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One big problem in the medical community is they are quick to label children with a growing list of learning disabilities. Can we stop putting these labels on our children when they simply learn differently than we do? The labels we put on our children actually end up hurting their development more than the disabilities they supposedly have.

Now, I am proud of my two years at Harvard medical school. It is the best medical school on the planet. I loved that they were getting away from putting labels on people. Unfortunately, the broader medical industry has become obsessed with labels. It’s one of the reasons I left medicine.

These labels often turn advantages into disadvantages. They also give people an excuse to limit thier expectations.

Some Common Learning Disabilities

ADHD is the most-diagnosed learning disability in children. Doctors tell parents their children’s brain is screwed up because they can’t pay attention. They put the children on expensive drugs with tons of side effects. I don’t think ADHD is a learning disability. There is no “ADHD”. These kids just have brains that work faster than others. They switch between stimuli quicker, which is a huge advantage when used correctly. Attention issues don’t mean a kid has learning disabilities.

Another common learning disability is Dyslexia, which is when people get the order of things wrong. A lot of these kids have brains that process information faster than they can write. I feel like I’ve had Dyslexia my whole life. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. My ability to process information quickly is an advantage.

Dysgraphia is a learning disability that affects handwriting. Give me a break. Thank god no one told me about Dysgraphia as a kid, because maybe I would’ve thought I was too stupid to start a business. One I just learned about recently is Dyscalculia, which is a struggle to do math. Not every kid has to be good at math! Maybe they are an artist.

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Learning Disabilities are Learning Advantages

If you have been diagnosed with a learning disability, you need to change your mindset towards your “condition”. You don’t actually have a disability. All you need to do is learn how to harness the differences in your brain chemistry to achieve things “regular” people can’t.

If I didn’t have all the learning disabilities mentioned above, I wouldn’t be a successful entrepreneur with six businesses.

Many of you don’t know I dropped out of high school when I was 16. I also started my first business at 16. My grades weren’t bad because I had a disability. It was because I didn’t like to study.

I went back to school years later and got a 4.0 GPA. After graduating from UC Berkely, I went on to Harvard Medical School. Our education is created for the middle 40 percent of society. We are not good at educating the top or bottom. This needs to change if we want to develop our best and brightest.

We all develop differently. That’s what makes each of us a beautiful, unique human being. If we label our kids with learning disabilities, we send them a message that they are less than their peers. Instead, let’s teach them strategies to slow their brains down.

I had a basketball coach in college who helped me see the importance of this. He told me I was the worst on the team because I was too smart. When I stopped overthinking everything on the court, I became the second-best player on the team.

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