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The Top 7 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Fail

I’ve seen countless entrepreneurs go though my coaching program. I myself have been an entrepreneur for 22 years and to say that I haven’t made some of these mistakes myself..

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There Is Only One Thing You Need To Succeed..

If you head out into the streets of any city and ask the question “What is the one thing that you need to succeed as an entrepreneur”, the answers you..

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Interview with Shauna Mackenzie

We had the pleasure of interviewing Shauna Mackenzie about her life and career. Shauna is a passionate entrepreneur and the founder & editor-in-chief of Best Kept Self – an online..


3 Surprising Qualities of Successful People

There are 3 traits that successful people seem to consistently have – delayed gratification, empathy, and determination. Learn why these qualities are the key to success in your life. What..