What is a life coach?

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What is a Life Coach? 3 Problems a Life Coach can Help You Solve

Everybody has problems in their life. Successful people don’t have a lack of problems. They have an abundance of solutions. In other words, successful people are problem-solvers. What is a..

what is coaching?

What is Coaching? It’s Not Just for Athletes

What comes to mind when you hear the word “coaching”? Most of you probably thought of sports. Behind every great athlete is a great coach who can inspire their athletes..

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10 Amazing Ways to Achieve Robust Health

10 Amazing Ways to Achieve Robust Health and Happiness. Photo Credit: Tumblr I was talking to a friend recently and I noticed how many of us want to be healthy..

What is a life coach?

Channeling Rejection Into Personal Improvement

Successful entrepreneurs have learned how to take rejection and turn it into a positive event in their life. Learn the three steps to making rejection a catalyst for change in..