Group Coaching

In group coaching, otherwise known as mastermind groups, there are usually groups of 5-20 people with similar goals and challenges. For example, Arman runs groups on entrepreneurship, weight loss, management and fitness.

This type of session offers many advantages over one-on-one coaching because participants can enjoy guidance and accountability from other participants in addition to Arman. Of course, this option also comes with a smaller financial commitment so it is more suitable for most people. The entire group faces the mastermind issue together as a group.

Sometimes listening and talking about an issue as a group rather than just facing it alone helps in resolving things much more quickly. Also, recognizing that others are facing many of the same challenges as you can help put things into perspective while also allowing you to use solutions used by others in order to break through.

Some individuals choose to participate in multiple masterminds so that they can focus on multiple areas of their life at the same time.