Peak Performance Coaching

Arman Sadeghi’s three types of peak performance coaching—one-on-one coaching, group coaching masterminds and a one-time interventions.

Arman Sadeghi is a world-renowned peak performance coach and the results achieved by his clients are nothing short of phenomenal. He stresses the need for balance in order to strive and be successful in business and in life. He believes that one cannot be successful in one area of life while neglecting other areas. Real happiness and power comes from balance.

Arman uses a variety of tools and techniques from many disciplines such as neuroscience, psychology, physiology and sociology with an aim towards helping his clients perform at their absolute personal best. There are many benefits to having a coach but coaching with Arman Sadeghi goes far beyond having an accountability partner or teacher. Arman’s proven methods get immediate results in every area of life and are designed to push you to levels you never thought were previously possible! Arman offers three peak performance coaching options to fit with every budget, goal and lifestyle.

One-on-One Coaching

In One-On-One Coaching, Arman typically meets conducts calls with clients on a regular basis ranging from once per month to several times per week. While phone calls are typically used, he also offers other options such as web and face-to-face. The session lasts about 30-50 minutes and focus the specific needs of the client at that time as determined by the client or Arman. This one-on-one settings allows you to get specifically what you need exactly when you need it.

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Group Coaching

In group coaching, otherwise known as mastermind groups, there are usually groups of 5-20 people with similar goals and challenges. For example, Arman runs groups on entrepreneurship, weight loss, management and fitness. This type of session offers many advantages over one-on-one coaching because participants can enjoy guidance and accountability from other participants in addition to Arman.

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One Time Intervention

The most ‘drastic’ solution to your problem, in Arman’s One-Time Intervention where the results are guaranteed! Regardless of your challenge or the realm of life in which it comes from, the one-time intervention offers you guaranteed results including as much time and as much resources as it takes Arman to get the results you want! Arman has never failed at delivering results as part of this options, so although there is a full money-back guarantee, he has never had to provide a refund.

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