The Biggest Online Marketing Mistake Businesses Make

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I love marketing. When growing each of my six businesses, I always focused on the marketing first. I eventually started my own marketing company, Titanium Marketing, to handle the marketing for all of my businesses. We now do marketing for external clients, even though it wasn’t my original intention. During my work with Titanium Marketing, I picked up on the biggest online marketing mistake most business owners make.

They think having a beautiful website will automatically attract customers. Results don’t come because they don’t understand how the web works.

How the Web Works

Imagine you just bought a brand new suit or gown. You put it on and it looks great, but you never leave the house wearing it. If you don’t get out and go around people, you’ll never get the full effect of the outfit. Building a beautiful website without investing in marketing is like buying a new suit or gown but never wearing it out.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how you get your business found on the web. It involves creating content designed to target the keywords your potential customers are using to find content relevant to their buyer journey.

The Titanium Marketing 10:1 Rule

At Titanium Marketing, we have a 10 to 1 rule for creating your online marketing budget. 10 parts of your budget goes to promoting your website, and only 1 part goes to building your website.

So say you have a budget of $10,000. About $900 should go into building your website, and about $9000 should go into search engine optimization. Now, it’s natural to resist this way of thinking. A beautiful website is something you can show off to friends and family. SEO, on the other hand, is boring. It takes consistent effort to work and the results aren’t something you can show off.

Having a simple website might seem like you won’t be able to compete with better-looking websites, but don’t worry. Research shows these beautiful websites actually distract visitors from the content. The most important part of your website is your SEO-optimized content. The best landing pages are clean and simple. That’s what gets you conversions.

Biggest mistake online marketers make podcast

The 10:1 Rule in Action

When I first built my recycling company, I spent about $45 on actually designing the website and the rest of my budget on creating great content. Within a few months of executing my SEO strategy, I was outranking a competitor who had a $50,000 website.

Once I started converting more customers, I reinvested my profits into building a better website. I always keep the 10:1 ratio, though. This is how you stop making the biggest online marketing mistake. Schedule a business coaching consultation with Arman today.

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