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Denise Lazo

Certified Massage Therapist

Denise Lazo
To embrace failure rather than to avoid it is to ultimately embrace great success. “
When I first signed up for Titanium Live, I knew that I was ready to make major changes in mylife. What I did not know is how powerful a role Arman Sadeghi and Titanium Live would make in my life almost immediately after attending. I was always very afraid of failure, even as a child. I’ve been a hard worker, but I was forever an underachiever who was always terrified to take chances because of my intense fear of failure. I made a tremendous breakthrough at Titanium Live. I learned from Arman the importance of never giving up, believing in myself, and actually EMBRACING failure in order to succeed.

Since the seminar, my confidence level has increased. I am taking better care of myself, inside and out. My client base has grown exponentially, and my ability to attract new clients has been amazing. I feel healthier and stronger at 53 years old than I did at 23 years old. I am so grateful to Arman and Titanium Live for everything that I got from my attendance and participation. I recommend the experience highly.



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