Titanium Challenge Day 16: Living a World-Class Life

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Today is the final day of the Titanium 16-day challenge. If you have completed the challenges from the first 15 days, then congratulations, you have reached commencement day. You’re well on your way to living a world-class life.

Today may be the end of this particular challenge, but it is really the beginning of a new you.

The Titanium challenge was not designed to be a one-time activity. It was built to be a primer for the Titanium lifestyle. You need to keep doing challenges to turn these tools and strategies you’ve learned into daily habits.

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Make the Wheel of Life Work for You

Now that you’ve worked through Titanium 16-day challenge once, I want to tell you a secret. You can customize the Wheel of Life to meet your needs.

Is it something I recommend? No. I say that because I’ve based this wheel on years of research to include everything most people need to live a balanced life. With that being said, I recognize some people have unique priorities. However, when you customize your wheel, keep in mind the ultimate goal is a balanced wheel.

The best way to make the Wheel of Life work for you is to score yourself on a system based on your life. We all have different scoring systems. Some of my clients never score themselves above a 7, while others never score themselves below a 5. The key is to remain consistent in your scoring.

The individual score of each of the 10 sections doesn’t matter as much as the differences between each section’s score. Which areas are significantly higher than your average score? Which areas are significantly lower?

Now that you’ve worked through each day of the challenge, go back and re-do the days for which you scored yourself the lowest. What can you do to improve? Remember the role consistent growth plays in fulfillment.

How to Achieve World-Class Balance

If you remember one thing about the Titanium lifestyle, remember it is about balance. Balance is the key to living a world-class life. Not just any balance, though. Titanium balance. Let me explain.

If each score on your wheel of life is a 5, then technically you have a balanced life. The problem is you most likely aren’t very fulfilled in any of these areas if you are scoring yourself this low. You still have plenty of room to grow.

The Titanium lifestyle focuses on balanced and consistent growth. Don’t be impressed by someone who is a 10 in one area, but sacrifices other areas to make it happen. Be impressed by the people who are 7s or 8s in all the areas of the wheel.

Be impressed by the people who are 7s or 8s in all the areas of the wheel.

I have a creative visualization exercise for you. Imagine each area of the wheel has a magazine. People who are 9s and 10s in an area qualifies for the cover story. How many covers would you qualify for based on your current scores?

Write down these areas. If you didn’t make any covers, don’t get discouraged. Knowing where you stand is the first step in sustained growth.

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The 10 Key Takeaways of the Titanium Challenge

I’ve broken down each day into one key takeaway. You can put these 10 takeaways into a list, print it out, and hang it somewhere you will see it every day.

Section 1 – Growth: Turn your car into a mobile university.

Section 2 – Intimate Relationships: Focus on you first.

Section 3 – Finances: Learn how to understand and use money.

Section 4 – Spiritual Health: Daily gratitude conversations.

Section 5 – Career: Earn your raise ( employees ). Don’t focus on meaningless things ( business owners ).

Section 6 – Physical Health: Weigh yourself each day and record the results.

Section 7 – Fun: Make fun the reward for your hard work.

Section 8 – Contribution: Start giving so you can start living.

Section 9 – Family: Be completely present with friends and family.

Section 10 – Emotional Health: Happiness is a choice. Focus + Meaning + Action.

Transitioning to Your Next Challenge

Remember that big reward you picked on day 1? Have you earned it? If you did, then congratulations! Enjoy that carrot.

If not, then don’t give yourself the carrot. Cancel your trip. Your brain needs to feel the consequences of not following through. This is how discipline becomes a daily habit.

You don’t have to be perfect to get your reward. Everyone slips, but what matters more is your reaction time in getting back on track.

Your final challenge is to schedule your next challenge. Choose your next start date, and make adjustments to the challenge based on your results.

I want you to pick four daily challenges from the 16-day challenge and commit to them for the next 30 days. Keep this momentum going to turn these challenges into habits.

Succeed in doing this and you’re one step closer to living a world-class life.

If you’re ready to take your next challenge and continue your quest for a world-class life, then book a peak performance coaching session with Arman today.


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