Interview with Dr. Dave David – Health Fitness Biggest Misconceptions

Dr. Dave David

1) Could you give us a brief introduction about yourself, what you are known for & how you got started?

Dr. David: I have been a Cosmetic Surgeon and an Anti-aging specialist for almost 37 years now and have treated thousands of patients and preformed countless surgeries. I am also a Board Certified OBGYN for almost 30 years. I was in Practice in Orange County, and Newport Beach, California for several years and am currently located in Boston. I have always taken interest to health, fitness nutrition weight loss and because of my passion for teaching and educating I have been in the public eye for the last 20 years. I have been a Medical news analyst for CNN and Fox News, New England Cable News. I have also been a guest to national talk shows and radio stations. I began as an intern at the residency training through Harvard. I then served as Assistant Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of California Irvine, College of Medicine. After that I served on the faculty of Harvard and taught at the University of Rhode Island from 2000-2007.

2) What are some of your favorite contributions you have really enjoyed?

Dr. David: On an individual bases helping thousands of patients over the years to get healthy and having an audio weight loss program out called “The Real Secrets To A Slimmer You”, which has helped a tremendous amount of people change their lifestyles to accommodate positive result in changing their physical appearances. I also have a skin care line that helps with anti aging making individuals feel better about their looks. I think this as well as all the years I have spent teaching and educating the public through eye of the media have been some of my biggest contributions in the field of fitness and health.

3) What is one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to health and fitness that you’ve come across and what are your thoughts on it?

Dr. Dave David

Dr. David: I believe one of the biggest misconceptions as far as getting rid of fat in a certain area of the body is that people tend to think by doing resistance training in a certain area of the body, such as the stomach for example, that the fat will be eliminated but that is never truly the case. For example lets say a man wants to get rid of his gut and he claims to be doing a thousand crunches a day but still has a gut, what he doesn’t understand is that you can have abdominal muscles of steel but if theirs a big layer of fat over it then just exercising that muscle itself will build the muscle but not do anything for the fat over that area.. I think people mix up losing fat and building muscle in an area of the body. So if a women wants to lose fat in her legs she thinks by doing all these leg exercises is going to make them slim but in reality makes them bigger because your simply building the muscle in that area.  When it comes to losing fat you cannot pin point or target where your going to lose the fat because your body will take the fat away from where your body needs to most. However, when it comes to building muscles you can pin point which ones to build and make stronger and continue to do so through certain exercises.

4) As a weight lifter, long distance bicyclist, former marathon runner and participant in many sports, what are some tips that can give to get individuals who are looking to get fit and healthy and maintain results?

Dr. David: I think it needs to be done in a balanced way. When it comes to being fit and healthy you need to divide that into two categories. The way you look physically and your true health when it comes to your bodies nutrition. Someone can easily work out and look great but have no stamina at all because of the way they eat. So eating healthy as well as physical exercise fall hand in hand and creates the ultimate lifestyle that maintains results in the long run. Also keeping drugs and alcohol at minimum levels and getting the right amount of sleep can help maintain this lifestyle.

5) What is the most important point to remember about nutrition?

Dr. David: Everything’s a balance. Most people in our society eat way to many carbohydrates and sugars and keeping that down is very important especially in the evenings. If your going to be burning off calories throughout the day its better to have carbs and sugars in the morning than at night because at night it will literally turn into fat as you sleep because your body is not burning it off.

6) What is one of the best things that has come into your life as a result of becoming a professional in the field of health and fitness?

Dr. David: Watching individuals get healthy and staying healthy is really what I love. For example running into patients many months or years later that were at one point overweight and seeing them maintain their progress and looking better then they ever did before really makes me feel good. Also being a plastic surgeon there are many of my patients who have done all the right things such as eating well, exercising, and dieting but can’t lose fat because of their genetics. In which case it’s great to help them determine where the fat comes off through liposuction. However, it only works in conjunction to the patients doing their part in maintaining their health and physical activity.

Thank you Dr. Dave, it’s been an informative and exciting interview with you you! Much luck and success moving forward.

Thank you, it has been a pleasure.


About Dr. Dave David:

Dr. Dave David, Two Time Recipient of The Patients’ Choice Award, formerly in practice in Orange County, California, is the Medical Director of Medical Face & Body Aesthetics.