arman, it’s the most incredible thing.” It is one of the most incredible things.

The Importance of Commitment in Leadership

And the other one is gratitude. Are you doing your nightly gratitude ritual? Are you doing something where you’re praying, you’re talking to your subconscious – something – meditation, yoga – whatever it is that you chose to help yourself relax and help yourself get to a place of gratitude? And are you now weighing yourself every day and recording the weight?

So by now you should have three different weights you’ve recorded from the day we started doing this. If you haven’t done that, you’ve got to go weigh yourself and record your weight every day.

Watch what happens when you weigh yourself every day. Magically, you start eating healthier, you start working out more, and you’re more conscious because you see the results of what you eat and before you know it, you’ll be able to create your own nutrition system that’s written specifically for you because you’ll see what foods make you gain weight, what foods avoid weight gain, and what habits cause you to lose weight. You’re going to see these things like you’ve never imagined, but it’s going to take some time. It’s going to take several weeks or months of doing this and then you start seeing these incredible results, number one, and number two, you have a blueprint for how your body works.

Hey, I love you guys every day. Please go out there, just like today, have fun and lead with your heart.


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