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We have expectations thrust upon our tiny shoulders from the moment we are born. The society in which we’re born places expectations on us based on our sex. Our parents subconsciously place expectations on us from the minute they hold our cloth-wrapped bodies. They expect us to walk and talk by a certain age, and get concerned if we don’t progress at the “normal” pace. Without learning about setting the right expectations, you’ll never be happy.

Expectations and Education

When we start Kindergarten, we first feel the weight of expectations put on us by the education system. Our intelligence is measured through an archaic grading system, and these grades are the data educators use to set expectations for us throughout our educational careers.

To get into college, you have to take the SAT or ACT. Your score on these exams determines which college you should go to.

Once you get into college, you finally have the freedom to set your own expectations. Unfortunately, too many people choose their majors and career paths based on external expectations.

Follow Your Internal Expectations

Follow someone else’s expectations is a slippery slope towards dissatisfaction. If you want to achieve fulfillment, then you need to set and follow clear internal expectations.

Setting the right expectations starts with self-awareness. Clearly define your desires, strengths, and weaknesses. These will guide your internal expectations.

You want to find a balance between setting realistic expectations, yet pushing yourself beyond your limits. Expect more of yourself than anyone else could possibly expect of you. Instead of beating yourself up when you fail, use that self-criticism to push yourself that much harder towards your goals.

The concept of internal expectations applies to your business just as much as your life. You want to expect more of your business than your customers could expect of you. How can you exceed customer expectations?

Make today the day you stop living for someone else and start living for yourself.

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