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Passionate Couples Mastermind ImageHaving a passionate relationship full of love, friendship, trust and intimacy is easier than most people think. Unfortunately, however, most couples do not know these simple strategies. There are small, simple things that can be done on a daily basis in order to bring absolute passion and intimacy into a marriage, regardless of your age or gender.

In a healthy relationship, the man assumed his masculine role and the woman assumes her feminine role. When each individual assumes his and her role, the relationship feels more natural and much more in the flow. This is simply due to the fact that going back to the natural state of our beings and not giving into societal pressures allow us to reconnect to ourselves and to our mates. The most dramatic shift typically comes in the way of dramatically increased intimacy when each individual assumes his or her natural role.

The definition of “masculine” and “feminine” are often misrepresented in our society so it’s important to realize that we are using these words with very specific meanings and not necessarily the meanings that society may have mistakenly put on them. For example, an aggressive, abusive or angry man might be seen as being masculine but that could not be further from the truth, when playing in his true masculine, a man has no reason to display overly aggressive behaviors unless there is truly a life-threatening situation. A quality marriage is dependent on many things including each member of this beautiful relationship being in their own comfortable and natural state.

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