It’s Not All About the Money

Excuses. Excuses are the enemy of the entrepreneurs. The simple fact is that entrepreneurs always find a way. They always find a way to solve problems, elevate their game and get things done. And that also means that they always find a way around money problems.

If you feel that these statements are impossible, then you have one of two choices. You can either reorient your thinking or forget all about becoming an entrepreneur. You are a free person so the decision is, of course, completely up to you!

A lack of funding is not an excuse

A determined entrepreneur will find a way. He or she will quite literally build something out of nothing. If that sounds “crazy” to you then you are considering the wrong path in life. The bottom line is that entrepreneurs don’t use a lack of funding as an excuse; instead they focus their minds on the problems at hand and move forward. It’s all about grit, determination and refusing to give up.



The entrepreneurs who succeed (and the ones that society looks up to) are the ones who do whatever it takes to achieve their desired results. On the flip side are the pretend entrepreneurs; these are the people that blame others when things go wrong and don’t pick themselves up after a failure. These pretend entrepreneurs never had a long game or a long-term strategy but were instead hoping to “get lucky.” They were willing to do just enough work to “get lucky” but not enough hard work to create their own luck. That makes all the difference. Most people don’t realize this distinction, and it has much to do why so many people fail at launching their own entrepreneurial careers.

Starting without funding

Here is another key point regarding entrepreneurs and a lack of funds: if you can build a successful business without sufficient capital, then just imagine how your company will grow when you have the money you need.

Some of the world’s most successful businesses have been created without substantial start-up funds. Entrepreneurs are forced to use all their mental gifts, ingenuity and determination to find solutions. This makes them better, more creative and more confident business people as a result. Keep in mind that most successful businesses were started with very little or no money. It is the entrepreneur through the sacrifice of his or her time, efforts, skills and gifts that a business is infused with life and ultimately success. He or she builds a business from the ground up with the resources that are at hand.

Oftentimes the business created is the direct result of whatever tools and opportunities an entrepreneur has at his or her disposal. Realizing this fact can help you become successful.

The most important resources for an entrepreneur are not money, but instead is your heart, your passion and your belief in yourself. Use those tools correctly, and you will overcome any lack of funding and build a successful business.

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